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[blocks in formation]

At Christmas play, and make good cheer,

For Christmas comes but once a year.-Tusser.

94 Mabel Knight's Party

Dictation.—How many do you think were invited? Eight girls and seven boys. There were only two whose names I knew. Mrs. Knight thought the boys made too much noise sometimes. She liked to have them merry. Laura Fay sang some pretty songs. Ralph Howard made every one laugh by trying to whistle a tune. It snowed when we went home. No one had an umbrella, but all had warm coats and thick shoes.

To the Teacher.-After dictating a lesson, have the pupils open their books and correct their own work, or exchange slates and correct one another's work.

[blocks in formation]


with three friends.

in the


There are things I can do in the afternoon. I can drive with mamma on a road that leads through the -. It are singing in the branches over our


and the

heads. We can climb the mountain and pick - We can go to the for trout; but we never catch any.

I have

five pounds. I would

purchases of you and Julia.

to make some



[blocks in formation]

Write the letter, putting the right word from the list in each blank.


Here's daisies for the morn, primroses for gloom,

Pansies and roses for the noontide hours;

A wight once made a dial of their bloom,-
So may thy life be measured out by flowers.


Definitions.-Gloom, twilight; wight, a person; dial, an instrument for showing the time of day.

NOTE.-Certain flowers bloom at fixed and regular hours, and ingenious botanists have arranged them in a bed in the order of their hours for blooming, so that they would thus tell the time of day and become a floral clock.

[blocks in formation]

Copy, and draw a line through each silent and silent b.

98-Frigid Zone

Dictation.-Frigid means frozen. The Frigid Zones are the coldest parts of the earth. The sun shines there a part of the year. Winter is the only season. They are the smallest and least known of the zones. It is thought that not a single human being lives in the South Frigid Zone.

[blocks in formation]

Dictation. The chief wealth of the Laplander is his reindeer. A rich man has more than a thousand. The reindeer, when alive, takes the place of the cow and the horse. When dead, its fur is used for clothing, its horns for spoons and cups, its sinews for bow strings and thread, while its flesh and tongue serve for food.

To the Teacher.-A dictation lesson may be given in several ways: without previous study by the pupil; after the pupil has looked at the lesson a short time; or after the lesson has been written. Variety is the spice of school life.

Pronunciation.-1ä'mŭnd; săm'un; l'kens or lich'ens.

100 Song of the Grass Blades

"Peeping, peeping, here and there,
In lawn and meadows everywhere
Coming up to find the spring,
And hear the robin redbreast sing;
Creeping under children's feet,
Glancing at the violets sweet,
Growing into tiny bowers,

For the dainty meadow flowers ;—
We are small, but think a minute
Of a world with no grass in it!"

Copy, learn, and recite.

[blocks in formation]

To the Teacher.-Aid the pupils in giving orally the meaning of the words in Lessons 101 and 102; also let them make complete, short sentences, using the words both orally and in writing.

de ceit ful

[blocks in formation]

The spring months are Mar., Apr., and May.

The summer months are June, July, and Aug.
Sept., Oct., and Nov. are autumn months.

Dec., Jan., and Feb. are winter months.

Chill Dec. brings the sleet, blazing fire, and Xmas treat.

Copy the sentences, writing full words for the abbreviations.

[blocks in formation]

A zephyr is a gentle breeze.

Indians make canoes from birch-bark.

By an old law, gondolas in Venice are painted black.
The hot, dry wind that blows in Arabia is called a si-


To the Teacher.-Interest the pupils in Lessons 104 and 105 by a conversation about the different winds and boats. Talk with pupils rather than to them.

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