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ledge, at Bromley, in Kent, by the So- Clergy and other members of the Estabciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in lished Church. Foreign Parts, a District Committee, in 2. That such support is at this time aid of this Corporation, has also been especially requisite, to further the intend. formed at that place. The Lord Bishop ed operations of the Suciety in British of Rochester being most anxious to pro- North America, at the Cape of Good mote the excellent designs of this char- Hope, and in New Holland, to which the tered Society of the Church of England, a existing funds of the Society are wholly sermon, by his Lordship’s permission, was inadequate, after the wise appropriation preached on Sunday, 24th November, at of the whole amount of the collections Bromley Church, recommending the pur- made under the king's letter in 1819, to poses of that Institution, by the Reverend the maintenance and support of the bishop's H. H. Norris, Prebendary of Llandaff, &c. college for the education of missionaries

This sermon was heard by the Lord and catechists at Calcutta. Bishop of Rochester, and a very numerous 3. That a district committee be now and respectable congregation, with the formed, to be called the Conimittec of the most marked attention and effect. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in collection amounted to 441. 168. 6d. Foreign Parts for the Deanery of Heding

We are induced to hope that the Lord ham, for the purpose of making the operaBishop of Rochester, having already re- tions and objects of the socicty more gecommended to his Clergy within the nerally known, and of collecting, receivBromley district, to advocate this impor- ing, and remitting, all annual öubscriptant cause, will extend the recommenda- tions and benefactions in aid of the sotion to all places of considerable popula- ciety's riesigns. tion and opulence within bis diocese, and 4. That all subscribers of half-a-guinea, that they will adopt the method of which or of any larger sum annually, and all conhis Lordship has given them so good and tributors of five guineas or upwards, be beneficial an example, at Bromley Church, members of this committee. For the unwearied efforts of other societies 5. That this committee do always meet not so closely connected with our eccle- on the days appointed for the meeting of siastical polity, in the opinion of some the committee of members of the Society of our

most judicious friends, greatly for Promoting Christian Knowledge withstrengthen the call, which is now made

in the Deanery of Hedingham, viz. on the upon the sober-mioded and steady friends last Monday in February, and on the last of the Church of England, for increased Monday in August. exertion in this most sacred canse, and we 6. That the Rev. H. Davies Morgan shall then most probably find that the and the Rev. Lewis Way be appointed powerful claims of the Society for the secretaries of this committee. Propagation of the Gospel will justly en- 7. That the Clergy of the deanery be joy a much larger share of the unexampled particularly requested to make known and liberality of our public charities than it at

to promote as much as possible, the ob. present possesses.

jects of this committee, and to commu

nicate to the secretaries the names of perHedingham District Committee.

sons who may be disposed to become subAt a Special Meeting of the Commit. scribers or benefactors to the society. tee of Members of the Society for Pro- 8. That all subscriptions and benefacmotivg Christian Knowledge within the tions be paid to the secretaries. Deanery of Hedingham, holden at Castle 9. That all annual subscriptions be conHedingham, Oct. 28, 1822, it was unani. sidered as commencing on the first day of mously agreed,

January in every year: aud that the first 1. That the Society for the Propagation annual subscription commence on the first of the Gospel in Foreign Parts is entitled, day of January 1823. on account of its zealous and successful ex- 10. That a copy of these resolutions be ertions in the maintenance and advance- transmitted to the Rev. Anthony Hamilment of pure Christianity, to general gra- ton, secretarry of the society, for the purtitude and patronage, and merits in a par- pose of being laid before the general ticular degree the liberal support of the board.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Checse, B. B.D. fellow of Baliol college, Essex ; patrons, the MASTER AND FELOxford, to the rectory of Tendring, LOWS OF THAT SOCIETY.

Coulcher, W. B. to the rectory of Bawsey, BACHELOR OF ARTS.-J. Folliott, Pem

Norfolk; patron, P. HAMMOND, esq. broke college. of Westacre High House.

November 4. Florer, W. jun. chaplain of York Castle, The hon. E. Lascelles and Mr. G.

to the incumbent curacy of Malton ; Inge, B.A. of Christ church, and Mr. W. patron, Earl FITZWILLIAM.

Heathcote, B.A. of Oriel college, were Hatch, C. B.A. fellow of King's college, elected fellows of All Souls college.

Cambridge, to the perpetual curacies The rev. N. T. Ellison, M. A. fellow of of Kersey and Lindsey, Suffolk; patrons, Baliol college, has been appointed, in the PROVOST AND FELLOWS OF THAT convocation, one ofthe public examiners, SOCIETY.

in the room of the rev. Mr. Lowe. Perring, P. M.A. of Brazenose college, Oxford, to be one of the chaplains to

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. bis royal highness the duke of Cam- Degrees conferred, October 30. bridge.

MASTER OF ARTS.-W. G. Broughton, Priest, P. to the rectory of Langtree, Pembroke hall. Devon.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-E. Eastcott, Randolph, John Honeywood, M.A. to

Jesus college. the vicarage of Northall, Middleser ;

November 6. patron, the Lord BISHOP OF LONDON. BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-Henry Tom. Simpson, R. to the perpetual curacies of kinson, Trinity hall. Wursion and Elkstone, Staffordshire.

November 11. Wells, W. to the rectory of Harling,

DOCTOR IN DIVINITY - Daniel Cress. Sussex.

well, M.A. Trinity college. Wright, Thomas, to the rectory of Kil

HONORARY MISTER OF ARTS.- Lord verston, Norfolk; patron, the King. Thomas Hay, Trinity college.



George Henry Spencer Churchill, Ema. Degrees conferred, November 2.

nuel college. MASTERS OF ARTS --J. E. Jones, St.

BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. - J. Miles, Edmund hull ; C. G. V. Vernon, and D.

Queen's college. Dundas, Christ Church; J. Formby and

Master of Arts. - A. S. Thelwall, C. Ward, Brazenose college ; and J. J.

Trinity college. Coney, Oriel college.


Trinity hall. Corpus Christi college ; A. Roberts, Tri

BACHELOR IN Polysic. - E, Morton, nity college ; and J. Muckleton, Christ

Trinity college. church.


Peter's college ; C. D. Halford, Jesus col

lege ; C. Fursdon, Downing college. grave, Lincoln college.

November 4. MASTER OF ARts.-J. M. Glubb, Ex

The rev. Henry Godfrey, D.D. presieter college.

dent of Queen's college, was elected viceNovember 9. Doctor in Divinity.–J. L. Mills,

chancellor for the year ensuing. B.D. Magdalen college.

The Seatonian Prize for the present November 16.

year has been adjudged to the rev. EdDOCTOR IN DIVINITY.--P. N. Shuttle

ward Bishopp Elliott, M.A. fellow of worth, warden of New college, grand com

Trinity college, for his poem on

“ Antio

chus Épiphanes.pounder. BACHELOR OF Civil Law.-W. B. Hig

The subject for the Norrisian Prize gins, Trinity college, grand compounder. fice and Mission of St. John the Baptist.”.

Essay for the ensuing year is, “ The OfMASTERS OF ARTS.-C. C. Boyles, Ex

The rev. Walter Burroughes, B A. of eter college, grand compounder ; J, A H. Grubbe, Exeter college ; T. H. Tragitt,

Clare hall, is admitted fellow of that soCorpus Christi college, J. Wootten, Baliol

ciety, on the foundation of Mr. Borage.

November 20. college ; and H. Morse, Worcester college. BACHELORS OF ARTS. — J Browne,

A grace passed the senate, “ to purand H. A. Browue, Queen's colleye; R.

chase the late Dr. E. D. Clarke's collec.. Burn, St. Edmund hall; W. A. Horne,

tion of minerals at the sum of 15001.” 'hrist church; E. Trimmer, and E. El

ORDINATIONS. ton, Brazenose college ; J. King and hon. November 3.-At a general ordination R. Barringlon, Oriel college ; G. P. Bel. held by the Lord Bishop of Ely, in the cher, Worcester college ; P. Aubin, Jesus college ; W. Battiscombe and W. Brown

chapel in the palace at Ely, the following low, Pembroke college.

gentlemen were ordained :November 22.

Deacons.--(i. Archdale, M.A. EmmaMASTER OF ARTS.-C. Alcock, New

nuel college, Cambridge ; J. Holroydo college.

B.A. Catherine hall, Cambridge; R. Lyon,
B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge.

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By Let. Dim. from Lord Bp. of Norwich. prebendary of Wells, and vicar of Bror

E. C. Lawton, B.A. and T. S. Cobbold, tead, Essex, to Sophia Catherine, eldest B.A. Clare hall, Cambridge ; G. M. Inkes. daughter of Henry Steatfield, Esq. By Let, Dim from Lord Bp. of Lincoln.

LEICESTERSHIRE. R. H. Smith, B. A. Queen's college, Married. The rev. W. Evans, to Miss Oxon.

S. Tipple, of Wymondham. By Let. Dim. from Lord Bp. of Bristol.

LINCOLNSHIRE. G. Whiteford, St. John's college, Cam- Died. - At Lincoln, aged 58, tlic rev. bridge.

G. King, rector of Ashby-de-la-laund. By Let. Dim. from Lord Bp. of London.

MIDDLESEX. J. C Wigram, B.A. Trinity college,

Married. - At Kensington, by the rev. Cambridge ; J. P. Gurney, B.Å. Queen's T. Rennell, the rev. S. Sheen, M A. of college, Cambridge.

Baliol College, Oxford, and of Kittost, Priests.-C. M. Bromhead, M.A. Tri. Esser, to Louisa, third daughter of the nity college, Cambridge ; J. Husband, late John Miles, Esq. of Southampton B.A. Magdalen college, Cambridge; H. row, Russel-square, London. H. Hughes, M.A. St. John's college, Can- Died. -At his house in Boswell-court, bridge; C. Smith, M. A St. Peter's college, London, aged 78, Richard Wooddeson, Cambridge; T. C. Willats, Downing col- LL.D. and senior fellow of Magdalen Cola lege, Cambridge.

lege, Oxford, formerly Vinerian Professor



Married.-The rev. S. C. Smith, M.A. Married.--The rev. H. C. Cherry, B.d. rector of Denver, to Lucy Maria, eldest of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to Alicia, daughter of the rev. C. Collyer, of Gundaughter of Major General Sir John thorpe Hall. Cameron.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Died.-At Longstanton, the rev. W. Married.--At Blatherwycke, the rev. Cornforth, M.A. rector of Stanton, St. R. Pearson, M.A. of St. John's College, Michael's, and formerly fellow of Magda- Oxford, to Miss M. Greaves. len College, Cambridge. The rectory is

OXFORDSIIIRE. in the patronage of the master and fel- Married.--At Brislington church, the lows of the society.

rev. J. Gray, M.A. of Queen's College, DERBYSHIRE.

Oa ford, to Miss C. Powell. Died.-At Derby, the rev. J. L. Young, Died.--At his lodgings, High-street, M.A. vicar of Cockerham, Lancashire. Oxford, in the 60th year of his age, the DEVONSHIRE.

rev. Hugh Moises, M.A. rector of Whit. Died. The rev. J. B. Karslake, rec- church, vicar of East Farleigh, Kent, and tor of Filleigh, and of the consolidated formerly fellow of University College, parish of East Buckland, also rector of Oxford. Creacomb, Devon.

SHROPSHIRE. Died. The rev. J. Banister, rector of Married. The rev. T. Hunt, of West Iddesleigh.

Felton, Salop, to Jane, daughter of the DORSETSHIRE.

late W. Harding, Esq. of Warwickshire. Married.—The rev. B. Donne, of St.

SOMERSETSHIRE. James's, Shaftsbury, to Elizabeth, eldest Died.--At Bruton, in his 77tb year, daughter of the late Samuel Hadley, Esq. the rev. J. Goldesbrough, M.A. rector of of Clapham Common, Surrey.

Weston Bamfylde, Somersetshire, and of ESSEX

Winterbourne Monkton, Dorset. Married.—The rev. Bartlett Goodrich,

WARWICKSHIRE. M.A. vicar of Great Saling, to Mary Died.--Oct. 13, at Todenham rectory, Anne, only daughter of Thomas White, the rev. W. Elliot, curate of Welford, Esq. of Dobbins, Wethersfield.

WILTSHIRE. Died. In his 89th year, the rev. C. Married. The rev. G. P. Cleather, of Onley, M.A. of Stisted Hall.

Urchfont, Wilts, to Frances, only daughDied. — Aged 61, the rev. M. Moore, ter of J. E. Lee, Esq. of Ottery St. Mary, rector of Sutton.

Devon. Died. -Aged 90, the rev. Melmoth

YORKSHIRE. Skinner, vicar of Cocking.

Married.-The rev. T. Drury, rector HUNTINGDONSHIRE. of Keighley, to Miss A. Greenwood. Married.-At Godmanchester, the rev.

IRELAND. W. E. Chapman, B.A of St. John's Col- Married.—The rev. B. Morris, of lege, Cambridge, vicar of Edenham and Waterford, to Elizabeth, daughter of the Swinestead, to Miss E. Martin, of the late M. N. O'Connor, Esq. of King's former place.

County, and sister to the Countess of KENT.

Dessart. Married. The rev. W. Philips, to

MADEIRA. Mary, second daughter of the rev. J. Died.-On the 27th of September, in Messiter, of Woolwich Common.

the Island of Madeira, where he had Married. The rev. R. P. Whisb, M.a. been for the benefit of his health, the

rer. R. Williams, aged 29. He was some rev. J. Daun, M.D. rector of Westmoreyears principal tutor in Bury Grammar land, Master of the Free School, Chaplain School.

to the Hon. House of Assembly, and to JAMAICA

the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Guildjord. Died.- In the 28th year of his age, the



jects, translated from the Works of the A Vindication of the Authenticity of the most eminent French and Dutch ProtesNarratives contained in the first two Chap- tant Ministers in Holland. By J. Wernters of the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. inck, D.D. F.R.S. Amst, and Middelb. Luke; being an Investigation of Objec- Chaplain to his Excelleney the Ainbassations urged by the Unitarian Editors of the dor of the Netherlands, and Minister of Improved Version of the New Testament; the Dutch Church in London. 8vo. with an Appendix, containing Strictures on 10s. 60. the Variations between the First and Fourth An Introdnction to the Critical Study Editions of that Work. By a Layman, and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. 8vo, Jos.6d.

By Thomas Hartwell Horne, M.A. IllusThe Especial Importance of Religious trated with numerous Maps and Fac-similes Principles in the Judges and Advocates of of Biblical MSS. Third Edition, correct. the Courts of Law, considered in a Ser- ed, in 4 large volnmes. 8vo. 31. 3s. mon, delivered at the Lent Assizes at Win



Supplementary Pages to the Second chester, before the Judges of the Western Edition of Mr. Horne's Introduction (with Circuit, in the present Year. By the Rev. a new 4to. plate); so arranged as to be inGeo. S. G. Stonestreet, LL.B. Domestic serted in the volunies to which tbey reChaplain to His Royal Highness the Duke spectively belong. 8vo. 3s. of York. Is. 6d.

Two Charges delivered to the Ciergy in Rivingtons' Annual Register ; or, a View the Diocese of Calcutta; the former, at of the History, Politics, and Literature of Calcutta and Madras, in February and the Year 1821. 8vo. 18s. March, 1819, and at Bombay and Colum. bo, in March and April, 1821 ; and the Reflections on the Claims of the Prolatter, at Calcutta, in December, 1821. testant and Popish Dissenters, especially By T. F. Middleton, D.D, F.R.S. Bishop of the latter, to an equality in Civil Privi. of Calcutta. 3s.

leges with the Members of the Established The Christian Warfare. A Sermon Church. By Robert Morres, M.A. Prepreached at Rochester, at the Visitation bendary of Salisbury, Rector of Great of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, Octo- Cheverell, and Vicar of Britford, Wilts, ber 9, 1822. By the Rev. R. H. Chapman, 28. A.M. Rector of Cuxton in Kent, Curate of St. Mary-le-bone, and one of the late The Brides' Tragedy. By Thomas Chaplains in Ordinary to the Prince of Lovell Beddoes. 8vo. 4s, 6d. Wales. 18. 6d.

A Sermon in Aid of the Church Mission- The Cottager's Monthly Visitor. Vol. ary Society, preached at Hampstead Cha

II. 12mo. hs. pel, October 6, 1822. By the Rev. E, G. A Lecture on Anglo-Saxon. By the Marsh. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Rev. Dr. Silver, Fellow of St. Jolin's ColA Sermon preached on Tuesday, Oct. 1, lege, Oxford. Read before the Vice Chan1822, at the Monthly Clerical Lecture, in cellor, and Printed at his Request. 8vo. the Church of St. Lawrence, Reading. By 25. 6d. the Rev. W. G. Broughton, Curate of Considerations on the Nature and TenWespall, Hants.

dency of Classical Literature, with RePlain Thoughts of former Years upon marks on the Discipline at present in the the Lord's Prayer: with Deference, ad- Free Grammar School of King Charles II., dressed to Christians, at the present Period. at Bradford, in the County of York. By In Eight Sermons, by the Rev. W. B. Da. the Rev. 8. Slack, M.A. Head Master of niel. 8vo.

the School, late Chaplain of Christ Church, Twenty-four Sermons on Practical Sub. Oxford, 8v0, 3s. 6d.






of Archæclogy, dedicated by permission The Rev. Dr. Yates has in the press a to his Majesty, will speedily be published. Work, entitled Patronage of the Church The Third Volume of Mr. Sharon Turof England ; considered in reference to ner's History of England, is expected to National Reformation and Improvement; be ready very soon, to the permanence of our Ecclesiastical A Volume of Sermons, by the Rev. SaEstablishments ; and to its Iufluence on muel Clift, of Tewkesbury, will shortly the Pastoral Charge and Clerical Charac- be published. ter.

Jolin Bayley, Esq. F.S.A. one of his Mr. Nichols is printing a new edition of Majesty's Sub-Commissioners on the Pubhis “ Progresses of Queen Elizabeth," in lic Records, and Author of the History of three volumes; they are entirely new ar- the Tower, is engaged in making Collecranged, and will be accompanied by pro- tions for a complete History of London, per Indexes. The “ Progresses of King Westminster, and Southwark, which is to James,” in a separate Voluine, is also pre- be enriched with a great variety of Enparing for the press.

gravings, of General Views, Public BuildThe First Number of Mr. Fosbrooke's ings, Antiquities, and Portraits. The Work Encyclopædia of Antiquities and Elements is to form Three Folio Volumes,


A CENTURY has elapsed since Eng- specting the stability of the public land was deluded into a general ad- funds. We have too good an opimiration of the South-Sea scheme, nion of the resources, of the intewbich promised to enrich every sub- grily, and of the wisdom of our scriber to its funds, and ended by countrymen, to believe that a forced beggaring one half of the people. It reduction of the public creditor's seenis as if political and commercial interest will be advocated by any feelings recurred, as they say the sea- party or any individuals of respectasons do after a considerable interval; bility. But it seems to be genefor mad and unfounded speculation rally imagined that the difference is again in fashion, and many an

between domestic and foreign secuhonest individual has been ruined, rity is a mere difference of more or is about to be ruined by gambling and less; and that Columbian Bonds, in foreign funds.

or Spanish Scrip, are almost as subIf our own national debt were the stantial as English Consols, and safest of all securities, which it is much more lucrative. Nothing has very much the fashion to deny, there been talked or thought of in the might be some excuse though there politico-mercantile world during the would be less temptation for em- last six weeks, but the profit or loss barking property in foreign coun- upon foreign stock. The mania has tries upon a similar security, and extended to persons of good life with the prospect of a better return. and conversation, who have hiBut when the funds of the most opu- therto been content to live upon the lent and settled country are said to lawful interest of their money, but be in danger, where is the wisdom are now anxious to seize an opporof trusting to other countries which tunity of doubling their capital, and are less secure, and which, if a na- trebling or quadrupling their income. tional bankruptcy ever bappen in The newspapers no longer able to Great Britain, would lose no time excite an interest, and force a sale in following so splendid an example, by bloody battles against our ene. and justifying themselves by so un- mies, or as bloody seditions among exceptionable a precedent. We do ourselves, are beginning to do a litnot say this from any apprehension tle in the stock-jobbing line. The which we ourselves entertain re. gentlemen of the press have entered

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