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167-Homonyms pair, two

meat, animal food 1/ pare, to cut off

meet, proper; to come to

5 pear, a fruit


mete, to measure their, belonging to them 2

ascent, a rising

6 there, in that place

assent, agreement \ capital, chief town; stock 3

a { pane, a plate of glass capitol, building

pain, an ache shear, to listen 4

8 rye, a grain
here, in this place

wry, crooked

Copy the sentences, putting the right word in the right place.

(2) is nothing new under the sun.Bible. (8) grows in cold countries. When shall we three (5) again ?-Shakespeare. A (7) of glass. (4) rests his head upon the lap of earth.Gray. Can you (1) a (1) with a (1) of scissors ? The (3) is a white marble building. The (6) of Mont Blanc is full of danger. Be silent that you may (4).-Shakespeare. Sweet is pleasure after (7).-Dryden. Birds in (2) little nests agree.- Watts. Washington is the (3) of the United States. Is not the life more than (5)?-Bible. He gave his (6) to the proposal. There is a bird called the (8) neck. With what measure ye (5), it shall be measured to you again. --Bible.

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169—The Beaver

Dictation. The beaver was once abundant in North America, but has gradually disappeared before the settlements of the white man. It swims with its tail and hind feet. The hind-feet are webbed. The tail is large and flat, and is used as a scull. It builds a home by the edge of the water. Each house has two stories. Two or three families live in one house.


sim ple


sub ject

verb an a lyze

clause gram mar

com plex ad verb con junction dis

pos al pred i cate pro noun

prep o si tion per son al col lec tive ad jec tive in ter jec tion a nal y sis com pound

171-The Beaver

Dictation.—The food is stored in the lower story under water. They eat the bark of trees and roots of plants. The beavers live in the upper story, where it is dry. The entrance is under water. If the stream is shallow, a dam is built across it. The dam is made of small trees, roots, moss, and mud. The beaver works at night.

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Copy the words. Mark the short sounds of the vowels.

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Copy :

Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes.

-Horace Mann.


Lo, here hath been dawning another blue day;
Think wilt thou let it slip useless away.
Out of Eternity this new day is born;
Into Eternity at night will return.
Behold it aforetime no eye ever did ;
So soon it forever from all eyes is hid.
Here hath been dawning another blue day ;
Think wilt thou let it slip useless away.

-Carlyle. Copy, learn, and recite.

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Dictation.—England rules one-sixth of all the people and owns one-sixth of all the land in the world. Her colonies are in every continent. “ The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

The Gulf Stream and the warm, moist, west winds from it make the climate mild. England is like a gardengreen hedges, green fields, and grand old trees. In the manufacture of cotton goods, woolens, linens, and hardware, England ranks first in the world.


Lif fey
Mer' şey

cas tle

Tow er


Thames 1
Lon don


gow Hyde Park

Dub lin ship yards Brit ish Mu sē'um

Bel fast ca the dral Par lia ment Hous es Liv er pool Holy rood West min ster Abbey ware hous es Ed in burgh

To the Teacher. -Let any pupil select a word, and tell what he knows about it.

178— soft, çent çen'ser çir'cus aç'id

çeil'ing cen sus ci pher

cir cuit cen tral cin der

cyl in der cem ent

cel e brate

ce les tial cen taur cen sure cem'e těr y

cen ten'ni al Copy words. Mark the soft sound of c. Write sentences, using certain, celebrate, ceiling, circus, central.

cym ba]

cent'ü ry

cer tain

Pronunciation.-1 těmz ; ' ěd'ın bảr ro

179—Direct Quotation

Rule.-A direct quotation

begins with a capital letter.
is separated by a comma from the rest of the

is inclosed by quotation marks.'


Dictation.-" When shall we have recess ? ' asked Charles. At half-past eleven," replied his teacher. Thomas Jefferson said, “ Never put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day.” Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death”? Gertrude said, “I have learned to spell receiving and believing, till and until, seize and siege.


[blocks in formation]

Dictation.—“Uncle Henry, please tell me a story,” said Clara. Her uncle answered, “What shall I tell you?”

I “Oh,” said Clara, “ tell me about Jack and the bean-stalk.”

And the brown thrush keeps singing, “A nest do you see, And five eggs hid by me in the juniper tree.”


Copy three sentences from your Reader containing direct quotations.

1 A way to teach the use of quotation marks :
Teacher: Anne, say something to me.
Anne : It is a pleasant day.
Teacher : Bertha, make a sentence telling what Anne has said.
Bertha : Anne said, “ It is a pleasant day.”
Teacher: Class, write Bertha's sentence.

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