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hundred people and both were en- learn the circumstances under thusiastically received. Teachers which the poem, or book was writand school patrons from all parts of ten. 3. To reproduce in some way the county were present.

(better by writing) what is read. - The first quarterly session of There were thirty-five teachthe Athens County Teachers' Insti- ers from St. Marys and vicinity in tute was held at Glouster November attendance at the N. W. O. Teach27. Fully three times as many ers' Association held at Lima, O., teachers were present as on any

November 26 and 27. All report a similar occasion last year, and all good time at the meeting. seemed enthusiastic in their work.

The next annual session of the Most of the day was devoted to Auglaize County Teachers' Associthe "how" of teaching, which re- ation will be held at Wapakoneta, sulted in many valuable sugges- O., the week beginning August 15, tions.

1898. The Executive Committee Educational matters in Athens

have secured Supt. S. T. Dial of County are on the advance, and

Lockland, O., and Byron W. King with superintendency for our com

of Pittsburg, Pa., Prof. in the mon schools, as a start, we shall

Schools of Oratory in that city. be well on the road to success.

Supt. Dial's efficient work in our One of the best quarterly ses

last institute merited the praise of sions of the Lawrence County

every teacher; and his return will Teachers' Association was held at

be hailed with a hearty welcome by Burlington, Saturday, December 4. the teachers of Auglaize County. The principal discussions were on

Prof. King comes well recommendGrammar as given by T. Howard

ed as an instructor in institutes. It Winters of Ironton, and Literature

is the earnest desire of the Commitby C. A. Woodworth of Hanging tee and also of the Board of County Rock. The former led to the dis

Examiners that every teacher in the cussion of Reading. The prevail- County be present at our next Aning sentiment was to inculcate the

nual Institute and help make it the habit of reading substantial, solid,

best ever held in the County. lifegiving literature and to discour- The Clermont County Teachage in every possible way the read- ers' Association held its second sesing of low grade novels.

sion of the year at Williamsburg The main ideas set forth in Liter- December 11. Pres. W. O. Robinature were: 1. To begin literature son presided. At the forenoon seswith the study and reading of liv- sion a paper, “Teaching in Coming American authors. 2. To mon Schools”, was read by M. E.

Applegate of Goshen, and discussed Finley. In the afternoon, "The by Supt's. Cronin, Turnipseed and Present System of Examinations in others.

Ohio" was discussed by C. C. White A solo, "Unanswered", was beau- and C. W. Newberry. Then foltifully rendered by Supt. Chatterton lowed an address on the 0. T. R. C. of Batavia.

by Fred Sillery who showed in an A paper, "The Lazy Teacher”, by interesting, practical way, the great Geo. P. Hibbets of Nicholsville, benefit to be derived from a study was well written and well received.

of the Course. Miss Coral Clark In the afternoon the Ladies' read a paper reviewing “Macbeth,” Quartet of Williamsburg rendered H. M. Finley discussed “Patriota most pleasing “Lullaby.” This

ism in Our Schools,” a number of was followed by a paper, “Neces

those present discussed "Literasity of Preparation", by T. P. Pierce

ture in the Schools," Viss Stearof Bethel.

man told of “Penmanship YesterThe Association was then highly day and To-day,” and C. W. Nayentertained and instructed by the

lor talked on “Township Supervis

ion." address of Supt. John Burke of Newport, Ky., on "The Pilgrims -Principal H. M. Linn of the and Puritans."

Sandusky High School read a very Supt. Chatterton by request again interesting and sugestive paper on favored the audience with music. “The Place of American History in The session was a most pleasant and Our Schools" at the meeting of the profitable one. Adjourned to meet Franklin County Teachers' Associin Batavia.

ation held in Columbus, December

18. - The many friends of John C. Ridge will be delighted to learn that -The Berea schools enroll 487 he is rapidly recovering from his pupils. For the past four months

. severe illness. He was able to the percent of attenance has averspend some time in Columbus, holi- aged 97. day week, and was the recipient of

- Supt. A. H. Dixon of Marsha beautiful gold headed cane pre

field has taken up the work of sented by a number of life-long "Township Educational Rallies" in friends.

Athens county and held a very en-The Morgan County teachers thusiastic meeting at Pleasanton held an Association at Stockport, the evening of December 21. December 11. At the forenoon School board, citizens and teachers session “Arithmetic in Our County took an active part in the discusSchools” was discussed by a large sion, many of whom expressed number of teachers led by H. M. themselves as having heard, for the first time, the subject so plainly put. which is composed of upwards of Supt. Dixon was at his best, and his thirty branch associations of kinremarks elicited much applause. dergartners organized in as many The next rally will be held at Al- cities of the United States. bany some time in January.

The National Kindergarten Un--The following preliminary

ion was organized in 1892 at Sar

atoga, at a meeting of the National programme is announced for the third annual meeting of the Kin

Educational Association. In 1895

a .preliminary meeting was held in dergarten Union, which is to be held

Boston, and in 1896 the first Conat the Philadelphia Normal School,

vention was held in New York. Thirteenth and Spring Garden

The Second Convention was held streets, on February 18 and 19,

last April in St. Louis. 1998:

February 18-Forenoon, busi- -H. Z. Hobson is succeeding ness meeting; afternoon, addresses admirably in his new position as of welcome; topic for discussion, superintendent of the Salineville "The Training of the Kinder- schools. His corps of teachers

. garten,” Mrs. Alice Putnam, of numbers twelve, and the enrollment Chicago, and Miss Laura Fisher, of of pupils is nearly seven hundred.

. Boston; evening, public meeting, addresses by Dr. Lyman Abbott, of

BOOKS AND MAGAZINES. Brooklyn, topic to be announced, American Book Co., Cincinnati, and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler

0.: on "Infancy and Education."

Stories of Ohio. By William February 19-Forenoon, confer- Dean Howells. These Stories are ence; afternoon, reception to dele- told in Howells's inimitable style, gates; evening, addresses by Miss and are entertaining, interesting, Susan Blow, James L. Hughes, and instructive. They should be Superintendent of Schools, Tor- read by the boys and girls of our onto, and Dr. Lightner Witmer, of public schools both for their literUniversity of Pennsylvania. on ary value and also for the State "The Kindergarten as a Psycho- pride which they will certainly delogical Laboratory.”

velop. It is anticipated that between 200 and 300 kindergartners will be in at

Ginn & Co., Chicago, II. : tendance. The Philadelphia Branch Burke's Speech on Conciliation of the union is already making with America. Edited with Notes preparations for the reception and and Introduction by Hammond entertainment of the delegates. Lamont, Associate Professor of

Miss Lucy Wheelock, of Boston, Rhetoric in Brown University. Mass., is President of the union, Price 60c.

Classics for Children: Undine.


recent New York Election, entitled, A Tale by Frederick Baron De La "The Political Regeneration of New Motle Fouque. Translated into Eng. York." lish by Abby L. Alger. Price 30c.

Among the many interesting

things found in Harper's Magazine d. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago, for January are “Roden's Corner” III.

- A Novel -- by Henry Seton MerThoughts and Theories of Life riman; “A Group of Players" by and Education. By J. L. Spalding,

Laurence Hutton, and “The New Bishop of Peoria. Price $1.00. North-west” by J. A. Wheelock.

go, Ill.:

Scott, Foresman & Co., Chica

Gainsborough's Portrait of Gen

eral James Wolfe, Engraved by A Parliamentary Syllabus. By

Richard A. Muller, furnishes the Joseph T. Robert, Principal, The

Frontispiece for the January Сen

“ Robert School of Parliamentary tury. The first number of The Law, Chicago. Contains twenty

Adventures of Francois" by S. Weir four progressive Lessons.

Mitchell appears, and Martha Lit

tlefield Phillips gives a very interStorics of Greek Gods, Heroes

esting account of the “Recollectand Men. By Caroline H. Harding ions of Washington and His Friends and Samuel B. Harding.

as preserved in the family of NaGetting on in the World, or On

thaniel Greene." Hints on Success in Life. By William Mathews, LL. D.

The January St. Nicholas is full

if interest for both young and old. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York: Among the many valuable articles

The American College in Ameri- are the following: "A Bird's Storecan Life By Charles Franklin house," "Reasoning out a MetropThwing, D.D., LL. D.

olis," "Johny and the Giant," and “Christmas Eve at Mother Hub

bard's." The January Atlantic contains contributions from J. Firmin Coar, "Our Coast Defences" by Maj.. Edwin L. Godkin, Col. T. W. Hig. Gen. Nelson A. Miles, "The Future ginson, John Muir, Gilbert Parker, of Bimetallism" by Senator George Edward M. Shepard, Eugene Wam- G. Vest, and “The Political Outbaugh, and others. The paper which look" by Henry Watterson are will attract universal attention is among the many interesting artithat by Edward M. Shepard on the cles in the January Forum.

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İrish's American and British its Opportunities," by Governor Authors" is very popular both as a John R. Rogers, of Washington, a text-book for High Schools and fearless man of the people. The Colleges, also for use in reading second article, “Our Interstate Procircles, literary clubs, etc. It has

tective Tariffs," by James J. Wait, recently been adopted for use in is an able exposition of the evils of the High Schools of Bucyrus, Bel- discriminating freight charges by laire, Galion, DeGraff, Pataskala, the railways of the United States. and many other places in Ohio. "Our Friends the Enemy" is a

contribution of great interest and The Educational Review opens its

value, by John D. Spence, of Tofifteenth volume and eighth year

ronto, on the relations, social and

political, which ought to exist bewith the January number, which

tween the Canadians and the peoincludes a striking paper in which

ple of the United States. “MuniSome Socialist and Anarchist

cipal Proprietorship” is ably disViews of Education are contribu

cussed in the affirmative by Auted by Messrs. C. H. Matchett,

gustus L. Mason, ex-president of Benjamin R. Tucker, Lucien San

the Indianapolis Street Railroad ial and Miss Gertrude B. Kelly;

Company. Mr. B. O. Flower's inand papers on School Building in New York City by C. B. J. Snyder, “James G. Clark, the American

teresting and eloquent article is on illustrated; Education in Hawaii by

Laureate of Labor." Helen CampF. B. Dressler; etc. Other articles

bell, in a strong article on "Amerto appear early in 1898 are The

ican Domesticity," points out the Public School Community Life by

reasons of the apparent decay of Jas. K. Paulding; The Future of

the domestic life, but draws a hopethe Public School by E. J. James; ful conclusion as to the future.

In Civil Service Reform and the

the "Tributes to Henry George' Teaching Profession by C. W.

four American poetslay their Bardeen; Economy of High Wages

wreaths on the tomb of the man for Teachers by John Davidson;

who saw and prophesied. The Religious Instruction in American

fiction of the number is a striking Schools by Levi Seeley; Public

and amusing apologue by Charwin Education vs. State Education by

Lesbald, entitled “The Smelting of Andrew S. Draper; American

the Hon. Jerry Webb.” “MistleGraduate Schools by A. H. Ed

toe" is the subject of a beautiful gren; The Educational System of

nature sketch by Rev. Robert California by E. E. Cates, etc., etc.

Blight. In “The Higher Civiliza

tion versus Vivisection," Rosa G. The frontispiece of the January Abbott presents a humane and panumber of the Arena is a portrait thetic appeal against the unwarof Henry George, the prophet of ranted abuse of animals and the the American Republic. The first dissection of them alive in particuarticle is Part II of “Freedom and lar.

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