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A Statement of the Funds of the Mifionary Society of Connecticut, fra

the inftitution of the Society to the clofe of the year 1800, publifeed l; request of the Trustees of the Society.

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No. 1. Account of Monies received by the Treasurer of the Society. 1798 Sept. 7. From the Committee of Missions, under former regulations,

638 83 Osober. From fundry persons, subscribed to promote the

object of a Missionary Society eltablished by
Hartford North Association, and by directioa
of faid Affociation paid to the Treasurer of

the Missionary Society of Conne&icut,
1799 From sundry subscriptions and donations, (viz.)
April. Subscribed in Woodbury,
From a Stranger,

5 1800 May. do. a friend, money found, May. do. Ladies' Society in Norwich, 13 34

do. a Stranger, Sept. 08. do. 2

do. i dollar each, 1799 Contributed in New-Settlements, (viz.) May. From Rev. Amos Baffett, paid to him,

I 17 Sept. do. Rer. Seth Willifton, do. 53 41 1800 Rev. Jedidiah Bushnell, do.

5 do. Salmon King,


1 2 3 Feb. do. Rev. Seth Williston, do.

21 78 March. do. Sylvester Dana, do.

I 10 Sept. do. Rev. William Storrs, do.

1 Sent from Canandarqua,


96 49 Contributions in the several Societies in the State on the first fabbath of May 1799,

2033 63 do. do. May 1800,

2224 22 Dec. 29. Interest on Money loaned to the present time, 218 8

From Norwalk, Canaan Society, for Indian

Subscriptions for establishing a permaneat Fund, viz.

a 1799 May. From Rev. George Colton,

50 do. Rev. Noah Benedict,

5 do. Rev. James Noyes,

7 do. Rev. Isaac Lewis, D. D.

3 25
do. Rev. John Willard, Stafford,
1800 do. Rev. Nathan Williams, D. D.
Fan. do. Rev. Nicholas Street,

do. Editors of Hartford Hymns, 80
do. Rev. Penjamin Trumbull, pro-

fits of bis lermons on divine rev.


do. do. a Stranger,



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Disbursements by order of the Trustees of the Society.
May 7. To Mess’rs Hudson and Goodwin for Printing
and Stationary,

8 46
To Rev. Amos Bassett, for a Million to Vermont, 120
To Rev. Walter King, do. New York Itate, 45
To Rev. P. V. Booge, do. Vermont,

To Rev. Alexander Gillet, do. do.

To paid for a Map of Vermont,

June. To Rev. Andrew Judson, for a Million to New-
York State,

August. To Rev. A. Flint, for stationary and postage, 3 89
Sept. To Rev. Seth Williston, for a Million to New-
York state,

To Mess’rs Hudson and Goodwin, for Printing
and Stationary,

For Books fent to the new settlements,

To Mr. Jedidiah Bushnell, for a Mission to New-
York State,

To Mr. Salmon King,

do. do. 163 97 Feb. To Rev. Aaron Kinne,

do. do. 107 90
March. To Mr. Sylvester Dana,

do. do.
and Vermont,
To Mess’ıs Hudson & Goodwin for printing nar-
ratives, &c.

54 54
April. To Rev. Seth Willision, for a Mishon to New-
York State,

114 83
To Mr. Marihfield Steele, do. Vermont, 78
May. To Rev. J. Bushnell, do. Yew York State,

To Rev. A. Flint, for stationary and pollage, 5 3

To John I Wells, for a cheft to contain Mil-
fionary books and papers,

3 50
fluguft. To Mr. David Bacon, Millionary to the Indians, ICO

To Mr. J. B. Andrews, in advance to him as a

Sept. To Mes's Hudson and Goodwin for Stationary,
To Rev. A. Flint, for pollage,

5 55
08. To Rev. William Storrs, for a Million to Vermont, 77
To Rev. David Huntington, do. do.

Nov. To Mr. Amasa Jerome, do. 10 New York State, 87 36

To Rey Jofeph Badger, do. to New Connecticut, 70
To Mr. Robert Porter, de. to Vermont,



2 33


1990 %

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A. KINGSBURY, Treasurer,

to the Miffronary Society Hartford, May 28th, 180r.

NOTE. Of the above balance nearly 1400 Dollars, bave been paid out, since the first of January last ; a particular account of wbich be given in the next number of the Magazine.

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THE Editors take this opportunity, at the close of the first volume of the Magazine, to return their thanks to the public, for the very liberal encouragement given to the work. They also return thanks to their Correspondents for their generous assistance in communicating pieces for publication. In compiling the Magazine, the Editors have aimed at variety as well as utility. They have endeavored to adhere to their original plan, and have therefore been obliged to exclude some pieces, which were meritorious, because not coming within that plan. If they have succeeded, in any degree, in promoting the objects originally contemplated, this will compensate them for their expense of time and labor. This success however is not to be attributed to their efforts, but to the intrinsic merit of the pieces communicated to them. That some things should have been admitted not agreeable to the taste of every reader, is no. more than was to be expected. The wiseft and best men differ in their opinions on many subjects not essential to salvation. Their tastes and modes of thinking are different. Hence, the same sentiments, and the same modes of expressing them will not please every one. The Editors however flatter themselves that they have admitted nothing into the Magazine, hostile to those fundamental which are generally taught in this country. They folicit their correspondents to continue their favors, and to furnish them with matter for another volume on the various subjects mentioned in the plan of the work.

It is impossible for the Publishers to bring their accounts into such a situation at present, as to ascertain with precision the number of Magazines fold, and the expenses attending the publication and sale. From the best estimate which can now be made, it appears that upwards of 3000 setts of the work have been disposed of, the net profits of which, provided punctual payment is made, will be nearly or quite 1500 dollars. When the present number shall be delivered out to subscribers,

VoL, I, No. 12. Na

the accounts will be audited by the Honorable JONATHAN Brace and John Porter, Esquires, appointed by the Trustees of the Missionary Society, to allift the Editors in settling accounts with the Publishers. A particular statement will then be publi Ahed of the expenses and profits of the work. As the present number finishes the first volume, it is particularly requested that the Subscribers will remit the pay to the publishers, as foon as pofsible, that the Missionary Society may be receiving the interest of the profits. The Trustees of the Society have ippointed his Honor JOHN TREADWELL and the Rev. Mets'rs. Nathan Strong and Abel Flint to recive the money from the Publishers and pay it over to the Treasurer of the Society.

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