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Charch at Westmiuster, that of Bath Woodforde, Roxburgh, Walshman,Sims, is filled with sepulchral monuments, Squire, Moody, Green, Damant, Dale, and thus becomes a sort of show-room Jackson, Andrée. of Statuary, and magazine of Epitaphs. Travels beyond the Cataracts of Egypt, This volume will be embellished with by Thomas Leigh, Esq. M, P. with a eight beautiful engrarings by J. and H. map, 4to. is nearly ready for publica. Le Keux, &c. from drawings hy F. Mac- tion. kenzie.

In the press, Tales of my Landlord, Mr. Britton has completed his History collected and reported by Jedidiah and Antiquities of Norwich Cathedral; Cleishbotham, Schoolmaster and Pajista forming the second volume of bis elegant Clerk of Gandercleugh. in 4 vols, 12mo. work devoted to those interesting nå- In the press, a Complete Course of tional fabrics. It contains twenty-five lostruction in the Elements of Portibca. engravings, principally by J. and H. Le tion; originally intended for the use of Keux, from drawings by J. A. Repton, the Royal Engineer Department. By Architect, F. Mackenzie, and R. Cat- Lieut. Col. C. W. Pasley, R. E. F. R. S. termole. The prints in this work are Author of an Essay on the Military Poexecuted by the best engravers, aod are licy of Great Britain. In 2 vols. 8vo. calculated to afford the most satisfactory illustrated by five copper plates, and information to the picturesque Artist, five hundred engraviogs in wood. to the Antiquary, and to the Architect, In the press, a System of Mechanical as they represent both general views of Philosophy, by the late Jobu Robison, the Church, externally and internally, LL. D. Professor of Natural Philosopby plans of the whole and of parts, and in the University, and Secretary to the such sectious and elevations as serve to Royal Society of Edinburgh. With display the construction or anatomy of notes and illustrations, comprising the the edifice. With the present volume most recent discoveries in the Physical also is published, the first Number of Sciences, by David Brewster, LL. D. the same Author's illustrations of

F. R. S. E. In 4 vols. 8vo. with numeWinchester Cathedral, which will be rous plates. This work contains a copious comprised in five Numbers, and will em. article on the History and Operations of brace thirty engravings, representing the Steam Engine, completely revised 'the general and particular Architecture with many additions, by James Watt, and Sculpture of that truly interesting Esq. and his Son, of Soho; and it is now édifice. It is very curions and instruc- become the only account which can be tive to examine the varieties and dissi- relied upon. This subject is illustrated milarities in the Churches of Salisbury, by eight large and original engravings. Norwich, and Winchester; as it will be Nearly ready for publication, an Acseen that 1100 any two prints resemble count of the singular Habits and Cir. each other; that each Church in the cumstances of the People of the Tonga whole or in detail is unlike either of the Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. By others, and that the sculpture, monu- Mr. William Mariner, of the Port au ments, and history of every one are pe- Prince, private ship of war, the greater culiar to itself and bear scarcely any part of whose crew was massacred by analogy to the other's.

The Natives of Lefooga: Mr. Mariner Mr. Parkinson has announced the se- remaining for several years after, a cond edition of the Hospital Pupil, con. constant associate of the King and the taining an Address to Parents on the ne- higher class of Chiefs. To which is cessary previous education, and on the added, a Grammar and copious Vocapecuniary resources of such as are in- bulary of the Language. ln & vols. Bro. tended for the professions of Physic with a Portrait and Sorgery ; with Suggestións ás to The History of the late War in Spain. ao improved course of professional in. and Portugal, by Robert Southey, Esq. struction, and an Address to Pupils on in 2 vols. 4to. may be expected to apo the order of their studies, &c. with Ob- pear very speedily. servations on commencing Practice, and The Biographical Peerage of the Union on Medical Jurisprudence.

ted Kingdom is likely soon to be comEarly in December will be published, pleted, by the publication of the fourth the Transactions of the Medical Society volume, which comprises Ireland, add of London. Vol. I. Part II. containing is nearly ready. Casės cummunicated by Drs. Adams, Dr. Bateman's New Series of Engrato Blegborðagh, Lettson, Clutterbucko

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ings, in continuation of the late Dr. of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Polity of Willan's Treatise ou Cutaneous Dis- the Kingdom of the Netherlands; and eases, are in course of publication. of the System of Education : with re

In the course of January will be pub- marks on the Fine Arts, Commerce, and lisbed, Letters from the North High. Manufactures. By James Mitchel, lands ; addressed to Miss Jane Porler, M. A. by E. Spence, author of the Caledonian Mr. William Daniell, is commencing Sketches, &c.

the third volume of his Picturesque Nearly, ready for publication, in 2 Voyage round Great Britain, which is yols. 8vo. A Descriptive Catalogue of published in monthly parts, each of Recent Shells, arranged according to the which in future will contain three coLivnean Method, with particular atten. Joured plates with descriptive lettertion to the Synonymy; to which is sub- press. The present volume will emjoined a copious Index of the Synonyms brace the Western Highlands and Isles used by previous Conchological Au- of Scotland, a district highly interesting thors. L. W. Dillwyn, F. R. S P. L. S. in many points of view, and particu. Honorary Member of the Geological larly rich in subjects for Graphic IllusSociery of London, the Linnean Society tration, of Philadelphia, &c.

A new and enlarged edition may be Barron Field, esq. of the loner Tem- expected in a few days, of the Letters ple, is printing, in iwo octavo volumes, and other works of Lady Mary Wortley a Practical Treatise on the Conimercial Montagu, in 5 vols. post 8vo. To Law of England.

which are added, Autbentic Memoirs of Mr. Maclachlan, of Old Aberdeen, her Life. By the Rev. James Dallawill soon publish a volume of Medical way, M. B. With Letters hitherto uaEffusions.

published, from Pope, Young, Fielding, The plates from Mr. Flaxmau's de. and other distinguished characters. signs from Hesiod's Theogony, Works In the press, Narrative of a Resiand Days, and the Days; being com- denice in Belgium, during the Campaign positions in outline, are nearly all en- of 1815, and of a Visit to the field of graved, and may be expected to be pub- Waterloo. By an English Woman, Au. lished about Christmas,

thor of Circumstantial Details of the Considerable progress is made in the Battle of Waterloo, by a Near Observer. reprint of Morte d'Arthur, from the 8vo. Caxton edition, in the possession of Earl In the press, The Plays and Poems of Spencer, with an Introduction and James Shirley, now first collected and Notes, tending to elucidate the History chronologically arranged, and the text and Bibliography of the work; as well carefully collated. With occasional as the Fictions of the Round Table Chi. Notes and a Biographical and Critical valry in general. By Mr. Southey. Essay. By William Gifford, Esq. with

A new edition of the Saxon Chronicle, a portrait. Handsomely printed by with an English Translation and Notes. Buimer, in 6 vols. 8vo. uniformly with By the Rev. J. Ingram, late Saxon Pro- Massinger and Ben Jonson. fessor in the University of Oxford. To As only One Hundred Copies of Shirwhich will be added, a new and copious ley are printed in royal octavo, those Chronological, Topographical, and Glos- Gentlemen who have copies of Ben Jonsarial Index, with a short Grammar of son and Massinger in this size, are rethe Saxon Language, and an accurate quested to secure copies to complete and enlarged map of England during the their sets on the large paper of these Heptarchy, is in a state of forwardness. Dramatic Writers, by an early applica.

The second voluine of Mr. Southey's tion to their booksellers, History of Brazil, inay be expected to In the month of January, may be exappear in the month of January, pected, in octavo, the first volume of

'The seventh part of Dr. Johnson's The Annual Obituary, containing, 1. Dictionary, edited by the Rev. J. H. Memoirs of those celebrated Men, who Todd, will be published about Christo', have died within the present year, mas.

(1816).-2. Neglected Biography, with In the course of the month may be Biographical Notices and Anecdotes, expected, an octavo volume, comprising and Original' Letters.-5. Analyses of A Tour through Belgium, along the recent Biographical Works. - 4. An Rhine, and through the North of Alphabetical List of all the Persons who France; in which an account is given have died within the British Dominions,

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the press.


so as to form a Work for Reference, both separate) will be composed of Original now and hereafter. To be continued Medical Papers, Cases, and CorrespondAnnually.

ence with Baron Hailer, Drs. Callen, During the present month may be Struve, &c.—The price of the first two expected, from the pen of Mrs. West, vulumes, to subscribers, 11. 1s. the third Author of " Letters to a Young Man," volume, 12s. &e. Scriptural Essays, adapted to the A view of the History of Scotland, Holydays of the Church of England : from the earliest Records to the Rebellion containing a Commentary on the Ser- in 1745, in a series of Letters, to form vices, and Reflections adapted to the three octavo volumes, is preparing for present Times.

In the course of the ensuing month Biblical Criticism on the Books of the will appear, Practical Observations in Old Testament. And Translations of Surgery, and Morbid Anatomy. Illus. Sacred Songs, with Notes Critical and trated by Cases with Dissections and Explanatory. By Samuel Horsley, Engravings. By John Howship, Mem- LL D. F.R.S. F.A.S. Late Lord Bishop ber of the Royal College of Surgeons in of St. Asaph, is in considerable forwardLondon, &c. in one vol. 810.

Early in December will appear, Part A Translation in one Volume quarto of the 2d in 8vo. of Surgical Observations ; the celebrated Abbe Dubois' Description being a Quarterly Report of Cases in of the People of India ; with particular Surgery; treated in. the Middlesex Reference to their Separation into Hospital, in the Cancer Establishment, Casts; the influence of their Civil Poand iu Private Practice. Embracing an licy and Domestic Superintendance ; Account of the Anatomical and Patholo- their Idolatry and Religious Ceremo)gical Researches in the School of Wind. nies; and the various Singularities of mill-street. By Charles Bell.

Customs, Habits, and Observances, Mr. Utterson's Selection of early Po- which distinguish them from all other pular Poetry, will be published in the Nations: taken from a diligent Obser, course of the month, in two volumes of vation and Study of the People, during the same size as Ritson's “ Ancient Po- a Residence of mauy Years amongst pular Poetry,” and we understand the

their various Tribes, in unrestrained impression is limited to two hundred and

Intercourse and Conformity with their tifty copies.

Habits and Manner of Life, is nearly In January will be published, Me. ready for publication. moirs of the Life and Writings of the The Round Table, a Collection of late Dr. Lettsom, with a Selection from

Essays, on Literature, Men, and Manhis Correspondence with the principal

By Leigh Hunt and William Literati of this and foreign countries. Hazlitt. In Two Volumes, Duodecimo, By T.J. Pettigrew, F. L. S. Surgeon Ex- will shortly be published. traordinary to the Dukes of Kent and Mr. Geo. Cumberland has prepared Sussex, &c.

for the press, a work on the Commence. This Work will be comprised in three ment and Progress of the Art of Envolumes. The first two will consist of a graviug, as far as relates to the adMemoir of Dr. Lettsom, and a selection

raniages Art has derived from the proot general Correspondence with Linnæ. ductions of the Italian School. , us, Lord Lansdown, Sir M. Martin, The Rev. W. N. Darnell is printing a Bart. Rev. Drs. Madison, Lathrop, &c. volume of Sermons on Practical Sub. Drs. Ash, Bisset, Cuming, Currie, Dar- jects. win, Falconer, Fothergill, Benj. Frank- The Rev. J. Nightiugale has in the lin, Percival, Rush, Waterhouse, Zim

press, in a quarto volume, English Tomermann, &c. and a Memoir of the

pography, or a Description of the selate Dr. Nield, written by himself.- veral Counties of England and Wales, The third volume (which may be had with a map of each county.



Architectural and Graphical Illustra

trations by I. P. Neale. Part I. with The History and Antiquities of the five Engravings. Folio, to correspond Abbey Church of St. Peter, West- with Dugdale's Monasticon; in royal minster; by E. W. Brayley; with and imperial 4to.






Edinburgh, and Physician to the GeMemorial Sketches of the Rev. David

neral Dispensary at Lancaster. 8vo. 2s. Brown: with a Selection of his Sermons preached at Calcutta. 8vo. 12s.

Spanish Tales ; translated from Le Sage, and selected from other Authors,

wherein are contained a Description of An Atlas for the Use of Schools.

Madrid, Grenada, Saragoza, Seville, Containing Maps of the Eastern and

Milan, Parma, Palermo, &c. &c.' By Western Hemispheres of the World, Mrs. Frederick Layton. 3 Vols. 12mo.' Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, 11. Is, boards. South America, England and Wales,

The Identity of Junius with a dis. Scotland, Ireland, , France, Spain and

tinguished Living character established, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. By by a variety of Facts, and by the Miss Wilkinson. Part 1. contains the

Speeches of Lord Chatham in 1770. Maps at large, and Part !I. the Blank 8vo. with a fine portrait. 12s. Duplicates. Svo.. 7s. 64. boards.

The Blind Man and his Son, a Tale; the Four Friends, a Fable; and a word

for the Gipsies, foolscap 8vo. with A History of the Jesuits; to which frontispiece. 4s. 6d. is prefixed, a Reply to Mr. Dallas's Defence of that Order. In 2 Vols. 8vo. 1). 4s.

The Prisoner of Chillon, a Fable The Inquisition Unmasked ; being a

the Dream--Darkuess-the Incanta, Historical and Philosophical Account of

tion, &c. By the Right Hon. Lord that tremendous Tribunal; founded on

Byron. 8vi), 5s. 6d. authentic Documents, and exhibiting A Third Canto of Childe Harold's the Necessity of its Suppression, as a

Pilgrimage. By the Right Hon. Lord Means of Reform and Regeneration.

Byron, .8vo. 5s. Ou. Written and published at a Time when

Copies of Verses to the Memory of the National Congress of Spain was the late Richard Reynolds, of Bristol, about to deliberate on this important

the benevolent Quaker, whose Charities, measure. By D. Antonio Puigblanch.

during his Life, were perhaps unexPranslated from the Author's enlarged

ampled, and to whose Memory the InCopy, by William Walton, Esq. In

habitants of Bristol are raising the 2 Vols. Svo. illustrated by twelve His

most honorable Monument that ever retorical Engravings. 11. 45.

corded and perpetuated the Virtues of A Historical Survey of the Customs,

the Deadma Charitable Institution to Habits, and Present State of the Gyp

reach the Objects of his Bounty while sies. By John Hoyland, Author of an

living. By J. Montgomery, Author of Epitoine of the History of the World,' the Wanderer of Switzerland, &c. 28. &c. 8vo. 75. boards.

The Poetic Mirror ; or, the living The Edinburgh Annual Register, for

Bards of Britain. 12ino. 7s. 6d. boards. 1814. In 8vo. 11. Is. boards.

Poems. By Hannab More, with an eugraved Title and Vignette, royal

12mo. 8s. Elements of the Philosophy of the

The Worth of a Bible; illustrated by Human Mind. By Dugald Stewart,

Tales in Verse, founded upon fact : Esq. F.R.SS. Lond. and Edin., &c. designed as a Reward book for Sunday Vol. II, Second edition, 8vo. 12s.

Schools. ls,
Philosophical Essays. By Dugald
Stewart, Esq. Second edition. 8vo, 14s.

An Inquiry into the Principle of Po

pulation, including an Exposition of A Vindication of the University of the Causes and the Advantages of a Edinburgh, as a School of Medicine, Tendency to Exuberance of Numbers in from the Aspersions of “ A Member of Society. A Defence of the Poor Laws, the University of Oxford.” With Re- and a Critical and Historical View of marks on Medical Reform. By Lawson the Doctrines and Pcojects of the most Whalley, M. D. Extraordinary Mem- celebrated Legislators and Writers, reber of the Royal Medical Society of lative to Population, the Pour, and




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Charitable Establishments. By James George Gleig, LL. D.F.R.S. E. F.S.S.A. Grahame, Esq. 8vo.

Primate of the Scotch Episcopal England may be extricated from her Church. Part I. On demy 4to 7s. and Difficulties, consistently with the on royal 4t0. 9s. sewed. strietest Principles of Policy, Honour, Vuitarianism a Scriptural Creed; and Justice. By a Country Gentleman. occasioned by the Pamphlets of Mr. 8yo, 2s. Od.

Law and Mr. Baxter in Defence of the Letters on the Constrained Celibacy Doctrine of the Trinity. By T. C. Hol. of the Clergy of the Church of Rome. land, Minister of the Unitarian Con8yo. 10s. boards.


gregation in Preston. Is. 6d. Remedies proposed as certain, speedy, A Defence of the Divinity of our and effectual, for the Relief of our pre. Blessed Saviour, in Answer to some sent Embarrassments. By an Indepen- Letters by Mr. T. C. Holland, in which dent Gentlemen. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

that Doctrine was attacked; with Re

marks on the Personality of the Holy THEOLOGY.

Ghost, By Edward Law, A. M. MiSermons on the Union of Truth, Rea. nister of the Church of the Holy Trinity

and Revelation, in the Doctrine at Preston, and Chaplain to the Lord of the Established Church of England Bishop of Chester, 48. and Ireland. Preached in the Years Plain Discourses, delivered to a 1814, 1815, 1816. By the Hon. Country Congregation. Vol. III. By and Rer. Edward John Turvour, A. M. the Rev. William Butcher, M. A. 12.09. Formerly of Saint Mary Hall, Oxford; 3s. 6d. boards. The Three Volumes late Curate of Heston, Middlesex; and may be bad, 15s. Chaplain to the Dowager Countess Win- The Abode of Wisdom. By the Anterton. 8vo. 1 s. boards.

thor of the Shepherd and bis Flock. The Season and Time; or, an Expo- 12mo. 3s. 6d. sition of the Prophecies wbich relate to The Power of Faith: exemplified in the I'wo Periods of Daniel subsequent the life and writings of the late Mrs. to the 1260 Years now recently ex« Isabella Graham, of New York. 8vo, pired; being the Time of the Seventh Trumpet: and prophetically assigned Christian Essays. By the Rev, S. to the Extirpation of A postacy, and C. Wilks, 2 Vols. royal 12mo. Accomplishment of the Reconciliation Serinons by Sanuel Chartres, D. D. of the Jews, and Introduction of the Minister of Willon. A new edition, Millennium. Together with Remarks Vols. 8vo. Il. Is. upon the Revolutionary Antichrist, pro- The Biblical Cyclopedia, or Dico, posed by Bp. Horsley and the Rev. G, tionary of the Holy Scripiure. By S. Faber. By W. Ettrick, A. M. Au- William Jones, Author of the History thor of the Second Exodus, or Reflec- of the Waldenses, &c. 2 yols, 8vo. tions on the Prophecies of the last 1). 16s. Times. 8vo. 12s. boards,

Lectures Explanatory and Practical Sermons on the Parables. By the on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Rer. W. M. Trinder. 8vo. 12s. boards. Romans. By the Rev. John Fry, A. B.

A new Edition of, Some Important Rector of Desford, &c. 8vo. 12s. Points of Primitive Christianity Main- Religious Liberty stated and on forced tained and Defended ; in several Ser- on the principles of Scripture and Commons and other Discourses. By George, mon Sense. In six Essays, with Notes Bull, D. D. Bishop of St. David. To and an Appeuttix. By Thoinas Williams, which is prefixed, the History of his Svo. 6s. Life, and of those Controversies in which he was engaged. By Robert

SOPOGRAPHY AND TRAVELS. Nelson, Esq. 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. A Diary of a Journey into North boords.

Wales. By the late Samuel Johnson, (To be completed in 14 Monthly Parts," LL. D. Printed from the original MS. comprising 3 Volumes,) Stackhouse's in his own Handwriting ; together with History of the Holy Bible, from the a Fac-simile of a part of the Manuscript. Beginning of the World to the Es- Eetited, with illustrative Notes, by R. tablishment of Christianity, corrected Duppa, LL. B. crown 8vo, 9s, boards. and improved. By the Right Rur.


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