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and charge, the said exercises be conscionably performed.

XI. Besides the ordinary duties in families, which are abovementioned, extraordinary duties, both of humiliation and thanksgiving, are to be carefully performed in families, when the Lord by extraordinary occasions, (private or publick) calleth for them.

XII. Seeing the word of God requireth, that we should consider one another to provoke unto love and good works; therefore, at all times, and specially in this time, wherein profanity abounds, and mockers, walking after their own lufts, think it strange that others run not with them to the same excess of riot; every member of this kirk ought to stir up themselves, and one another, to the duties of mutual edification, by instru&ticn, admonition, rebuke; exhorting one another to manifest the grace of God, in denying ungodliness and worldly Justs, and in living godly, soberly, and righteously in this present world; by comforting the feeble-minded, and praying with or for one another: which duties respectively are to be performed upon special occasions offered by divine providence; as namely, when under any calamity, cross, or great difficulty, counsel or comfort is sought, or when an offender is to be reclaimed by private admonition, and, if that be not effectual, by joining one or two more in the admonition, according to 'the rule of Christ : that in the mouth of two or three witnes. ses every word may be established.

XIII. And, Lecause it is not given to every one to speak a word in season to a wearied or distressed conscience, it is expedient, that a person (in that case) finding no ease after the use of all ordinary means, private and publick, have their address to their own pastor, or some experienced Christian: But if the person troubled in conscience, be of that condition, or of that sex, that discretion, modesty, or fear of scandal requireth a godly, grave and secret friend to be present with them in their faid address, it is expedient that such a friend

be present.

XIV. When persons of diverse families are brought together by divine providence, being abroad upon their particu. lar vocations, or any necessary occasions; as they would have the Lord their God with them whithersoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the duties of prayer and thanksgiving, but take care that the same be performed by such as the company shall judge fittest. And that they likewise take heed that no corrupt communication proceed out of their mouths, but that which is good, to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers.

The drift ard scope of all these directions is no other, buc that upon the one part, the power and practice of godliness amongst all the ministers, and members of this kirk, according to their several places and vocations, may be cherished and advanced, and all impiety and mocking of religious exercises suppressed: And, upon the other part, that under the name and pretext of religious exercises, no such meetings or practices be allowed, as are apt to breed error, scandal, schism, contempt, or misregard of the publick ordinances and ministers, or neglect of the duties of particular callings, or such other evils as are the works not of the Spirit, but of the flesh, and are contrary to truth and peace.

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Of the Chief Matters contained in the CONFESSION


Con. Signifies the Confeffion of Faith. The first number denotes the

chapter. The following figures denote the paragraph. Cat. Signifies the Larger Catechism, and the figures denote the numbers

of the Questions.


Angels, God's decree concerning them, ACCEPTANCE. The perforis of be- con. iii. 3; 4. cat. 13. How created, cat. xviii. 3.

lievers are accepted as rightcous in 16. God's providence towards them, the sight of God only for the obedience cat. 19. They are all employed at his and satisfaélion of Christ, con. xi. 1. pleafure in the administrations of his cat. 70. Which is imputed to them by power, mercy, and justice, ib. Not to be God, and received by faith, con, xi. 1. worshipped, con. xxi 2. cat. 105. Cat. 70, 71, 72. How their good works Antichrist, what, con. xxv. 6. The pope is are accepted in Christ, con. xvi. 6. Ac- antichrist, ib. ceptance in prayer, through Christ and Antiquity, no pretence for ufing the devices his mediation, cat. 180.'

of men in the worship of God, cat. 109. Access. No access unto the presence of Anxiety about the things of this life, fin

God, without the Mediator Jesus Christ, ful, cat. tos, 136, 142. con. xii. cat. 39, 55, 181. Who hath The Apocrypha, not being of divine inspiparchased for believers under the gospel, sation, is of no authority in the church, a greater boldness of access to the throne

con. i. 3. of grace, than believers under the law Immodest apparel, forbidden, cat. 139. did ordinarily partake of, con. xx. I.

Ascension of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat. 53. Acions. God orders and governs all the Allembly, See Councils.

actions of his creatures, by his most wise Publick assemblies for the worfhip of God and holy providence, according to his in- not to be carclefly or wilfully neglectfallible foreknowledge, andimmutablede- ed, con. xxi 6.

crec, con. v. 8. cat. 18. Sec providence. Allurance of grace and falvation, attainable Actual sins, proceed from the original cor- in this life, con. xviii. 1, 2. cat. 80.

ruption of nature, con. vi. 4. cat. 25. See Without extraordinary revelation, con. Sin.

xviii. 3. cat. 80. Upon what it is foundAdmonition of the church, con. XXX. 4.

ed, con. ii. 8. xviii. 2. cat. 80. It is Adoption, the nature and privileges of it, strengthened by good works, con. xvi. con. xii. cat. 14.

2. Believers may want it, con. xviii. 3. Adultery, a just ground of divorce, con. cat. 80. 172. They may have it dimixxiv. 5, 6.

nished and intern:itted: and be deprived Aggravations of fin, cat. 551.

of comfort and the light of God's comAmen, the meaning of it, cat. 196.

tenance, con, xi. s. xvii. 3. xvij. 4. cat.

cat. 15.

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con. XXX. 2.

cat. 177.

81. But they are never utterly destitute the resurrection.con. xxxii. 2, 3. cat, 86, of that feed of God, and life of faith and 87. Of the wicked, ib. love, &c. out of which assurance may, Lascivious books not to be read, cat. 139. by the spirit, be in due time revived, con.

C. xvii. 4. cat. 81. And by which in the CALLING, See effectual calling, To hate mean time they are supported from utter a lawful calling, and to be diligent in despair, ib. It is the duty of all to en- it, is a duty, cat. 141. deavour after assurance, con. xviii. 3. Vows of Celibacy unlawful, con. xxii. 7. And to pray for it, cat. 194. The fruits

cat. 139. of it, it inclines not to loosenefs, con. Censures of the church, what, con. XXX. 2,

4. Their use, con. xxx. 3. Who are to Atheism, the denying or not having a God, be proceeded against by the censures of

the church, con. xx. 4. xxix. 8. *xx. 2. Attributes of God, con. ii. 1, 2. cat. 7, 8, They are to be managed according to

the nature of the crime and the demerit B

of the perfon, con. xxx. 4. Penitent linBArtism, what, con. xxviii. 1, 2. cat. ners are to be absolved from censures,

105. To continue to the end of the world, con. xxviji. 1. cat. 176. But once to be Censuring, rash, harsh, and partial censuradministred to any person, con. xxviii. 7. ing, sinful, cat. 145.

By whom, con xxvii. 4 xxviii. Ceremonial law. See Law. 2. cat. 170. To whom, con. xxviii. 4. Charity towards our neighbour, wherein it cat. 166. Dippiug not neceffary in bap- consists, cat. 135, 141, 144, 147. What tism. But it may be rightly adininiftred contrary to it, cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. by sprinkling, con. xxviii. 3. Bapritin Giving and lending freely according to not neccilary to falvation, yet it it a fin our ability and the necessities of others, to neglect it, con. xxviii. 5. The efficacy is a duty, con. xxvi. 2. cat. 141. of it, con. xxviii. 6. How to be improv- Charms, unlawful, cat. 113. ed, cat. 167. Wherein it agrees with the Chaflity, cat. 137. Lord's Supper, cat. 176. And wherein Children that die in infancy, how saved. they differ, cat. 177.

con. x. 3. The children of such as proBelievers, Sce faith, justification, acceptance, fess the true religion, are members of the

adoption, fanćtification, union, commu- visible church, con. xxv. 2. cat. 62. and nion, liberty, works, perseverance, assu- are to be baptized, con. xxvii. 4. cat.

166. Benefits which the members of the invisible Christ, why so called, cat. 42. Is the only

church enjoy by Christ, cat. 65. The Mediator between God and man, con. benefits of Christ's mediation, cat. 57, vii. 1. cat. 36. Who being very God, 58.

of one substance, and equal with the Fa. The body of Christ, how present in the sa- ther, con, viii. 2. cat. 11, 36. In the fulcrament, con. xxix. 7. cat. 170.

ness of time became man, con. viii, 2. The mystical body of Christ. True believ- cat. 36, 37. The neceflity of his being

ers are members of Christ's mystical bo. God and man, cat. 38, 39, 40. He was dy, con, xxix. 1. cat. 168. Which is the ordained by God from eternity to be whole number of the elect that have been, Mediator, con. viii. 1. He was fanctified are or hhall be united to Christ as their and anointed with the Holy Spirit, to head, con. XXV. 1. What that union is, execute the office of Mediator, con. viä. cat. 66. See communion.

3. cat. 42. To which he was called by The bodies of the elect after death, and at the Father, con, vü. 3. And willingly



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