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I came, and mine eyes had seen it ; I should return light and airy as and behold, the half was not told me. ever :--but, I was struck-I was

The half was not told me," astonished--I never felt so folemn said the enraptured queen of the in my life, before, eternity never South, when from unbelief in the seemed lo near. I began to feel reports, which circulated at her myself on its very borders. I court of the wisdom and greatness could not for my life keep from beof Solomon, she had come up to ing serious, I became alarmed, to Jerusalem, to behold, with her think how different my feelings own eyes, the glory of his king- were from all that were present, dom; and to hear, with her own left I should make myself forever ears, the charms of his wisdom.-- miserable, in crifling with the con“ I believed not the words, until I cerns of eternity.-0, the half was came, and mine eyes had seen it.not told me, in your letters. These

The balf was not told me," meetings cannot be described upsaid the pleasant and gay Matilda on paper. None will ever believe to her filter, (who had frequently the reports of them, who have nevwritten to her, on the happy revi. er been witnesses.". val of experimental religion, in her The half was not told me," absence,) on the first evening that said the trembling Matilda to a feThe attended a religious conference male friend, with whom, (from a meeting, after her return to the religious meeting,) she went home place of her nativity, from a fum- to deep, a few evenings after, when mer's employment in a distant town, a discourse had been delivered from 5 I believed not the words, until I these words," If I had not come came, and mine eyes had seen it."- and spoken unto them, they had “ When I read your letters, I not had fin : but now they have no thought it could not be real ; cloak for their fin.”_" O, I nerthat there was nothing in reason, er knew what it was to be a linner or religion that could so affect peo- before. I had no sense of my own ple's hearts. But, when I enter. guilt and wretchedness ;-no sense ed the place of worship, this night, of this dreadfully wicked and reall was foleman and Glent as the bellious heart.--- But, now, alas! grave. My gay companions had I fee I am totally depraved ---I see dropped all their thoughtless and my guilt-I feel my danger.-0, trilling airs ;-their countenances I shall die~ I shall perish--I shall were solemn 3-their eyes were link down to everlasting misery, a withfully turned upon the preacher. wretched sinner. Christ has come

- When he arose, a folemn silence from heaven, in infinite compassion, and universal attention prevailed; to redeem. O, the dying, Reand when he spoke, if an'angel deemer has spoken to me from his had come down from heaven, to a crofs, and in his gospel ; but, I larm a guilty world, and bid them have rebelled. I have turned a prepare for the day of judgment, deaf-ear to all his warnings and enit seenied, as tho' there would not treagies. I have, even wickedly have been a greater attention paid. derided that, which I now believe How many weeping eyes were to be to be the glorious work of divine seen! How many covered faces, to grace. O, I am, certainly, the hide from public view, the pangs guiltielt of mortals. I have go and sorrows of a guilty soul ! – cloak for my sin, it is so great ; When I went to meeting, I thought nothing to cover ir-nothing to ex

cuse it-nothing to give me any the merits of a suffering Redeemer! hope of happiness.-Oh, how Is this religion - Blefed thenMr. Y. preached ! His text, truly bleffed are they that hunger his sermon-all was directed to and thirst after righteousness, that me. It is true, it is all true. He they may be filled. has described the very feelings of my soul. Oh! All is guilt--all To serve and please the Lord?"

· Wat joy can becompared with this is rebellion. There is no cloak that casi cover the greatness of my “ Once, I thought Christians sin. There is nothing to hide it the most gloomy and uncomfortafrom an holy God. Can such pain ble people in the world ; but now, ful sensations of guilt, as I now

I believe them to be the most bapfeel, be conviction, Almira ? If ry. How inconfiderate-how they be, the half was not told me.

blirid I have been to God—10 r. Oh, I fear, that it is but the con ligion--to my own happiness demning evidence of the greatness

When I look back upon my past of my guilt before God, to thew life, I am amazed at the long for. me, that I am without excuse, and bearance of an holy God, in sparI fear, wholly without hope. Oh, ing fuch an hardened, ungrateful Almira, pray for me, pray'for me,

Goner! When I refle&t on the ari undone finner, pray for

my poor

dreadful abyss of misery, from the soul. 0, Lord, have mercy upon brink of which, I have just been me, a guilty finner! Save me, Oh! hopefully snatched, by almighty save me from perdition.” In this grace, as an out-calabrard from manner, as Almira told me, Ma. the burnings, I tremble for fear of tilda spent a leepless night, in a mistake ; but my soul rejoices, tears, and cries, and prayers to and I cannot but cry thanks be to heaven for grace and salvation God; by all on earth and all in The kalf wus not told me,''

heaven thanks--eternal thanks be faid the humble Matilda, to her to God, for his unspeakable gift. Minister, a few days after, when I never believed the words of having hopefully found a pardon. Chriftians, when they related their ing God, and an all-sufficient Sa- fpiritual joys, until I came, and viour, she came to him, to relate mine eyes have seen it, and my heart the joyful exercises of her soul. bath experienced it ; and behold, “ Oh! I never believed this, I could the half was not told me." not believe it.

What glorious The half was not told me," happine's there is in religion !- faid the watchful Matilda, to her Watar am-zing change ! - What pious friend Angelina, twelve relief !- What comfort !-How months after entertaining a hope of dis the light break in upon my soul, regeneration. “ Oh! What a in that ever memorable morning, tempting world we live in ! How after unutierable anguish, when I full of snares and trials ! How mabeheld the glory of God, in his ny tempting, tably besetting has ! goodness-in his hatred of fin- Angelina, we were directed to in his holiness and justice ; and felt watch and pray—to watch continan heart to relign up all to his wally, left falling into temptation, fovereign dispofal !-How sweet we should dishonor God be in the lines of the promise read, which Itrumental in hardening the hearts bid me live ; for that the grace of of the unbelieving, and bring a reGod was sufficient for me, through proach upon ourselves. Littlethea


Let us

did we feel


need of such ad. Dear Sister, vice. Qur hearts were warm

EFORE this can poslibly they were full, God and his grace reach you, death will termiengaged all our thoughts. But, nate my probation here, and I alas ! The half was not told us. Thall be happy, or miserable forHow treacherous and wandering ever. None about me have hopes our hearts ! We are still helpless, of my feeing another morning. itill weak, ftill dependent creatures. Short space to accomplish the mighIn God only is all our help. Our ty work of preparing for eternity! grace, our comfort, our spiritual Yet I cannot leave the world, rejoicing is still all-dependent upon without admonishing you to be our living nigh to him, in prayer, more early in preparing for that in public worship, in Christian dreadful hour, which you are fure communion, at the Lord's table, not to escape, and know not how in short, in all religious duties. Let loon it may arrive. us then watch and pray.

We have had the same educaremember that we are Itrangers and tion, have lived in the fame manpilgrims on this earth. 0, Ange- ner, and though accounted very Jina, let our hearts be upon an much alike, have resembled each heavenly inheritance."

other more in our follies, than in Reader, if thou art a stranger our faces. Alas! Of what a to regeneration, when thou halt waste of time have we been guilty ! read all the interesting narratives of To dress well, and appear polite, revivals in religion, which are re has been our only study ; parade, corded in the Connecticut Evan- equipage, and admiration, have gelical Magazine, though thy heart been our ambit!on ; pleasure our may have risen in unbelief and in avocation, and the mode our God. enmity against the manifestation of How often, alas ! have I prothe glorious power of God there. faned in idle chat that facred name, in described ; yet, let me tell thee, by whose merits alone I have hopes if ever thou shalt be so happy as of forgiveness ! How often have to become truly acquainted with I fat, and heard his miracles and thine own heart, and to feel the sufferings ridiculed by the false vital power of religion, thou wilt witi, and abandoned Deills of the be found, among the first, to say, age, without feeling uneasy emoI believed not the words, until I tiors at the awful blasphemy! Nay, came, and mine eyes had seen it ; how often have I myself, because and behold, the half was not told me. I have heard others do so, called The power, the sweetness, the in question that futurity, which I glory of divine grace are incom now go to prove, and of which I municable by words, or by paper am already convinced ! and ink 10 unfanaliticd men. To One moment methinks I see the the souls of such, when described, blissful seats of paradise unveiled, they are as a glorious light thin- and hear ten thousand myriads of ing in darkness, while, alas ! the celestial beings tuning their golden darkness comprehendeth it not. harps in songs of praise to the

AMANA. unutterable name.

scene all black and gloomy presents AN EXTRACT.

itself to my view, whence issue A letter from one fijler to another, nought but lobs, and groans, and penned from her mouth while dying. Thorrid shrieks. My fluctuating

The next, a

mind varies the prospect, and in 1 O criminal reglect! How maairolves me in a fad uncertainty of fold have been the mercies of God! my eternal doom. On one hand, How many sins have I added to beckoning angels smile upon me, my former offences ! Base isgratiwhile on the other, infernal furies tude! Surely I live to show forth ftand prepared to receive my fleet the long-suffering of God. Wounding soul. I dare not hope, nor ing reflection ; that I caanot remwill the Reverend divine suffer me dy paft neglects of duty, nor reto despair. He comforts me, on call mispent time. I am now ove the ground of faith, with promises year nigher the moment appointed in holy writ, which, to my shame, in the calander of time for my stifI was unacquainted with before ; solution--one year nigher death, but now I feel them as balm to my that unknown something- one year tormented conscience.

nigher a new and untried state of I mult now bid you a final adieu. existence-one year nigher the And, O my dear Gfter, the last momert in which my state will be warning I give you is this, that fettled forever-one year nigher you forsake the vanities and pleaf. 'the judgment day, when the unie ures of the world, and make your verse will know what I have been, peace with God; and may my what I have done, what I am and death, which you will foon hear what I shall Solema of, give it that weight, which I thoughts ! Let them ever dwell wish and pray for. You are the upon my mind and increase my last object of my earthly cares: I watchtulness, prayerfulness and ohave now done with all below, shall bedience. retire into myself, and devore the i now enter upon another year; few moments allowed me to that 'perhaps the last year of my life. It penitence, which alone can pre. may carry me to the grave and pare me for a glorious immortali. usher

my foulinto eternity. Then ty.--I die, your affectionate filter. gird up thy loins. O my soul! Be

sober and watch unto the end. CONTRITIO.

Let not the present be numbered

amongst thy mispent years. What Mess'rs. EDITORS,

new scenes will open is now un. If you think the following is continually turning. Whether

known. The wheelof Providence worthy a place in your Magazine it raise thee up or cat thee down please to insert it.

is perfe&ly uncertain. It is then SHAPHAN. thy wisdom to prepare for adversi

ty. To this thou art a stranger, Birth-day Refle@ions. But adversity will come, if thou NE year more of my mortal hast a fare in the salvation of

life is gone. How rapidly Christ. Put on patience and subhas it hastened away! How ma. mission, and guard against repining ny precious hours have passed an- and despondency. If thy fun fall improved ! How little has been continue to shine be not claied and done for God, who has lengthen- forget not thy God. Remember ed out my life and has been the thy dependence ani be humble. health of my countenance ! How Improve all the events of Provilittle has been done for my fellow-dence for a greater acquaintance nien ! And how little for my soul ! ' with thy Maker and thyfélfPer

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form the duties of the day and the been a considerable attention and hour, in the day and the hour and a goodly number hopefully converthy work will always be done. Let ted in the old parish of Rawley, this year be thus begun and life Mass. I have lately heard that thus finished, and thou shalt hear there is a very uncommon attention this eulogium pronounced upon to religion in Newbury-Port. Bethyself ; Well done good and faith. fides crowded and solemn allemful servant, enter thou into the joy blies on the Sabbath, there are freof thy Lord.

quent lectures and conferences on other days of the week ; numbers

under conviction, and some in a Religious Intelligence.

charitable judgment brought out

of darknels into God's marvellous Extraat of a letter to one of the Ed light.”

itors ; dated Orford, State of
New Hampsoire, April 2d, 1801.

6 God has seen fit to arrest the On Wednesday April 8th the
attention of a number in this town, Rev. Epbraim Treadwell Wood-
and we are indulging the pleasing ruff was ordained to the work of
hope of a still greater harvelt. the gospel ministry in the Society
The religious attention to the east of North Coventry. The Rev.
ward, in this itate, during the past Feseph Washburn of Farmington
year, has been confiderable. I made the introductory prayer';

the lately saw a letter, from a gentle. Rev. Hezekiah N. Woodruff of man who preaches in the vicinity Stopington, brother of the Pastor where this revival has taken place, elect, preached from 2 Timothy ftating that 368 persons had been 1. 7. The Rev. George Colton of added to the church in a few towns

Bolton made the confecrating prayin that neighborhood. I am also er ; the Rev. Nathan Williams informed there is a good work be-D. D. of Tolland gave the charge ; gun at Newbury Port. May the the Rev. Charles Backus of SomLord build up Jerusalem !" ers gave the right hand of fellow

Tip; and the Rev. Nathan Per-
Extraå of a letter from Francis lins of West-Hartford made the

to 'n, New Hampshire, dated concluding prayer.
March 4, 1801.

“ Pieces from the Connecticut
Evangelical Magazine are read fre

POETRY. quently in a conference meeting in this town with apparent good effect. Religion is at a low ebb a. mongst us, but more attended to, O the gay Spring returns again, within a year past, than usual. There has lately been a religious revival in the north parish in Am- While charming flowers the fields re

fume herst, N. H. the effects of which

And fill the air with rich perfume. I hope will be latting. Upwardsa of forty, in about six months, made Praises rcsound from birds and beasts;

2. All nature's in its glory dress’d, a public profesfion of their faith in the birds, each inorn & evening, raise a crucified Redeemer. There has . Their voices in high sounds of praise.



On Spring

ful green ;

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