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"In comic fock!" methinks indignant


Some grave, faftidious friend, with angry


Scowling fevere, “No more the phrase abufe:

"So fhort, indeed, there had been fome ex ufe;

"But in these walls, a once well known


" Where taste and learning kept a favourite feat

"Where gothic arches, with a folemn shade, "Should o'er the thoughtful mind their influence fpread;

"Where pictures, vafes, bufts, and precious things,

"Still fpeak of fages, poets, heroes, kings, "On which the ftranger looks with penfive gaze

"And thinks upon the worth of other days!

"Like foolish children, in their mimic play,

Confined at grandame's on a rainy day, "With paltry farce, and all its bastard train,

"Grotefque and broad, fuch precincts to profane !

"It is a fhame!-But, no: I will not fpeak

"I feel the blood rife mantling, to my cheek."

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Should thefe remember'd fcenes in fancy live

And to fome future minutes pleasure give, To right good end 'we've worn our mumming guife,

And we're repaid and happy-aye and wife.

Who fays we are not, on his fombre birth

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When her curtain had hook of its own accord,

And the Raven had flapp'd at her window-board,

To tell of her warrior's doom! "Now fing ye the death fong, and loudly pray

"For the foul of my knight fo dear: "And call me a widow. this wretched day, "Since the warning of God is here! "For a Night-mare rides on my ftrangled fleep

"The lord of my bofom is doom'd to die;

"His valorous heart they have wounded deep;

"And the blood-red tears fhall his country


For Wallace of Elderflie!"

Yet knew not his country that ominous hour,

Ere the loud matin bell was rung, That a trumpet of death on an English


Had the Dirge of her Champion fung! When his dungeon light look'd dim and


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No anthem was fung at his holy death bed, No weeping there was when his bofom


And his heart was rent in twain !

Oh, it was not thus when his oaken fpear Was true to that knight forlorn,

And hofts of a thoufaud were fcatter'd,

like deer,

At the blast of the hunter's horn; When he ftrode on the wreck of each wellfought field,

With the yellow-hair'd chiefs of his native land;

Gay fancy fmil'd not, nor heart-lightening For his lance was not fhiver'd on helmet

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ESSAYS and Notes on Hufbandry and rural Affairs. By J. B. Bordley. With Plates. 8vo. IOS. 6d. The System followed during the two last Years by the Board of Agriculture further illuftrated; with Differtations on the Growth and Produce of Sheep and Wool, as well Spanish as English; alto Obfervations upon the Poor and Poor Laws. To which are added, Remarks on the Mode of Culture and Implements of Hufbandry used in Portugal: and an Inquiry into the Caufes of the prefent Scarcity, and Means propofed to remedy it in future. By John Lord Somerville. With Plates. Second Edition. 8vo. 7s. Millet A Manual of a Courfe of Chemistry; or, a Series of Experiments and Illuftrations neceffary to form a complete Course of that Science. By J. B. Bouillon Lagrange. Illuftrated with 17 plates. Tranflated from the French. To which is added, an Appendix, by the Tranflator. 2 vols. 8vo 18s. Cuthell, Vernor and Hood. The Monthly Mufical Journal; confisting of the newest and best foreign Music, and of original British Mufic. Conducted by Dr Bufby. No. I. 5. (To be continued Monthly.) Phillips.

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Hours; a little Work, that will be found for Young Ladies and Gentlemen of every Defcription, a most pleasing Companion to the Leverian Mufeum: fo called from its original Poffeffor, the late Şir Afhton Lever. 12mo. 9d. Hurst.


A Grammar of the Malay Tongue, with the Characters, as ipoken in the Peninfulo of Malacca, the Ilands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Palo, Pinang, &c. &c. Compiled from Bowray's Dictionary, and other authentic Documents, manufcript and printed. 4to. 73. 6d. Sewell.


The true History of the Conquest of Mexico. By Capt. Bernal diaz del Castillo, one of the Conquerors. Tranflated from the original Spanish, by Maurice Keating, Efq. one of the Reprefentatives in Parliament for the County of Kildare.


Il. 58. Wright. Marengo; or, the Campaign of Italy, by the Army of Referve, under the command of the Chief Conful Bonaparte. Tranflated from the French of Jofeph Petit, Horse Grenadier in the Confular Guard. To which is added, a Map of the North-west Part of Italy, with a Sketch of the Route of the Army from the Alps to the Plains of Marengo, &c. fogether with a biographical sketch of the Life and Military Actions of General Defaix. By C. Poudras. 8vo. 28 68. Jordan. Sketches of the State of Manners and Opinions in the French Republic, towards the Clofe of the eighteenth Century; in a feries of Letters. By Helen Maria Williams. 2 vols. 8vo. 125. Robinfons.


The Juftice of the Peace and Parish Officer. By Richard Burn, L. L. D. late Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlife; and continued by John Burn, Efq. his fon, one of his Majefty's Juftices of the Peace for the Counties of Weftmorland and Cumberland. Nineteenth Edition, confiderably enlarged. 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 8s. bound. Cadell and Davies.

An Abridgement of the Cafes argued and determined

determined in the Courts of Law, during the Reign of his prefent Majefty. By Thomas Williams, Efq. Vols. III. and IV. 8vo. 155. each. Robinsons, Kearf ley. Remarks on the Poor Laws, and on the Maintenance of the Poor. By William Bleamire, Efq. Barrister at Law, and one of the Police Magiftrates. 8vo. Is. 6d. Butterworth. A Digest oi the Hindu Law on Contracts and Succeffion; with a Commentary, By Jagannat'ha Tercapanchanana. Tran flated from the original Sanferit, by H. T. Colebrooke, Efq. of the Hon. Company's civil Service, Calcutta. 3 vols.8vo. 21 25. Debrett.

The Spirit of Marine Law; or, Compendi

um of the Statutes relating to the Admiralty; being a concife but perfpicuous Abridgment of all the Acts relative to Navigation. Alphabetically arranged, and the Subftance and References to the feveral Claufes placed in the Margin. By John Irving Maxwell, of the Hon. Society of the Inner Temple, and late of the Royal Navy. 8vo. I 25. Chapman, Sewell.


An eafy and entertaining Selection of German Profe and Poetry, with a small Dictionary, and other Aids for tranflating. By George Crabb, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Johnfon, Dulau and Co.

Quaint Scraps, or Sudden Cogitations. By Nathan Coward, Profeffor of Quaintness, and Member of the principal Cogitating Societies of Europe. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Lynn, Turner.

Ten Thousand Hackeny Coach Fares. regu lated agreeable to the laft Act of Parliament; containing alphabetical Lifts of all the principal Fares in and about the Metropolis, with their Admeasurements and Price: alfo the Rates of Watermen and Chairmen. I2mo. 2s. 6d. Weft and Hughes.

Obfervations and Advices for the Improve-
ment of the Manufacture of Mufcovado
Sugar and Rum. By Bryan Higgins,
Part Second. 8vo. 4s. Cadell

and Davies.

A Vindication against certain Calumnies which appeared on the Newspaper Re. ports of the Parliamentary Debate on the Subject of Mr Palmer's Claims: with a copious Appendix. By Charles Bonnor, formerly Refident Surveyor and Deputy Comptroller General of the Poft Office, and afterwards Comptroller of the Inland Department of the fame, till that Appointment was abolished in the Year 1795. Refpectfully addreffed to Charles Bragge, Efq. Member of Parliament for

[blocks in formation]

Novels and Romances.

The Rival Mothers; or, Calumny: a Novel. Tranflated from the French of Madame de Gerd. 4 vols. 12mo. 18s Longman and Rees.

Ermina de Montrofe: or, the Cottage in the Vale, By Emily Clarke, grand-daughter of the late Colonel Frederick. 3 vols.J 2mo. 12. Wallis, Parernofter-Row. The Soldier Boy: a Novel. 3 vols. 12mo. 12s. Lane, Miller.

Tales and Romances of ancient and modern Times. By Jofeph Mofer, Efq. Author of " Turkish Tals," &c. 5 vois. 12mo. Il. Low, Hurst,

The Victim of Friendship; a German Romance. By Sophia King. 2 vols. 12mo. 78, Dutton.

First Impreffions; or, the Portrait: a Novel. By Mr Holford. 4 vols.

183. Lane, Miller.


The Adventures of Telemachus the Son of Ulyffes. From the French of Fenelon. By the late John Hawkefworth, L. L. D. With plates. 2 vols. 12mo. Large Paper 12s. Vernor and Hood, Cuthell. An Edition in French. 2 vols. The fame Plates and Price. Do. Do.

Phyfic-Animal Economy. A Treatise on Febrile Difcafes, including intermitting, remitting, and continued Fevers, eruptive Fevers, Inflammation, Hæmorrhages, and the Profluvia, in which an Attempt is made to present at one View, whatever, in the prefent State of Medicine, it is requifite for the Phyfician to knew relpecting the Symptoms, Caufes, and Cure of thofe Difeafes. By Alexander Phillip Wilfon, M. D. F. R. S. Edin. Vol. II. 8vo. 9. Robbins, Winchefter: Cadell and Davies, London. Anfwer for the junior Members of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, to the Memorial of Dr James Gregory, Profeffor of the Practice of Phyfic in the University of Edinburgh, &c. &c By John Bell, Surgeon. 8vo. 4s. 6d. Longman and Rees, Cadell and Davies, London. Hill, Edinburgh.

An Essay on the Malignant Peftilential Fever, introduced into the Weft India Ifland from Boullam, or the Coast of Guinea, as it appeared in 1793. 1794, 1795. and 1796; interfperfed with Obfervations and Facts, tending to prove that the Epidemic exifting at Philadelphia, New-York, &c. was the fame Fever, introduced by Infection imported from the Weft India Iflands; and illuftrated by Evidences founded on the State of thofe Islands, and the Information of the most eminent Practitioners refiding on them. By C. Chisholm, M. D. and Infpector-· General

[blocks in formation]

A Treatife on Ophthalmy, and thofe Difeales which are induced by Inf、mation of the Eyes; with new Methods of Cure. By Edward Moore Noble, Surgeon. 8vo. 3s. Robinfons. Obfervations on the Effect of various Articles of the Materia Medica, in the Cure of the Lucs Venera. By John Pearfon, Senior Surgeon of the Lock Hospital and Afylum, and of the Public Difpenfary, Reader on the Principles and Practice of Surgery, 8vo. 4s. 6d. Callow. Comparative View of the Theories and Practice of Drs Cullen, Brown, and Darwin, in the Treatment of Fever and Acute Rheumatiím By Henrique Xavier Baeta, M. D. 8vo. Is. 6d. Johnson.

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Philofophical Tranfactions of the Royal So ciety of London for the Year 1800Parts 1. and II. 4to. 11. 5s. 6d. ly. The Doctrine of Phlogifton eftablished, and that of the Compofition of Water refuted. By Jofeph Pricftley, L. L. D, F. R. S. &c. &c. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Johnfon.

Poetry and the Drama,

Tears and Smiles: a mifcellaneous Collection; confilling of Julia, or the Victim of Love, an elegiac Ballad; Orfon and Ellen, a legendary Tale; new old BalJads; an Ode to an unfortunate Princess, &c. By Peter Pindar, Efq. With a Frontispiece. 12mo. 6s. Plate coloured 7s. Weft and Hughes. The Poems of Oliver Goldfaith.

A new Edition. Adorned with plates, defigned by Hamilton, engraved by Heath, Neagle, &c. Small 8vo. Jos. 6d. Large Pap cr. l. Is. Du Roveray, Wright, Safpiria Oceani: a Monody on the Death of Richard Earl Howe, K. G &c. By Dr Trotter. 4to. 25. Hatchard. The Millennium: a Poem. In Three CanCanto J. 8vo. 35. Carpenter,

[ocr errors]

Hurft. Tales of Wonder. Written and felected by M. G. Lewis, Efq. M. P. 2 vols.Royal 8vo. Il. Is. Bell.

A Difh of Hodge Podge; or, a collection of Poems. By Paul Bobbin.

I 2m9. IS.

Law. Conviviaha et Saltatoria; or, Thoughts on Fealing and Dancing. To which are added, an Epiftle in Praife of Tobacco; and a Letter in Profe, from the late W. Cowper, Efq. relative to the Poem on Tobacco. 12010. Is. Weft and HughesCalvary; or, The Death of Chrift; a Pocm, in eight Books. By Richard Cum

berland. A new Edition.

2 vols. With Plates. Small 8vo. 128. Large Paper 18. Lackington, Allen and Co. Antonio a Tragedy, as it was performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By William Godwin. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Ro 'binfons

The Confpiracy of Gowrie; a Tragedy. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Bell.

The Historical Play of King John, altered from Shakespeare, as it was acted at Reading School, for the Benefit of the Fund for erecting the Naval Pillar; with Notes critical and hiftorical. 8vo. 23. Reading printed; Bremner, Pridden,


Obfervations on the Drama; with a View to its more beneficial Effects on the Morals and Manners of Society. By Edward Green, Correfpónding Member of the Literary and Philofophical Society of Manchester. 8vo. 2s. Cadell and Da


Political Economy.

An Eftimate of the Number of Inhabitants in Great Britain and Ireland. By Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bart. 8vo. 25. 6d. Wright. A Letter to **** ******, Efq. on Bonaparte's Propofals for opening a Negocia tion for Peace; in which the British Gua rantee of the Crown of France to the Houfe of Bourbon, contained in the triple and quadruple Alliances, and renewed by the Treaty of the Year 1783, is confidered: together with the Conduct of our national Farties relating to it. By J Brand, Cl, M. A. &c. 8vo. vingtons.

25. Ri.

The American Rufh-Light, hy the Help of which, wayward and difaffected Perfons may fee a complete Specimen of the Basenefs, Dishonesty, Ingratitude, and Perfidy of Republicans: and of the Profligacy, Injustice, and Tyranny of republican Goverrents. By Peter Porcupine. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Wright.

Obfervations on the Seventh Form of Roman Government, in a Letter to the Rev.

Henry Kett, B. D. Author of "Hiftory the lnterpreter of Prophecy." 8vo. Is. Butterworth.

Letters to a Member of the British Parlia

ment, on the Abfurdity of popular Prejudices; the Caufe of the prefent high Prices of Food; the means of Speedy Alleviation; and the Measures most proper for fecuring future Plenty. By Thomas Parfons. 8vo. IS. Cruttwell, Bath; Robinfons, Londen.

Remarks on the Deficiency of Grain, occa fioned by the bad Harveft of 1799; on the Means of prefent Relief, and of fu ture Plenty. With an Appendix, containing

taining Accounts of all Corn imported and exported; with the Prices from 1697 to the 10th of October (800, and also feveral other Tables. By John Lord Sheffield. 8vo. 39 Debret. Reprefentation of the Lords of the Committec of Council. appointed for the Confi-. deration of all Matters relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations; upon the prefent State of the Laws for regulating the Importation and Exportation of Corn; and fubmitting to his Majefty's Confideration fome further Provifions which are wanting to amend and improve the faid Laws. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Stockdale. Radical Means of counteracting the prefent

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Scarcity, and preventing Famine in future; including the Propofal of a Maximum, founded on a new Principle. which is prefixed, an Addrefs to the Legiflature on a Plan for ameliorating the Condition of Society at Large. By Geo. Edwards, Efq 8vo. 3s. 6d. Johnton. Refolutions, carneftly fubmitted to the At tention of the feveral Affociations, which may be entered into throughout the Kingdom, in Furtherance of his Majesty's moft gracious Proclamation, recommending Frugality and Economy in the Confumption of every Species of Grain; with curfory remarks. By the Author of "An Appeal to the good Senfe of the higher and wealthier Orders of the People, &c." 12mo. Is. per dozen, or fifty for 38.


War proved to be the real Cause of the prefent Scarcity, and of the enormous high Price of every Article of Contumption: with the only radical Remedies. By R. Walthman, Common Councilman of the City of London. 8vo. 25. Jordan, Inquiry into the Caufes and Remedies of the late and prefent Scarcity and high Price of Provifions in a Letter to the Right Hon. Earl Spencer, K. G. First Lord of the Admiralty, &c. &c. &c. 8vo. 25. Wright.

An Abridgement of Mr Girdler's Publications on the Cause of the high Price of Provisions. By the Author himself. 8vo. 28 Seeley, Wright.

Hints for a Vindication of Monopoly, Foreftalling, and Regrating. To which are annexed, References to the following popular fopics: the Conduct of the Farmers; the Expedience of raising the Wages of Labour; and the Influence of War on the Prices of Provifions. 8vo, IS.Hare and Traer Jordan. Thoughts of an Old Man of independent Mind, though dependent Fortune, on the prefent hi Price of Corn. 8vo. IS. Reynolds, Simmons.


Select Sermons, tranflated from the French Ed. Mag. Jan. 1801.

of Boffuet, Bishop of Meux


To which

is prefixed an Effay on the Eloquence of the Pulpit in England. Second Fdition, confiderably augmented. Sm. 8vo. Clarke. New Bond Street. Induftry and a pious Submiffion, Charity and a ftrict Economy, recommended and enforced, as the best means of alleviating the prefent Diftrefs; a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St Anne, Weftminster, on Sunday the 14th Day of De cember 1800. being the Day on which his Majefty's Proclamation on the Scarcity of Grain was directed to be read.By Jos. Jefferfon, A M. F. A. S. 4to. Robfon, Rivingtons.


The Diffufion of Divine Truth; a Sermon preached before the Religious Tract Society on Lord's Day, May 18, 1800 and published at their R queft. By David Bogue. 8vo 6d. Williams. Reflections on the prefent State of Popery, compared with its former State; a Sermon preached at Salter's Hall, November 2, 1800. By Robert Winter. 8vo. Conder Button


A Sermon preached at the Parish Church of Barking, in the County of Effex, on Sunday, May 25, 1800. By Samuel Crouther, M. A. 4to. Is. Riving



On the prevalent and increasing Neglect of the Holy Communion; a Sermon which is added, an Appendix, containing

an Account of the Number of Communicants at the Quarterly Sacraments, in the Parish Church of Sheffield, for the laft twenty Years. By George Smith, M. A. Curate of the faid Church, and formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo.6d. Gales, Sheffield; Matthews, London.

Freedom of Inquiry, and Zeal in the Diffufion of Chriftian Truth, afferted and recommended in a Difcourie delivered at Bristol, July 9, 1800, before the Society of Unitarian Chriftians, eftablished in the Weft of England for performing Chriftian Knowledge and the Practice of Virtue, by the Distribution of Books. By Thomas Belfham. I2mo. Is. Johnfon

The Gofpel Teftimony; a Sermon preached at the opening of the new Meeting, near Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe, Aug. 25, 1800. By John Towniend. 8vo.IS. Matthews, Button. Sermons on various Subjects, preached at Hendon, in Middlefex. By the Rev. W. M. Trinder, L. L. B. and M. D.-2 vols. 8vo. Second Edition. IOS.Dwyer, Longman and Rees.

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