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they have not only enough for present use, or eight weeks.--My journey to Nabui Sister EDWARDS was busily employed macqua-land was accomplished in in drying them for winter. The fig- twenty-four days. It took me ten in trees have borne their part, and the going up, six I remained there, and rines have run up to the square of the returned from Lilly Fountain to Cape church, and also bear fruit; but the cli. Town in eight, resting one whole day on inaie is evidently too cold for them. The the road. other fruit-trees, such as apples, pears, Dr. Philip has been up into the inteapricots, &c., require more time to bring rior, and has visited Salem, Graham's forth fruit to perfection.-Sister Ed Town, &c.—He speaks well of the laWARDS has taught several of the Children bours of Brother W. Shaw. He also thinks to knit, and they were busy making night- Graham's Town, and its vicinity, likely to caps. From Brother ARCHBELL we have become a promising field of usefulness.heard nothing of late; but it is reported in Graham's Town, and not Bathurst, is now Little Namacqualand, that a Namacqua, to be the head of that district, and the who was bringing letters from the residence of the Landdrost. I have only Brethren SCHMELEN and ARCIBELL, just time to add, that we have cause of was seized by a Chief, who is much ad- abundant thankfulness that we are all dicted to plunder, and who committed all well at Cape Town, and at Khamies the letters to the flames.-Brother W. Berg ; and, as far as we know, so are Shaw, it would seem, is doing well both all our brethren.-The Lord continues at Salem and Graham's Town.-Here, we to bless us, and we trust that he will give are proceeding as well as we can, and I us more abundantly to see the fruits expect our school will be finished in six of our labour amongst the heathen.

WEST INDIA MISSIONS. TORTOLA.—Extracts from the Journal of MR. TRUSCOTT. Feb. 5th, 1822.-On the 30th of last the chapel; the people were attentive. month we left Dominica, to attend the This forenoon I waited on his Honour District. Meeting at St. Kitt's, and were the President, and several other retossed about for the space of six days, spectable characters. I left with the Preby a high sea, and a contrary wind. sident our “ Instructions ;” after readWe came to anchor in Basseterre Roads, ing them, he sent them to me, with a about twelve o'clock last night. Our letter containing the following remarks : dear Brethren had been anxiously look- “I return the · Instructions to the ing for us, for several days; we found Wesleyan Missionaries, which you thein transacting the important business kindly left me for my perusal. I have of our Missions in the spirit of love and received peculiar gratification in reading peace.

them : they appear to me to have been 6th.-The divine blessing appears to dictated by Gentlemen who felt most rest on our dear brethren, both in their powerfully impressed with a wish not ineetings for business, and in their public only to make the Mission respectable admiuistrations ; scarcely a sermon has and useful, but who were anxious to been preached, but some good has been put to silence the ignorance of foolish done; a special influence has been felt in men.' While you and your Brethren all our meetings; many have been awak- continue to act under these Instructions, ened to a sense of their dangerous con- your good can be spoken evil of hy those dition, and some have entered into the only who are determined, so far as is full liberty of the Gospel of Christ in their power, to oppose the blessed Jesus.

Gospel. Alas! such are to be found in 7th.—This evening I heard Brother' all places. I most sincerely wish you WHITEUOUSE preach a funeral Sermon, all success in your endeavours to call occasioned by the death of our venerable sinners to repentance.” father JOHNSTONE : may all the Mission- 24th, Sunday:-Brother GILGRASS aries in this District follow his bright went off early this morning for Jose example, and his great labour in the Van Dykes ; 1 remained to preach at Cause of the LORD JESUS.

West End ; at ten, A.M., I rode to the 15th.--Praised be the name of my Chapel, and preached to a good congreGod, he has brought us in safety to this gation from Philip. iv. 19. After new station, and I am determined to lay preaching, I examined the Class-papers, wyself out more than ever, for the pro- and met the Leaders, rode back to Applemotion of his holy cause. I gave an Bay, and waited the return of Brother exhortation this morning at day-light, in GILGRASS. At five, P.M., he came, and we

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rode home by the north side of the island; 10th, Sunday. This morning before the prospect from the high hills over breakfast, I gave tickets to several of the which we came is truly grand, especially Classes; and at ten read prayers and at the hour when we crossed them, i.e. preached to a large congregation, from sun-set. We reached Road Town about Col. i. 19, 20. After preaching, I gave the seven, P. M., just as Brother Felves sacrament of the Lord's-supper to a great began to preach.

company of communicants ; the preMarch 1st.–This morning I and my sence of the LORD was graciously felt; Brethren met together; we spent some while at the sacrament many received time in profitable conversation and much goud. This evening I preached prayer, &c. This evening I met some of to a large congregation, with much plea. the Sunday-school children. I cate- sure, from Num. X. 29, chised them, and taught them to sing. 224.—This evening I attended a Afterwards I attended our monthly Mis- prayer-meeting at the north end of the sionary prayer-meeting ; there was a town. This meeting had been established large congregation; they heard the dif- for several years, but was greatly negferent extracts from the Notices read, lected. When I went into the house, I with much plsasure. I hope that this found one person who had come. I saw people, who are so much indebted to a great number of negroes and others Missionary exertions, will soon be in- sitting in an idle manner in the neighduced to do something handsome for the bourhood; I went out among them, and millions of perishing heathen.

took several of them by the hand, and 2d.—This morning at day-light, I at said, Come with me, we are going to tended the chapel, gave an exhortation, have a prayer-meeting in yonder house. and superintended the school till eight Some said, “ Stop, Sir, I am dirty ; I o'clock; the children read well, but the will go and change my things, and then school wants considerable regulation. I will come :" I said, “No: God will This evening I met the Bands. The hear your prayers out of dirty clothes." more I become acquainted with this so we soon had the house tilled, and people, the more I admire their good thronged on the outside. But the best Bense, sound experience, and christian of all was, that God was with us. I gave simplicity: many of them have drank an exhortation, and two prayed. largely of that stream which flows from 24th, Sunday:- This morning I and the Rock of our Salvation. Their af. Brother Felvus rode together to West fection for those who have had the rule End; we had a pleasant ride; our conover them is great; many of them recol- versation tended to editication; we spent lect, with tears of gratitude, the pious a few minutes together in singing and in admonitions, and fatherly counsel, of the prayer, among the bushes, for the blessvenerable GEORGE JOHNSTONE. Some ing of God on our labour through the among them are the fruit of his apos.. day. I then went forward to the Bay, tolic labours.

but finding that the people at Jose Van 3d, Sunday.-This morning I rode to Dykes had not sent a boat for me, I East End, and preached to a good con- was obliged to hire a sailing boat. We gregation, from James iv. 8. After rode home on the south side of the preaching I catechised the children. On island; we had to cross the bed of a the way home, I met several companies river, over which there · had been a of negroes, with whom I conversed. bridge, but the force of the water had Several people came to our house this carried it away, and left a precipice of evening, to join with us in family several feet, over which my horse prayer.

plunged, and in the fall threw me for4th.-I felt much pleased this morning ward on his neck, and it was with great by hearing an old negro woman describe difficulty that I recovered myself. Brothe first visit of Dr. Čoke and Mr. Ham- ther Felvus, seeing my situation, had MET to this island. She said, “ Massa, time to stop his horse and dismount; we dem no want for come in here, dem want examined the place, and when we saw for go to Santa Cruz, but de LORD send the danger to which we had been exdem here, de strong wind make dem posed, we could not but praise God come in here; O what wickedness be aloud for his care over us ; for it was here at dat time; dem get one house, quite dark, but neither the horse por and dem preach on the weekey day, and his rider received any material hurt. on de Sunday; and me, and plenty dem 31st, Sunday.-l preached to the negar, go hearey dem, and dc vord sink largest congregation, this forenoon, that down in my heart, and me tank God, I have seen since I have been in the me love and serve him ever since." island.


MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Missions Or THE METHODISTS IN THE UNITED STATES.-Some time ago, we gave an account of the establishment of a Mission among the Wyandot Indians, by our American Brethren. We are happy to add an account of an infant Mission Establishment among the Creek Indians. The following particulars are from the American Methodist Magazine, for February, 1822:

At the last South-Carolina Annual he writes to the Committec as folConference, the Rev. WILLIAM Carers lows:-was appointed Conference-Missionary, “ Creek Agency, 9th Nov. 1821.- I am and furnished with instructions which now hastening into Georgia to make the made it his duty to visit the neighbour necessary arrangements for the Coweta ing Indians, with a view to the estab- Mission. Brother Hill remains with lishment of a Mission or Missions Lovett at Tha-katch-ka, until I reamong them as early as practicable. turn; and will be occupied in procuring The first part of the present year he provisions, examining the country, and was employed in travelling extensively conversing with the Indians." within the limits of the Conference, and In a letter from Augusta, Georgia, making collections and other necessary under date November 17th, he states :arrangements, to effect the object of his “In what I proposed to the chicts in appointment. Having been advised by council, they understood me, that I Bishop M'KENDREE to make the first would undertake the establishment of proposals to the Creeks, as being the one school; and from one advance to most destitute, he accordingly went on several, as they might wish to be served. in August, and in a letter, addressed to After many inquiries of me, the Big the Missionary Committee of the South- Warrior, who acted as President, told the Carolina Conference, writes as follows:- interpreter to acquaint me, that they en

Coweta, Creek Nation, Sept. 5, 1821. tirely approved of my proposal; that they - In company with Col. BLOUNT, of could see a reason for all the privileges Georgia, I have visited the Creeks, and asked, growing out of the nature and prohave done all that at this moment can bable circumstances of the undertaking, be done for the institution of a Mission and that he therefore wished me to have a among them. M'INTOSH and LOVETT school near Tuccabatchie, (his town,) as are more than friendly, and say that the well as one near Coweta, in the neighbourchiefs, in council, will surely accede to hood of the Little Prince.” In the same our wishes. To give perinission to any communication he adds : “ Decided white man to live among them, a that I ought to engage for two schools, council of the whole nation must first I thought it better not to delay their be held, and the concurrence of the commencement. As the Indians are agent obtained.

prepared to receive our services only to “ The agent is now in Alabama, and a limited extent, I suppose the sma Jest we know not when he may return; pro- beginnings might be valuable, to forn bably within a fortnight, but as early their acquaintance with our character, as may be, the necessary consultation and that promptness to serve them might will be had, and the result made known be better estimated than the service to me through the agent; or, if the rendered. I could wish to put up build council cannot be had very early, the ings that might accommodate sixty time for holding it will be made known, children at either school; but for the that I may attend."

first six or twelve months, we may not During this temporary suspension of have more than half that number." his business with the Indians, he re- We are encouraged to believe that, sumed his former employment, having in this attempt to establish a Mission acquired, by personal observation among among our heathen neighbours, we are them, many interesting facts, calculated following the openings of a gracious to render his appeals to the public for Providence, which, although it has sufaid more impressive. In October he fered them long to remain in darkness, made a second visit, accompanied by yet hath purposes of mercy toward them. the Rev. C. G. HILL, who had been chosen May the LORD, who does not despise to reside in the nation, in the event of the day of small things, bless these our success. He has already engaged about efforts to do good, and gloriously ride twenty children for the first school, and on until all shall bow to his sceptre. employed workmen to erect the build- May the hearts of his people be enings necessary for its accommodation. larged, and their hands stretched forth to Previously to his leaving the Crecknation, promote the interests of his kingdom."

The following is froin the American Methodist Magazine for April, and contains our most recent intelligence respecting the new Mission :

The following letter, dated Augusta, sionaries to South-Carolina, now offers February 28, 1822, directed to the Cor- himself for the Indians! He goes in responding Secretary of the Missionary charge of the Mission; and with him, Society of the Methodist Church, will his excellent wife. Brother ANDREW show the state of this Mission :

HAMMILL, an elder, is associated with Dear Brother,-You have been in- them. These were not chosen without forined of the agreement entered into, much prayer; and heartily offer themby the South-Carolina Conference, with selves, and are most cordially approved the Creek Indians ; and some of the by us, for the great work upon which circumstances under which that agree they are embarked. ment was concluded. Later accounts In the west of Georgia, two other evidence the importance of the under- Missionaries, GIDEON MASON and JOHN taking; and give increasing encourage- J. Triggs, are employed. Their Mission ment to prosecute it.

covers an extensive frontier, lately acThe buildings at our first establish- quired from the Indians, but already ment are so far advanced, as to admit inhabited by thousands of our citizens. the opening of a School immediately; We look anxiously into Florida, and cry and the good disposition of the Indians to enlarge our coast. When shall the increases with the progress of the work. Gospel take the wings of the morning,

From the present Conference, we and fly to the uttermost parts of the send two Missionaries into this import- earth! For this, we will increase our ant field. Our venerable Brother, the efforts with the approaching time.Rev. Isaac SMITH, who in the year Yours, in the bonds of the Gospel, 1786 was associated with the first Mis


SWITZERLAND.-In that rising spirit of active piety which is now spreading its influence through the European Continent, a deep and joyful interest is felt by all the friends of Christ in this country, who hail it as the harbinger of more peaceful times to nations, and greater prosperity to all Protestant Churches. One of the most active and promising Institutions, to wbich this reanimated spirit has given rise, is the Missionary Society at Basle, in Switzerland, a short account of which will be acceptable to our readers.

“ In the year 1815, an idea was first Missionary Society to the vicinity of suggested in a circle of religious friends, Calcutta ; where the Rev. MR. BENEDICT of erecting an Institution for the educa- LAROCHE, who has since then received tion of pious young men to the work of the reward of his labours, was also enevangelizing the heathen. So small was gaged in the same important work. the beginning then made, so inconsider- * We began the year 1820 with eighable were our means, and such the ad- teen students; and towards the summer verse circumstances of the times, that our friend, MR. DieTeRICH, was added no one could have hoped to see the to the number : we found him so well flourishing tree arise, which in so short grounded in general knowledge, that we a time has spread its roots far and wide. were induced to place him under the The Lord has done for us great things, tuition of the learned Professors DE whereof we are glad.

Sacy and Kiefer, at Paris, for the “ Among the number of those who purpose of studying the Arabic and Perhave left our Seminary to preach the sian languages, and of introducing their unsearchable riches of Christ to the plan of study into our own institution. Gentiles, we mention with peculiar satis- “ From Paris MR. DIETERICH profaction Messrs. JETTER and Durr, who ceeded to London and Cambridge, where have now the superintendance of large he collected materials, of which our schools of Hindoo children at Burdwan Committee may make use, in case they in Bengal, fifty miles from Calentta, should ever be enabled to establish a nnder the direction of the worthy Cap. 'Mission in the dominions of the OttoTAJN STEWART.

man Porte. « In 1820, Messrs. MULLER and “ Our Directors have found, by exBORMEISTER entered on their labours at perience, that the minds of pious youths, Java ; and shortly afterwards, MR. JOHN who devote themselves to the study of KINDLINGER was sent out by the Dutch the sciences, frequently lose the fervour

of derotion in proportion as the under of the kingdom of Gor in foreign parts, standing becomes more enlightened. the greater has been the blessing bestowThis deplorable effect does not flow so ed on their operations at home. It has much froin the nature of those studies afforded us the highest gratification to themselves, as from the manner in receive the assistance of our Protestant which they are conducted. It has there- brethren in France, and especially in fore been resolved to adopt a method of Alsace, not to mention the Waldenses' theological instruction, by which the congregations in Piedmont, in whom we mind is not only informed, but the heart recognize that spirit of true piety, which and the affections are also engaged.-- rendered their forefathers the salt of the (Here follows a sketch of the course of earth. Our Auxiliaries in the kingdom study.)

of Wirtemberg, and those at Stuttgardt “It is certainly one of the most and Tubingen in particular, have not pleasing signs of the present times, and been inactive in their respective circles. a cheering evidence of the gracious and The two last mentioned places have con. superintending care of the great Head tributed materially to rouse the attention of the Church for the advancement of of the whole christian community to his work on earth, that, hitherto, pious this sacred cause, by the establishment young men have not been wanting, who of Missionary prayer-meetings, on which freely offer themselves for the purpose occasions the most remarkable and inof preaching the name of Christ among teresting particulars relating to the prothe heathea.

gress of the Missions are read every “ It cannot, however, be denied, that month. We trust this method will have in some instances, the motive of action a salutary effect on the state of religion may be traced to a want of correct

It gave us great general knowledge, to an immature pleasure to hear of the formation of an eagerness, arising from a spirit of self- Auxiliary Society at Kirchheim, in Wirconfidence so natural to youth, or to temberg, under the auspices of an illusthe influence of mere worldly induce trious princess, one object of which is, ments ; but among those who have ap- to procure Missionary intelligence from plied for admission into our Institution, various quarters, for the edification of we are fully convinced, that by far the its members. greater number have been actuated by a “ The first Report of the Auxiliary deep-felt love to Christ; and we bave Society at Dresden contains ample proof had frequent occasion to notice the no- of a progressive work of God carried on blest traits of real piety in minds ear- with faithfulness, zeal, and christian nestly concerned to seek the kingdom of philanthropy; nor can we pass over in God and his righteousness.

among ourselves.

silence the Societies established in Leip“ In the summer of 1820, the Rev. sic, Frankfort, Barmen, Bremen, NurenMR. BLUMHARDT visited the friends of berg, &c., which have laboured with inthe Missionary cause in Tubingen, Stutt- creasing zeal to meet the wants of the gardt, Frankfort, Halle, Berlin, Leipsic, Missionary cause. By the establishment Dresden, Nurenberg, Strasburg, and of small Meetings, in which the most many other places in Germany, and recent accounts of the Kingdom of God laid 'the foundation of a General Evan- are read, an opportunity is presented to gelical Missionary Society on the Con- our less wealthy Brethren, not only of tinent. This Society may date its com- hearing of the progress of the cause, but mencement from the 6th of January, also of contributing towards its support. 1820, on which day a legacy of 6545 “ On a retrospect of the ways of God francs, L260., was transmitted to the in the advancement of his kingdom, our Committee by an anonymous Clergy- minds are filled with astonishment. An man in Wirtemberg; a gift which they extensive field lias been opened among justly regard as the charter of their in- the various nations of the earth for the stitution, conferred by the land of their spread of divine knowledge. New and divine Lord and Master. This Com- more glorious triumphs proclaim the mittee gratefully acknowledge the cheer- power of God in the Gospel of his SON ; fulness with which they have been se- and his promises are the pledges, that conded by so many friends and benefac- what is undertaken in singleness of tors of the Evangelical Missions, who heart, and with true christian love, seem to emulate each other in promoting shall not be in vain. We keep in view this sacred work.

the great lesson of our Lord: “The “ We cannot avoid alluding to what field is the world,' in which the seed of has been experienced for twenty-five the Divine Word, and of the knowledge years in Great-Britain, namely, that of Jesus Christ, must be sown. The the more attention has been devoted by zeal of our Christian Brethren has albenevolent Institutions to the diffusion ready compassed both the length and

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