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prletles of conduct, or violations of dis- The number of Members in the Sociecipline, were officially censured and re- ties in Great Britain, and in the Misproved.-We have no hesitation in sionary Stations abroad, has this year, making this circumstance public ; for as well as in the preceding one,

been we think that, next to the clear religious very considerably augmented. The folexperience required on admission into the lowing is an abstract of the account. Methodist Ministry, the care annually Members in Great Britain (being an taken to preserve its general and sub- increase, when an error of last stantial purity, by a DISCIPLINE which year is corrected, of 11,328)

· 211,392 in its execution tempers justice with

In Ireland, (being ndecrease of 820,) 22,718

In the Foreign Missions, being an mercy, is one of its distinguishing glo- increase of 1,050,

29,758 ries ; and while it occasionally, in a few rare instances, brings to light facts which

Total number of Members under the are matter for grief and humiliation, it,

care of the Britisha and Irish Con.

263,968 on the other hand, suggests to Preachers The number of Members'under the and People, on the whole, abundant care of the several Conferences in

the United States of America, in reasons for gratitude and satisfaction. The Stations of the Preachers for the

1891, (being an increase, sivce

1820, ot 21,236.) was ensuing year, in Great Britain and Ire- Wbites

239,087 land, we shall insert, as usual, at the

Coloured people and 281,146

Blacks close of this article, in our present

42,059 Number. The Stations of the Foreign Total number of Members in the Missionaries will probably be given Wesleyan - Meth dist Societies, hereafter in the Missionary Notices.

throughout the world, exclusive

of Travelling Preachers statedly We perceive, from the “ Stations,"

employed in the work of the Mi. that a considerable number of Additional nistry

315,014 Preachers have been appointed this year to various Circuits. For some increase

Among other subjects, which engaged of Preachers the great increase of Mem- the deliberations of the Conference, were bers evidently called ; in order that the

-a Plan for Encouraging the more gepastoral care, so essential to the conso

ncral Distribution of Religious Tracts,lidation and permanency of the work of the completion of a series of standard God, might be made in some degree co- Catechisins, two of which, drawn up by extensive with the enlargement of the Mr. Watson, are already in forwardSociсties. This will explain the reasons ness,-a Proposal, (which has been reof the additional Preachers in several ferred to a Committee,) for preparing a cases. In others, those reasons are to

List of Books for the Improvement of be found in the laudable commiseration Junior Preachers, which they shall be felt for some comparatively dark or desti- required to read during their years of tute parts of the kingdom, where the probation, and in reference to which harvest is great, but the labourers are they shall be annually examined,-and few. Such is the case particularly of various measures for assisting the Methe Shetland Isles, to which two of our

thodist Preachers of Ireland to proPreachers hare been, for the first tinc, secute their useful and laborious miappointed, and to which our Con- nistry in that country, by affording them nexion seems to have received a very temporary relief in the present pecumarked call of Divine Providence. Of niary difficulties of their Connexion. this new station some further account The Annual Pastoral Letter, addressed may be hereafter communicated to our by the Conference to the Societies, will Readers. We carnestly hope that this appear in a future Number. increase of Preachers lias been so judi- Dr. CLARKE has liberally presented to ciously adapted to the real exigency of the Conference the valuable MS. of his circumstances, as not to involve the “Memoirs of the Wesley Family,” which danger of any material pecuniary em- was acknowledged in an unanimous barrassments in future years, either to vote of thanks. the Circuits thus favoured with addi- The Resolutions respecting the protional privileges, or to the Public Funds motion of more fervent prayer for the of the Body-We are most thankful to general out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, be able to report, that the Contingent passed at a Meeting of the First London Fund, which is expended for the support District in April last, of which a Copy and spread of the Gospel at Home, the was inserted in our Magazine for May, Children's Fund, and the General Chapel- (p. 320,) were considered and approved Fund, are all in a state of progressive by the Conference, and solemnly adoptimprorement. We trust that they will eđ, mutalis mutandis, as expressive of the every year become yet more efficient to feelings and purposes of the whole Body the truly pious and noble purposes to of Methodist Ministers, in reference to which they are severally applied. that most important subject.

From the preceding sketch, in which be in prayers,and in pious labours of erery much has been omitied for the sake of kind, on the part both of our Ministers brevity, for which we must again refer and of our Sociсties, in every quarter of to the Minutes” such as desire further the world, yet more abundant ! And may information, it will be seen that the state of a yet richer harvest of spiritual good be the Methodist Connexion, as far as can be reaped in every portion of the field asascertained from the accounts laid before signed to us for cultivation !-"O LORD, the late Conference, is, on the whole, SAVE NOW, WE BESEECH THEE: O LORD, highly satisfactory, and such as demands SEND NOW PROSPERITY." the tribute unfeigned gratitude to Him N. B. The next Quarterly Day of Fasting “ from whom all blessings flow.” Ano- and Proyer, which it is hoped that all over ther Methodistical Year has now com- Societies will unite in observing, according menced. Mayit be as peaceful, and as suc- to our standing Rule, will be Friday, Octocessful, as that which preceded it! May it ber 4th.


GREAT BRITAIN. I. THE FIRST LONDON DISTRICT.-Walter Griffith, Chairman. 1 London East, Walter Griffith, George Morley, John Burdsall, Thomas

Jackson, Edmund Grindrod; Robert Jones, Welsh
Preacher; Thomas Vasey; Francis Wrigley, John

Newton, James Everett, Supernumeraries.
Jabez Bunting is our Editor ; Thomas Blanshard is our

Book-Steward; Jabez Bunting, Joseph Taylor, jun.,

and Richard Watson, are the Secretaries for our Missions. 2 London South, John Stephens, Richard Waddy, Josiah Hill. 3 Waltham-Abbey, Peter M‘Owan ; who shall change with one of the Preachers

of the London East Circuit every sixth Sunday. A Deptford,

John Reynolds, sen., James Buckley. 5 Chelmsforil,

Ambrose Freeman. 6 Leigh, Essex, Samuel Ward) ; who shall change with Brother Freeman at

least one Sunday in six. 7 Colchester,

William M. Harvard, Thomas Rowe. 8 Manningtree, James Gartrell, William Pollard. 9 Ipswich,

Corbett Cook, George Banwell. 10 Brighthelmstone, William Lord, William W. Annetts, Samuel Young. 11 Hastings,

John Geden. 12 Chichester, John Piggott; who shall change with one of the Portsmouth

Preachers once in six weeks, on the Lord's-day. JI. THE SECOND LONDON DISTRICT.—John Gauller, Chairman. 13 London West, John Gaulter, Charles Atmore, Samuel Warren, John

Scott; William Jenkins, Jos. Fielden, Supernumeraries. 14 Hammersmith, Richard Gower, J. W. Pipe. 15 Windsor,

Richard Cooper; who shall change with the junior Preacher

of th Hammersmith Circuit once a month, on the

Lord's Day. 16 High Wycomb, John Furness, Charles Colwell; Wm. Holmes, Supenumerary. 17 Huntingdon, Jonathan Porter, Richard Eland. 18 St. Neot's,

Joseph Walker, Aquila Barber. 19 Biggleswade, Benjamin Millman, W. H. Clarkson. 20 Bedford & Ampthill, John H. Rowe, George Rowe. 21 Leighton-Buzzard, Jonathan Williams, James Jarratt. 22 Luton,

William Brocklehurst, George Taylor. 23 Reading,

Samuel Lear, Joseph Dunning. 24 Sevenoaks, Francis B. Potts, Thomas Ludlam ; John King, Supernum.

III. THE CANTERBURY DISTRICT.-Jonathan Edmondson, Chairman. 25 Canterbury, Frederick Calder, James Methley. 26 Rochester,

Jonathan Edmondson, Richard Treffry. 27 Gravesend, Abraham Watmough, Alexander Strachan. 28 Sheerness, Thomas Rought, James Rosser. 29 Margate,

Barnard Slater, James Whitworth. 30 Dover,

Anthony B. Seckerson, James Golding.

32 Rye,

31 Deal,

Benjamin Leggatt, John Keeling.

Joseph Gostick. 33 Tenterilen, Benjamin Wood; who shall change once in six weeks, on

the Lord's Day, with the Rye Preacher. 34 Sandhurst, William Kaye, William Bridgnell. 35 Maidstone, James Gill; who shall change with the Ashford Preacher

once in six weeks, on the Lord's Day. 36 Ashford,

James Mole. IV. THE NORWICH DISTRICT.-William Moulton, Chairman. 37 Norwich,

William Moulton, William Stones. 38 Bungay,

William Waterhouse; who shall change, one Sunday in

six weeks, with the Norwich Preachers. 39 North Walsham, Robert Bryant, John Smithson. 40 Yarmouth,

John Hodgson, Ebenezer Stewart. 41 Lowestofi, Philip Jameson, Robert Day. 42 Framlingham, William Levell, Thomas Död. 43 Diss,

William Pearson, jun., James Joncs, jun. 44 Altleborough, James Penman, John Jackson, 45 Bury St. Edmund's, Thomas Heywood, Joseph Cheesewright. 46 Holl,

Thomas Padman, Benjamin Clayton.

V. THE LYNN DISTRICT.--Isaac Bradnack, Chairman, 47 Lynn,

Thomas Rowland, Francis West.
N. B. Brother West shall divide his labours equally between the

Lynn and Swn ff bain Circuity. 48 Swaffham,

Isaac Braduack, Samuel Hilahy. 49 Walsingham, William Breedon, Matthew Mallinson. 50 Wisbeach,

James Bate. 51 Thetford,

Thomas Pollard, John Brown, (2d.) 52 Ely,

John Crowe, Jarvis Shaw. 53 Cambridge, John Greeves, John Whittingham.

VI. THE OXFORD DISTRICT.-John Smith, sen., Chairman. 54 O.rford,

George Cubitt, P. C. Turner, J. W. Button. 55 Aylesbury,

Elias Thomas; who shall change with the Leighton-Buzzard

Preachers three times in the Quarter, on the Lord's Day. 56 Wilney,

John Squarebridge, John Langstone. 57 Chipping-Norton, John Willis, Jonathan Bates. 58 Banbury,

Joseph Wilson, Francis Burgess, John Stamp, jun. 59 Brackley,

John Sydserff, Thomas Cocking. 60 Newbury,

John Smith, sen., Joseph Pratton. 61 Wantuge,

Peter Wilkinson; who shall change once in a month, on the

Lord's Day, with the Hungerford Preachers. 62 Hungerford,

William Griffith, John Mason, sen. Swindon,

Daniel Osborne ; who shall change regularly with Brother

Mason, under the direction of the Superintendent. VII. THE NORTHAMPTON DISTRICT.-Maximilian Wilson, Chairman. 63 Northampton & Towcester, Maximilian Wilson, Edward Batty, James Stott. 64 Daventry,

Josiah Walker, William Hicks. 65 Newport-Pagnell, Wm. Dixon, John W. Thomas ; John Wheelhouse, Super. 66 Wellingborough,

Thomas Hewitt. 67 Higham-Ferrers, George Deverell, Joseph Lisk.

N. B. Brother Hewitt and Brother Lisk shall change once in a month. 68 Kettering, Thomas H. Walker, T. Steel. 69 Markel-Harborough, John Stevens,

N. B. Brother Steel shall divide his labours between the two last

mentioned Circuits. VIII. THE PORTSMOUTH DISTRICT.-John Stamp, sen., Chairman. 70 Portsmouth, John Stamp, sen., James M‘Donald, T. C. Ingle. 71 Salisbury,

William Gilpin, Alexander Weir. 72 Shaftsbury, David Deakins, George Pool. 73 Poole,

Robert Wheeler, Isaac Phenix ; James Alexander, Super. 74 Isle of Wight, James Sydserff, John Brown, (3d). 75 Southampton.

Richard Moody, Robert Mack. 76 Andover,

Edward Chapman; who shall change once in a month, on

the Lord's Day, with the Southampton Preachers.

IX. THE GUERNSEY DISTRICT.-William Fowler, Chairman. 17 Guernsey & Sark, William Fowler, Amice Olivier; W. Fish, J. De Quetrille,

John Jordnn, John Brown, Supernumeraries. 78 Jersey & Alderney, John Rossell, Peter Le Sueur, Daniel Robin; Nicholas

Mauger, Joseph Thomas, Supernumeraries.
N.B. Brother Fowler is appointed to act as Superintendent of tbe
English Societies, and Brother Olivier of the French. The Preachers
are to change under the direction of their respecure Superin-

tendents. X. THE PLYMOUTH-DOCK DISTRICT.-William Henshaw, Chairman. 79 Plymouth-Dock, William Martin, Thomas Martin. 80 Plymouth, William Henshaw, James Brooke. 81 Launceston, John Slater, Henry Cheverton. 82 Holdsworthy,

John Wright, Joseph Forsyth. 83 Liskeard, Edward Milward, J. W. Cloake. 84 T'avistock, Thomas Bersey, John Robinson. 85 Camelford, Benjamin Frankland, Thomas Webb. 86 Kingsbridge & Brixham, Isaac Aldom, William Edwards.

XI. THE CORNWALL DISTRICT.-Francis Truscott, Chairman. 87 Redruth,

James Akerman, James Joncs, Robert Sherwell. 88 Falmouth, John Aikenhead, John Smith, (3d ;) William Jenkin, Super. 89 Truro,

Joseph Burgess, William Howarth, William P. Burges 90 St. Austell, Francis Truscott, Thomas Staton, James Ash. 91 Bodmin,

Nicholas Sibly, Oliver Henwood. 92 Penzance, John Waterhouse, William Hayman, Jolin Weville, 93 Scilly Islands, James Odgers. 94 Helstone,

Paul Orchard, Samuel Robinson. 95 Hayle Copper-House, Ralph Scurralı, George Birley.

XII. THE EXETER DISTRICT.-Charles Greenley, Chairman. 96 E.reter,

John Bryant, John Radford ; George Gellard, Supernum. 97 Salterton, John Hodson; who shall change with the Exeter Preachers

under the direction of the Superintendent. 98 Tiverton,

John Overton, James Rathbone. 99 Taunton,

Charles Greenley, Elijah Morgan. 100 South Petherton, Jonas Jagger, T. W. Smith.

N. B. Brother T. W. Smith shall divide his labours equally between

the two preceding Circuits. 101 Glastonbury & Somerton, Richard Shepherd; who shall change once a month,

on the Lord's Day, with the Sherborne Preacher. 102 Arminster, William Radford, Edward Wilson. 103 Barnstaple, Charles Haime, William Hill, jun. 104 Dunster, John Worden ; who shall change one Sunday in six with

the Taunton Preachers. 105 Ashburton, Joseph Sanders, John Jenkins. 106 Moreton-Hampstead, Thomas Shepherd; who shall change, one Sunday in six

weeks, with the Ashburton Preachers. 107 Teignmouth, John Coates, John Rogers.

XIII. THE BRISTOL DISTRICT.-Henry Moore, Chairman. 108 Bristol,

Henry Moore, Joseph Sutcliffe, William Arer, Jacob

Stanley, William Toase; Jeremiah Brettell, George

Mowatt, Caleb Simmons, Robert James, Supernums. 109 Kingswood, Marshal Claxton; W. Horner, Supernumer. ; Robert Smith,

Governor of Kingswood School; J. Lomas, jun., Head

Master of the School; W. Entwisle, second Master. 110 Banwell,

Thomas Twiddy, John Horner. 111 Stroud,

James Blackett, W. Sleep, W. Mowatt. 112 Dursly,

John Woodrow, David Cornforth, James Wilson. 113 Downend, Joseph Marsh, W. Harrison, ji:nior; John Ogilvie, Super. 114 Gloucester, Francis Collier, James Dixon. 115 Cheltenham, Thomas Dowty, John H. Adams. 116 Newport, Monmouthshire, William Pearson, sen., Thomas Robinson. 117 Monmouth, John Wood, Charles Hawthorn.

N. B. Brother Hawtborn is to reside at Chepstow. 118 Abergarenny,

William Woodall, Thomas Armett.

XIV. THE BATH DISTRICT.-- Richard Reece, Chairman. 119 Bath,

Richard Reece, William Worth ; Thoinas Roberts, Joha

Watson, Supernumeraries. 120 Frome,

dames Heaton, John Smith, (4th ;) Simon Day, Super. 121 Warminster, Joseph Bowes; who shall change once a month, on the

Lord's Day, with the Frome Preachers. 122 Weymouth, William Beal, John Appleyard. 123 Bradford, Wilts, James M. Byron, Benjamin Andrews. 124 Melksham & Devizes, Robert Martin, Matthew Day, Samuel Trueman ; James

Jay, Supernumerary. 125 Shepton-Mallet, Daniel Campbell, Owen Rees. 126 Midsummer-Norton, John Simmons, Henry V. Olver. 127 Sherborne, Henry Powis; who shall change with the Somerton

Preacher, once a month, on the Lord's Day. XV. THE FIRST WELSH DISTRICT. (English Preaching.)--Thomas Rogers,

Chairman. 128 Swansea, John Taylor, Solomon Whitworth. 129 Merthyr-Tydville, George Russell ; who shall change regularly with the

Abergavenny Preachers. 130 Brecon,

John Hughes, Joseph Lothian. 131 Cardif,

William Paker; who shall change once in six weeks, on

the Lord's Day, with the Newport Preachers. 132 Carmarthen, Jonathan Turner ; Joseph Cole, Thomas Warren, Supers.

N. B. Brotber Turner shali change with the Swansea Preachers once

in six weeks. 133 Haverford-West, Thomas Rogers, Samuel Sewell. 134 Pembroke, Philip Rawlins, Robert Snowdall. XVI. THE SECOND WELSH DISTRICT. (Welsh Preaching.)-Wm. Davies, (1st,)

135 Merthyr-Tydville, John Williams, (2d,) Humphrey Jones.
136 Cardiff,

Evan Edwards, Edward Anwyl ; David Jones, (1st,) Super.
N.B. The Preachers in the two preceding circuits shall change

quarterly. 137 Llandilo & Brecon, David Evans, Lewis Jones; David Williams, Supernum. 138 Carmarthen, Robert Humphreys, William Hughes.

N. B. The Preachers in the two last-named Circuits sha!! (bango

quarterly. 139 Cardigan 8. St. David's, John Williams, Griffith Hinghes. 140 Aberystwith & Machunlleth, William Davies, (1st,) William Evans. 141 Dolgelly,

Edward Jones, John Jones.

N. B. The Preachers in the above Circuits sball change quarterly. 142 Carnarron, Hugh Hughes, Morgan Griffiths. 143 Beaumaris, Lot Hughes, Owen Jones.

N. B. The Preachers in the above circuits sball change quarterly. 144 Denbigh & Llanwrst, Thomas Thomas, Owen Thomas ; Edward Jones, (20)

Supernumerary. 145 Holywell, John Davies, Richard Bonner.

N. B. The lireachers in the above Circuits shall change quarterly. 146 Ruthen & Llangollen, Evan Hughes, Robert Jones, sen. 147 Llanfyllen, William Batten, David Jones.

N.B. The Preachers in the above circuits shall change quarterly.
Brother Dav.d Jones, (1st,) is to preach one Sunday in two months

at Swansea, and big expenses are to be paid by that Circuit. XVII. THE BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT.--John Riles, Chairman. 148 Birmingham, John Riles, Henry Taft, John Bicknell. 149 West Bromwich, James Bridgnell, who shall change once a month, on the

Lord's Day, with the Preachers of the Birmingham

Circuit. 150 Wednesbury, Jonathan Barker, Edward Banks, William Kelk. 151 Wolverhampton, John A. Lomas, William Sleigh. 152 Dudley,

Samuel Woulmer, Thomas Ashton, Thomas Edwards,

Charles Hulme. 153 Stourport,

Henry S. Hopwood, John Morris. 154 Worcester, John Knowles; who shall change once in six weeks with

the Stourport Preachers. Vol. I. Third Series. SEPTEMBER, 1822.


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