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report annually to the directors, and prepare a report to the National Council for the directors.

6. The treasurer shall invest the funds of the corporation in accordance with the directions of the directors, or, in the absence of such directions, in accordance with the written approval of the finance committee; shall have the custody of such funds; shall disburse the same, in accordance with the rules and votes of the directors; shall keep accurate accounts of his receipts and expenditures, and shall make an annual report to the directors.

He shall give bonds for the faithful performance of his trust for the term of three years, and until another person is appointed treasurer, in such sum as may be ordered from time to time by the directors.

7. The auditor shall annually, or oftener, in his discretion, personally audit and examine the securities belonging to the corporation and the accounts and vouchers of the treasurer, and shall report annually to the directors.

8. The finance committee shall meet at least annually, and more frequently if deemed by them advisable; shall make investments and reinvestments, subject to the approval of the directors; shall authorize all disbursements not specially ordered by the directors or by their rules; shall provide methods for the enlargement of the funds of the corporation; and shall have the immediate and direct management and oversight of the funds and financial affairs of the corporation in the intervals between the meetings of the directors, to whom they shall report annually.

Special meetings shall be held at the time and place named in the call of the chairman.

Other officers and committees may be appointed as the needs of the corporation may demand, and, in the intervals between the meetings of the corporation, may be appointed by the directors.

A meeting of the corporation shall be held within ninety days after the adjournment of the National Council, in the State of Connecticut, where all meetings of this corporation shall be held, at which the officers for the ensuing three years shall be chosen.

Annual meetings of the directors, for the examination of accounts of the reports of the treasurer, secretary, auditor, and finance committee, for the allotment and distribution of income and for the general work of the corporation, shall be held in the month of


September in each year, at such places as the finance committee previously to each meeting, shall designate.

Special meetings of the corporation and of the directors shall be held upon the written call of the president or of any two members of the corporation addressed to the president. Such special meetings of the directors shall be held at the place directed by the president.

The secretary shall be always a resident of the State of Connecticut, and the records, when not in use in the meetings, shall be kept always in that State.

11. Any article of these by-laws may be changed or amended by a two-thirds vote of the members of the corporation present at any meeting after the service of one month's notice in writing of the proposed change.

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Boston, Mass.

Hon. Wm. A. Buckingham. Charles G. Hammond.

Rev. Joseph P. Thompson. Julian N. Sturtevant.

1871... Oberlin, Ohio..... Rev. Wm. T. Budington... Gen. 0. O. Howard... Rev. George H. Atkinson.. Leonard Bacon.
1874... New Haven, Conn. Hon. L. S. Foster

Rev. G. F. Magoun...... Rev. I. E. Dwinell. Richard S. Storrs.
1877... Detroit, Mich Hon. Wm. B. Washburn.. Rev. A. L. Chapin... Hon. C. G. Hammond... Zacchary Eddy.
1880.. St. Louis, Mo.. Rev. Henry M. Dexter. Rev. J. M. Sturtevant, Jr.. Rev. John D. Smith...... Samuel E. Herrick.
Concord, N. H.. Rev. Arthur Little

Frederick Billings........ Rev. Cushing Eells. Frederick A. Noble.
1886... Chicago, Ill. Hon. Lorrin A. Cooke.. Rev. John K. McLean... Rev. Benjamin A. Imes. Prof .Geo. P. Fisher.
Worcester, Mass... Pres. Cyrus Northrop.... Ira H. Evans.

Rev. Franklin S. Fitch... Israel E. Dwinell.
1892... Minneapolis, Minn. Rev. A. H. Quint.. Hon. B. M. Cutcheon Rev. George C. Rowe Charles M. Lamson.
1895... Syracuse, N. Y. Hon. Nelson Dingley. Rev. Charles O. Brown... Rev. Geo. W. Henderson.. F. W. Gunsaulus.
1898... Portland, Or.. Rev. Frederick A. Noble.. Rev. George 0. Adams... 0. Vincent Coffin...... Albert J. Lyman.
1901... Portland, Me...... Rev. Amory H. Bradford.. William H. Strong. Rev. S. B. L. Penrose William J. Tucker.


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Secretaries: Rev. Alonzo H. Quint, 1871-83; Rev. Henry A. Hazen, 1883-1900; Rev. Asher Anderson, 1900.
Registrars: Rev. William H. Moore, 1871-1901; Rev. Joel S. Ives, 1901.

Treasurers : Charles G. Hammond, 1871-74; Charles Demond, 1874–78; Rev. Henry M. Dexter, 1878-80; Rev. Lavalette Perrin,
1880-89; Rev. Samuel B. Forbes, 1889.


Note. — Star (*) denotes honorary member. Ackerman, Rev. Arthur W., Portland, Ore. Chandler, Rev. Jos. H., Fond du Lac, Wis. Adams, Dea. Alfred F., Castine, Me.

Chapin, Rev. George F., Saxton's River, Vt. Ainsworth, Rev. Israel, Rockport, Mass. Chapman, Rev. Edw. M., St. Johnsbury, Vt. Albree, John, Jr., Swampscott, Mass.

Chase, Rev. James B., Ocheyedan, Io. *Allchin, Rev. George, Osaka, Japan,

Chidsey, J. T., Bristol, Conn. Aldrich, Rev. Benjamin F., Aurora, 11. Choate, Rev. Charles W., Kokomo, Ind. Alexander, Rev. James, Newport, N. H. Christy, Rev. George W., Amesbury, Mass. Anderson, Rev. Asher, Meriden, Conn. Clarke, Rev. Almon T., Shelby, Ala. Archibald, Rev. And’w W., Brockton, Mass. Clark, Rev. Calvin M., Haverhill, Mass. Armstrong, Rev. J. C., Chicago, Ill.

Clark, Rev. Charles W., Georgia, Vt. Bailey, Rev. W. A., Skowhegan, Me.

Clark, Rev. DeWitt S., Salem, Mass. Baines-Griffith, Rev.David, Kansas City, K. *Cobb, Rev. Levi H., New York City. Baker, A.S., Evansville, Wis.

Coe, Edward S., Cromwell, Conn. Balch, John H., Newburyport, Mass.

Ooflin, Frank, Concord, N. H. Barbour, Prof. F. A., Ypsilanti, Mich. Conley, Rev. Henry W., Stonington, Me. Barnes, Rev. Henry E., No. Andover, Mass. *Cooper, Rev. James W., New Britain, Ct. Barnes, John, Rockford, nl.

Cory, Rev. Isaac L., Waukesha, Wis. Bartley, Rev. William T., Salem, N. H. *Cousins, Rev. Edgar M., Thomaston, Me. Bassett, Rev. Austin B., Ware, Mass.

Cronin, Stephen, Partridge, Kan. Bates, Rev. Newton W.,W.Bloomfield, N.Y. Cummings. D. K., Bristol, N, H. Beard, Rey. William S., Durham, N. H. Curtis, Rev. William C., Brownville, Me. Beaver, Rev. Charles H., Fairmont, Neb. Davies, Rey. Thomas M., Cornish, Me. Benedict, Robert D., New York.

*Day, Rev. F.J., Sherbrooke, Que. Bigelow, Rev. Frank E., Salt Lake City, U. Deane, Rev. James, Northfield, N. Y. Bill, A. G., Danielsonville, Conn.

Decker, Rev. Frank H., Westerly, R. I. Bird, Rev. George H., So. Chicago, Ill. DeForest, Rev. Heman P., Detroit, Mich. Blaisdell, Rev. James A., Olivet, Mich. De Peu, Rev. John, Bridgeport, Conn. Bliss, Rev. Alfred V., Ludlow, Vt.

Devitt, Rev. Theophilus S., Branford, Ct. *Bolster, Rev. William H., Nashua, N. H. Dexter, Rev. Daniel W., Norwich, N. Y. Boynton, Rev. Nehemiah, Detroit, Mich. Dodge, Nathan P., Council Bluffs, Io. Bradford, Rev. Amory H., Montclair, N. J. Dodge, Rev. Prescott D., Tallmadge, O. Bradley, Rev. Dan F., Grand Rapids, Mich: Dunning, Rev. Albert E., Boston, Mass. Bradshaw, Rev. John W., Oberlin, 0.

Dyer, Rev. Almon J., Sharon, Mass. Brand, Rev. Charles A., Huron, S. D.

Dyer, Rev. Edward O., Sharon, Conn. Breck, Rev. Charles A., Cotuit, Mass.

Eastman, Rev. George P., Millbury, Mass. Bridgman, Isaac, Northampton, Mass. Edmonds, Rev. Robert H., Mansfield, O. Bristol, Rev. Frank L., Uxbridge, Mass. Ellis, Rev. Frederick W., Topeka, Kan. Brooks, Rev. William E., South Paris, Me. Ewing, Rev. William, Lansing, Mich. Brown, Kev. Elliott W., Glen Ridge, N. J. Fairbanks, Rev. Henry, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Bugbee, Rev. Rolla G., Athol, Mass.

Farwell, Rev. Parris.T, Wellesley Hills, Ms. Burnham, Rev. Collins G., Chicopee, Mass. Fenn, Rev. William H., Portland, Me. Burnham, Rev. Edm'd A., Stafford Sp'ge, Ct. Fernald, M. C., Orono, Me. Burnham, Rev. Michael, St. Louis, Mo. Fitch, Rev. Frank S., Buffalo, N. Y. Butler, Rev. Elmer W., Ormond, Fla.

Flint, H. A., Syracuse, N. Y. Camp, David M., Newport, Vt.

Folger, Rev. Allen, Concord, N. H. *Capen, Samuel B., Boston, Mass.

Forbes, Rev. Samuel B., Hartford, Conn. Carroll, Rev. Charles W., Cleveland, O. Forbes, William T., Worcester, Mass. Carter, John R., Woburn, Mass.

Ford, H. Clark, Cleveland, O. Carter, S. B., Brighton, Mass.

Frear, Rev. Walter, San Francisco, Cal. Chalmers, Rev. Thomas, Manchester, N. H. Frisbie, Rev. Alva L., Des Moines, jo


Frizzle, Rev. John W., Eau Clair, Wis.
Fuller, Rev. Homer T.. Springfield, Mo.
Gale, Rev. Sullivan F., Jacksonville, Fla.
Gates, Rev. George A., Cheyenne, Wyo.
Gerould, Rev. Samuel L., Hollis, N. H.
*Gibbon, Rev. Jas. Morgan, London, Eng.
Gilbert, Lewis N., Ware, Mass.
Gillett, Rev. Arthur L., Hartford, Conn.
Goddard, Rev. John C., Salisbury, Conn.
Goodrich, Rev. Joseph A., Shelburne, Mass.
Goodwin, Rev. Frank J., Pawtucket,R. I.
Gorton, 0. A., Sherburne, N. Y.
Gould, Rev. J. Sidney, Owatonna, Minn.
Grant, Rev. Frederick L., Northfield, Conn.
Greeley, Rev. Frank N., Berkeley, Cal.
Greene, Rev. Frederick W., Middletown, Ct.
Greene, Rev. Winthrop B., Pomfret, Conn.
Grierson, E. S., Calumet, Mich.
Griffin, Rev. Henry L., Bangor, Me.
Gulick, Rev. Hervey, Charlotte, Vt.
Hall, Rev. George E., Dover, N. H.
Hall, Rev. Russell T., New Britain, Conn.
Hallock, Rev. Leavitt H.,Minneapolis, Minn.
Hague, Rev. Wm. B., So. Bridgeton, Me.
*Harvey, Rev. William R., Sheffield, N. B.
Haskell, J. G., Lawrence, Kan.
Hatch, Rev. Frederick A., Omaha, Neb.
Haven, Rev. Sherman W., Wellsville, N. Y.
*Hawes, Rev. Edward, Hartford, Conn.
Hazen, Rev. William F., Northfield, Vt.
Henderson, Rev. Geo. W., New Orleans, La.
Herrick, Rev. Edward E., Milton, Vt.
Hibbard, Rev. Rufus P., Gloucester, Mass.
Higgins, Rev. Robert M., Constantine, Mich.
Hildreth, Rev. Homer W., Rochester, Vt.
*Hill, Rev. E. Munson, Montreal, Canada.
Himes, Rev. George H., Portland, Ore.
Hjetland, Rev. John H., Tyler, Minn,
*Hopkins, Rev.W. H., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Hood, Rev. E. Lyman, Aquebogue, N. Y.
Horr, Rev. Elijah, Malden, Mass.
Houghton, Rev. Ross C., Chelsea, Mass.
House, Rev. Elwin L., Providence, R. I.
Howard, C. H., Glencoe, Ill.
Howe, Samuel H., Norwich, Conn.
Howes, Rev. Albert W., Fitzwilliam, N. H.
Hubbard, Rev. William B., Webster, S. D.
Hull, Charles A., New York City.
Huntington, Rev. Henry S., Milton, Mass.
Hyde, Rev. Albert M., Toledo, O.
Ide, Rev. George W., Milwaukee, Wis.
Ives, Rev. Joel S., Hartford, Conn.
James, Rev. D. Melancthon, Plymouth, Ms.
Jamison, Rev. Henry W., Beresford, 8. D.
Jefferson, Rev. Charles E., New York City.
Jenkins, Rev. Frank E., Atlanta, Ga.
Jepson, Lowell E., Minneapolis, Minn.
Johnson, Rev. Samuel, New Haven, N. Y.
Jones, D, Percy, Minneapolis, Minn.

Jones, Rev. Gustavus W., Winchendon, Ms
*Jones, Rev. John P., India.
Jones, Rev. J. Owen, Boundbrook, N. J.
Jones, Rev. William M., St. Louis, Mo.
Jordan, Rev. Israel, Scarborough, Me.
Kelsey, Rev. Francis D., Toledo, 0.
Kettle, Rev. William F., Homer, N. Y.
Kilbourn, Rev. Henry J., Bradford, Vt.
Kingsbury, Rev. John D., Salt Lake City, U.
Lamoine, Rev. Charles, Mansfield, 0.
Lee, Rev. Frank T., Chicago, Ill.
Lewis, Rev. Alexander, Worcester, Mass.
Lewis, Rev. George B., South Berwick, Me.
Lindsey, Rev. Robert S., Geneva, 0.
Lockwood, Arthur J., Glenridge, N. J.
Lombard, Rev. Herbert E., Cherryfield, Me.
Loomis, Rev. Samuel L., Jamaica Plain, Ms.
Love, Rev. Archibald L., Albany, N. Y.
Love, Rev. W. DeLoss, Hartford, Conn.
Luethi, Rev. Louis J., Jefferson, O.
McIntyre, G. W., Worcester, Mass.
Manss, Rev. William H., Lincoln, Neb.
Marsh, Rev. Edward L., Waterville, Me.
Marsh, Edward W., Bridgeport, Conn.
Marsh, Rev. Francis J., Boston, Mass.
Marston, Rev. Percival F., Lancaster, N. I
Martin, Rev. Samuel A., Rowan, Io.
Martyn, Rev. William C., Boxboro, Mass.
Mason, Rev. Edward B., Brunswick, Me.
McCallie, Rev. Thomas S., East Lake, Ten.
McCully, Rev. Charles G., Calais, Me.
McGregor, Rev. Alexander, St. Paul, Minn.
McMillen, Rev. William F., Chicago, Ill.
Means, Rev. Oliver W., Enfield, Conn.
Meisel, C. G., Port Huron, Mich.
Merrill, Rev. George R., Minneapolis, Minn.
Merrill, Rev. James G., Nashville, Tenn.
Miles, Rev. Harry R., Brattleboro, Vt.
Mills, Rev. George S., Belfast, Me.
Milne, Rev. Alexander, Duluth, Minn.
Moffat, Rev. T. Aird, Buffalo, N. Y.
Moore, Rev. Charles A., Rockland, Me.
Moore, Rev. Edward C., Providence, R. I.
Moore, Rev. George F., Andover, Mass.
Moore, Henry M., Somerville, Mass.
Morley, Rev. John H., Fargo, N. D.
Morley, Mrs. J. H., Fargo, N. D.
Morse, Nathan, Akron, O.
Moxom, Rev. Philip S., Springfield, Mass.
Munson, H. P., Morrisville, Vt.
Mutch, Rey. William J., New Haven, Conn.
Nelson, Rev. Roscoe, Windsor, Conn.
Newman, Rev.S. M., Washington, D. C.
Nims, Rev. Granville W., Walton, N. Y.
Noble, Rev. Frederick A., Chicago, ni.
Noble, Rev. Mason, Lake Helen, Fla.
Noyes, Rev. Edward M., Newton Cen., Ms.
Noyes, Rev. Henry H., New Gloucester, Me.
Ormes, Rey. Manly D., Colorado Sp'gs, Col.

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