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Silent sea of pines, 284
Siloa's brook, 131
Siloam's shady rill, 305
Silver cord be loosed, 10
Silver fruit-tree tops, 79
Simile solitary shines, 192
Simon Pure, 213
Simplicity a child, 198
Simplicity a grace, 118
Sin and death abound, 287
Sin could blight or sorrow fade,

Sin, fools make a mock at, 7
Sin, no, for a man to labour in his

vocation, 56
Sin, wages of, is death, 18
Sin who tell us love can die, 280
Sinews of war, 377
Sinews, stiffen the, 62
Singing of birds is come, 10
Singing robes, 355
Single blessedness, 35
Sinking, alacrity in, 29
Sinned against, more, 75
Sins, charity shall cover the multi-

tude of, 22
Sins, compound for, 153
Sion hill delight thee more, 131
Sir Oracle, 40
Sires, few sons attain the praise of

their, 199
Sires, green graves of

your, 339
Sister spirit, come away, 197
Sit attentive to his own applause,

Sits the wind in that corner, 33
Six hundred pounds a year, 174
Sixpence, I give thee, 266
Skies, commercing with the, 148
Skies, raised a mortal to the, 157
Skill, is but a barb'rous, 127
Skims along the main, 187
Skin and bone, 203
Skin of my teeth, 4
Skirmish of wit, 33
Sky, admitted to that equal, 177
Sky, canopied by the blue, 316
Sky, forehead of the morning, 147
Sky, souls ripened in northern, 254
Sky, star shining in the, 269
Sky, the storm that howls along
Sky, witchery of the soft blue, 273
Skyey influences, 31
Slain, thrice he slew the, 157
Slanderous tongues, death by, 35
Slaughter, lamb to the, il
Slaughter, to wade through, 229
Slave that pays, base is the, 62
Slave to no sect, 182

Slave to till my ground, 244
Slavery a bitter draught, 363
Slavery or death, which to choose,

Slaves, Britons never will be, 217
Slaves cannot breathe in England,

Slaves, what can ennoble, 181
Sleep, blessings on him that in-

vented, 351
Sleep covers a man all over, 351
Sleep, exposition of, 36
Sleep, gentle sleep, 61
Sleep, he giveth his beloved, 6
Sleep in dull, cold marble, 68
Sleep is like a cloak, 351
Sleep knits up the ravelled sleave

of care, 85
Sleep, last long, 255
Sleep no more, 85
Sleep, now I lay me down to, 386
Sleep of a labouring man, 9
Sleep of death, 98
Sleep, our life rounded with, 27
Sleep, six hours in, 255
Sleep, some must watch, while

some must, IOI
Sleep the friend of woe, 281
Sleep the sleep that knows not

breaking, 296
Sleep till angels wake thee, 221
Sleep, tired nature's sweet restorer,

balmy, 205
Sleep, undisturbed, 221
Sleeping within mine orchard, 95
Sleeping when she died, 328
Sleepless, give their readers sleep,

Sleeps, till tired he, 180
Sleeve, my heart upon my, 105
Slept, thought her dying when she,

Slides into verse, 192
Slings and arrows, 98
Slippery place, 54
Slips, greyhounds in the, 62
Slits the thin-spun life, 147
Sloth finds the down pillow hard,

Slough of Despond, 163
Slow rises worth, 219
Sluggard, go to the ant, thou, 6
Sluggard, the voice of the, 213
Smack of observation, 53
Small habits, 254.
Small Latin and less Greek, 119
Small sands the mountain, 211
Small things with great, 388
Smallest worm will turn, 65
Smell a rat, 153, 389

the, 239,

Smell, ancient and fish-like, 26
Smell sweet and blossoms in the

dust, 125
Smell the blood of a British man,

Smell, villanous, 29
Smells to heaven, 102
Smels, sweete, al arownd, 24
Smile and be a villain, 96
Smile from beauty won, 288
Smote the chord of self, 332
Soft impeachment, 256
Solid men of Boston, 255
Some livelier plaything, 180
Some mute inglorious Milton, 229
Some said, John print it, 163
Something in a flying horse, 273
Something in a huge balloon, 273
Something too much of this, 100
Something wicked comes, 87
Sometimes counsel take, 189
Son of Adam and Eve, 168
Son of his own works, 350
Son, two legg'd thing a, 158
Song charms the sense, 136
Song, metre of an antique, 112
Song, no sorrow in thy, 264
Song of Percy and Douglas, 352
Sonorous metal, 133
Sons of Belial, 132
Sons of their great sires, 199
Sophonisba, O, 217
Soprano, basso, 315
Sore labour's bath, 85
Sorrow and I sit here, 53
Sorrow, earth has no, 304
Sorrow, her rent is, 121
Sorrow in battalions, 103
Sorrow, load of, 35
Sorrow never comes too late, 226
Sorrow of the meanest thing, 271
Sorrow, parting is such sweet, 79
Sorrow, pluck from the memory a

rooted, 89
Sorrow returned with the morn,

Sorrow, some natural, 269
Sorrow than in anger, 92
Sorrow, to pine with feare and, 25
Sorrow, wear a golden, 67
Sorrows and darkness, 306
Sorrows crown of sorrow, 333
Sorrows keenest wind, 274
Sorrows of a poor old man, 265
Sorrows, transient, 271
Soul, a happy, 126
Soul, eye and prospect of, 34
Soul, flattering unction to, 103
Soul, harrow up thy, 94
Soul is dead that slumbers, 341

Soul is form, 25
Soul is his own, 63
Soul is wanting there, 312
Soul is with the saints, 284
Soul like seasoned timber, 122
Soul, lose his own, 15
Soul, merit wins the, 189
Soul of music slumbers, 331
Soul of Orpheus sing, 148
Soul of the age, 118
Soul, palace of the, 308
Soul, pride and haughtiness of, 170
Soul smiles at the drawn dagger,

Soul, take the prisoned, 145
Soul take wing, 318
Soul, that eye was in itself a, 314
Soul, the flow of, 192
Soul, the iron entered into his, 23
Soul, thou hast much goods, 17
Soul'through my lips, 334.
Soul, uneasy and confined, 177
Soul' under the ribs of death, 146
Soul, unlettered, 37
Soul was like a star, 270
Soul, water to a thirsty, 8
Soul, whiteness of his, 309
Soul within her eyes, 315
Soul with crosses, to fret thy, 25
Soul's calm sunshine, 181
Souls, corporations have no, 354
Soul's dark cottage, 129
Souls that were, were forfeit once,

Souls, immediate jewel of their, 108
Souls made of fire, 211
Souls sympathize with sounds, 247
Souls whose sudden visitations, 336
Sound an echo to the sense, 187
Sound and fury, 90
Sound, persuasive, 175
Sound, sweet is every, 334
Sound the clarion, 298
Sound the trumpet, 166
Sounding brass, 20
Sounds on every side, melodious,


Sour grapes, 12
Source of sympathetic tears, 226
South, o'er myear like the sweet, 50
Sovereign of sighs, 38
Sow by the ear, 391
Soweth, shall reap as he, 20
Sown the wind, 12
Space and time annihilate, 198
Spades, emblem ofuntimely graves,

Spare the rod, 154
Spark of heavenly flame, 197
Spark of immortal fire, 313

Spark, vocal, 269
Sparkled, was exhal'd, 209
Sparkling with a brook, 322
Sparks fly upward, 4.
Sparrow, caters for the, 44
Sparrow fall, or hero perish, 177
Sparrow, in the fall of a, 105
Speak by the card, 104
Speak daggers to her, 102
Speak, if I have offended, 71
Speak in public, 267
Speak it profanely, not to, 100
Speak of me as I am, III
Speak right on, 72
Spears into pruning-hooks, 12
Special providence, 105
Spectacles of books, 162
Spectacles on nose, 46
Speculation in those eyes, 86
Speech is silver, 390
Speech, rude am I in my, 106
Speech, thought deeper than, 346
Speech to disguise thought, 382
Speed the going guest, 192
Speed the parting guest, 199
Speed the soft intercourse, 195
Speed the thin oar, 180
Spenser, a little nearer, 151
Spenser renowned, 151
Sphere, two stars in one, 59
Spiders crawling on my startled

hopes, 172
Spider's touch, 177
Spin nor toil not, 14
Spires pointing to heaven, 273
Spirit chased, 41
Spirit dares stir, 91
Spirit ditties of no tone, 325
Spirit, haughty, 7
Spirit, ill, have so fair a house, 26
Spirit indeed is willing, 16
Spirit, thy, Independence, 239
Spirit of every-day walks, 207
Spirit of my dream, 316
Spirit of a youth, 74
Spirit, or more welcome shade, 199
Spirit, present in, 19
Spirit return unto God, 10
Spirit-stirring drum, 11
Spirit, strongest and fiercest, 134
Spirit that fell from Heaven, 133
Spirit, the accusing, 363
Spirit wounded, 7
Spirits are not finely touched, 30
Spirits either sex assume, 132
Spirits from the vasty deep, 58
Spirits of great events, 286
Spirits twain, 346
Spite, in learned doctors', 341
Spite of nature, 153

Spleen, meditative, 277
Splendid sight to see, 307
Splenetive and rash, 104
Spoken at random, 297
Spoil the child, 154
Spoils belong to the victors, 372
Spoils of time, 228
Sponge, drink no more than a, 350
Sports of children, 233
Spot is cursed, the, 271
Spot which men call earth, 144
Spots quadrangular, 246
Spread yourselves, 36
Sprightly running, 161
Spring, come, gentle, 215
Spring comes slowly up this way,

Spring of love, 27
Spring unlocks the flowers, 305
Springes to catch woodcocks, 94
Spriting, gently do my, 26
Sp to prick the sides of


tent, 83
Squadron in the field, 105
Squeak and gibber, 91
Squeak, as naturally as pigs, 152
Stabbed with a white wench's eye,

Staff, thy rod and thy, 5
Stage, all the world's a, 45
Stage, poor, degraded, 341
Stage, struts his hour upon, 90
Stage, the wonder of our, 118
Stage, veteran on the, 219
Stage where every man must play,

Stagers, old cunning, 154
Stairs, why did you kick me down,

Stale, flat, and unprofitable, 91
Stalk, maidens withering on the,

Stand and wait, 150
Stand not upon order of going, 87
Stand, a tip-toe, 63
Standing with reluctant feet, 342
Stands Scotland, 88
Stanley, on, 295
Stanza, who pens a, 190
Staple of his argument, 39
Star, constant as the northern, 71
Star, love a bright, particular, 49
Star of dawn, a later, 269
Star of peace returns, 290
Star, of the moth for the, 323
Star, stay the morning, 284
Star, thy soul was like a, 270
Star-eyed science, 288
Star-spangled banner, 345
Starry girdle of the year, 288

Stars, battlements bore, 277
Stars blesses his, 170
Stars, cut him out in, 80
Stars, fault not in our, 70
Stars, hide their diminished heads,

Stars in one sphere, 59
Stars, in spite of their, 153
Stars attend thee, shooting, 124
Stars shot madly, 36
Stars were more in fault, 168
Start of the majestic world, 70
Started like a guilty thing, 91
Starts, everything by, 159
State, falling with a falling, 198
State, pillar of, 136
State, rule the, 158
State some service, III
State, strange eruption to our, 90
State, what constitutes a, 255
State without a king, 372
State's collected will, 255
States saved without the sword,

Statesman, too nice for a, 237
Statue that enchants the world, 216
Steal as gypsies do, 257
Steal! convey, the wise it call, 28
Steal my thunder, 383
Steal us from ourselves away, 193
Stealth, do good by, 193
Steed, farewell the neighing, 110
Steed threatens steed, 63
Steel complete, 64
Steel, grapple with hooks of, 93
Steel, my man's as true as, 79
Steel, though locked up in, 64
Steep and thorny way to heaven,

Steep, hard to climb the, 242
Steep my senses, 61
Steeped me in poverty, III
Steeple, looking at the, 320
Step above the sublime, 367
Stephen Sly, 48
Steps, beware of desperate, 251
Steps of glory, 317
Sticking place, screw your courage

to the, 84
Stiff in opinions, 159
Stiff thwack, 153
Stiffen the sinews, 62
Still achieving, still pursuing, 342
Still small voice, 3, 228
Still the wonder grew, 236
Still to be neat, 118
Still waters, 5
Sting, O death, where is thy, 20
Stir, the fretful, 272
Stoicism, the Romans call it, 170

Stoic of the woods, 290
Stolen, not wanting what is, 110
Stolen waters are sweet, 6
Stomach, unbounded, 68
Stomach's sake, a little wine for

thy, 21
Stone, fling but a, 213
Stone tell where I lie, 197
Stone, underneath this, 118
Stone unturned, leave no, 375
Stone walls do not a prison inake,

Stone, we raised not a, 326
Stones of Rome to mutiny, 72
Stones of worth, 112
Stones prate of my whereabout, 84
Stones, sermons in, 44
Stools, push us from our, 86
Storied urn, 228
Storied windows, 148
Stories, long, dull, and old, 264
Storm, directs the, 171
Storm, pelting of this pitiless, 75
Storm that howls along the sky,

Storms of fate, 198
Storms of life, rainbow to the, 314
Storms of state, 68
Story, I have none to tell, 266
Story of Cambuscan bold, 148
Stout once a month, 160
Straining harsh discords, 80
Strains that might create a soul,

Strange eruption, 90
Strange, 't was passing, 107
Stranger in a strange land, 2
Stranger than fiction, 322
Stranger yet to pain, 225
Strangers, honoured by, 197
Strangers, to entertain, 22
Straw, tickled with a, 180
Strawberries, 355
Streets, a lion is in the, 8
Streets, squeak and gibber in the,

Strength, to have a giant's, 31
Strength, a tower of, 66
Strength, lovely in your, 309.
Strength, strengthens with his, 179
Strife, dare the elements to, 314
Strike for your altars, 339
Strike mine eyes but not my heart,

String attuned to mirth, 329
Striving to better, we mar, 75
Strong, battle not to the, 9
Strong upon the stronger side, 53
Strong without rage, 126
Stronger by weakness, 129

the, 129

the, 9

Strongly it bears us, 283
Strucken deer, go weep, IOT
Struggling in the storms of fate,

Stubborn patience, 136
Studies, still air of delightful, 356
Studious of change, 243
Study, labour, and intent, 356
Study of imagination, 34
Study of mankind, 178
Study of revenge, 131
Study a weariness of flesh, 10
Study what you most affect, 48
Stuff, ambition's made of sterner,

Stuff as dreams are made on, 27
Stuff life is made of, 361
Stuff, other men's, 117
Stuff the head with reading, 194
Subject of all verse, 118
Sublime and the ridiculous, 367
Suburb of the life Elysian, 343
Success, 't is not in mortals to com-

mand, 169.
Successive title, 158
Successors before him, 28
Such mistress, such Nan, 113
Suck my last breath, 196
Suckle fools, 107
Sucking-dove, gently as any, 36
Suffer a sea-change, 26
Suffer, how sublime to, 342
Sufferance our badge, 41
Suffering, child of, 344
Suffering ended with the day, 337
Sufferings, to each his, 226
Sufficiency, an elegant, 215
Sufñcient unto the day, 14
Suing long to bide, 25
Suit lightly won, 294
Suit of sables, 101
Suit the action to the word, 100
Sullein mind, 24
Sullenness against nature, 356
Sum of more, giving thy, 44
Summer, eternal, 320
Summer friends, 122
Summer, made glorious, 65
Summer of your youth, 223
Summer's cloud, 87
Summons, upon a fearful, 91
Sun's a thief, 81
Sun is set, all except their, 320
Sun, as the dial to the, 156, 243,
Sun, benighted walks under the,

Sun, dedicate his beauty to the, 77
Sun doth move, doubt the, 96
Sun, farthing candle to the, 211
Sun, glimmering taper to the, 258

Sun go down upon your wrath, 21
Sun goes round, take all the rest
Sun, hail the rising, 225
Sun, half in, 303
Sun in my dominions never sets,

Sun in the lap of Thetis, 154
Sun, low descending, 387
Sun, no new thing under the, 8
Sun of righteousness, arise, 12
Sun passes through dirty places,

Sun, pleasant for the eye to behold
Sun, till it meet the, 370
Sun upon an Easter day, 123
Sun, world without a, 288
Sunbeam and truth, 355
Sunday from the week divide, go
Sunday shines no Sabbath day to

me, 189
Sunflower turns on her god, 301
Sung ballads from a cart, 162
Sunium's marbled steep, 321
Sunlight drinketh dew, 334
Sunny as her skies, 315
Sunny openings, 322
Suns, process of the, 333
Sunset of life, 290
Sunshine broken in the rill, 299
Sunshine, eternal, 236
Sunshine made in the shady place,

Sunshine of the breast, 225
Superfluous lags the veteran, 219
Supped full of horrors, 89
Surcease, success,
Surer to prosper, 134
Survey our empire, 314
Suspicion, Cæsar's wife above, 376
Suspicion haunts the guilty mind,

Swan and shadow, 270
Swan on St. Mary's Lake, 270
Swashing outside, 43
Swear not by the moon, 79
Swear to the truth of a song, 168
Sweat but for promotion, 44
Sweat of thy face, I
Sweat under a weary life, 98
Swell the soul to rage, 157
Sweet the uses of adversity, 43
Sweet bells jangled, 99
Sweet ch days, 268
Sweet day, so cool, so calm, 121
Sweet is every sound, 334.
Sweet is pleasure after pain, 156
Sweet, so coldly, 312
Sweet spring, 122

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