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away our precious souls, beget new desire, raise the old life, and finally ensnare and pollute our minds again; and what will be the end of such rebellion, but woes and tribulations from the hand of the just God, world without end ? Neither let us enter into many reasonings with the opposers; for that is the life God's power is revealed to slay with the two-edged fword : for it is the still, the quiet, and the righteous life, which must be exalted over all. And this I say in a sound understanding, through the mercies of the Lord, that deadness, darkness, and anguish of spirit will be the end of such disputing and pragmatical Christians, whose religion consists much more in words than works, confessing than forsaking, and in their own will-performances and external observations, than in the reformation and conversion of their souls to God. And finally, we ourselves, who have known something more of the Lord, may also reduce our good conditions to an utter loss, by seeking to comprehend dubious matters in our understandings, and disputing about them with every opposer, whom the devil, in a way of temptation, shall present to us; which does no way advance our growth and increase in the noble principle of truth,

And I beseech you, my dear friends, let not the fear of any external thing overcome the holy resolutions we have made to follow the Lamb Christ Jesus, through all the tribulations, trials and temptations, he and his followers ever met withal. O let us be valiant in God's cause on earth, who have but a short time, and a few days to live.

And let the constancy of the world to the momentary fashions, pleasures, and pollutions of it, the more ardently ftir us up to express ours for the honour of our God against them all; who will reward us for whatsoever we bear, suffer, or part withal, on his account. .

And therefore, I beseech you, let neither father nor mother, sister nor brother, wife nor child, house nor land, liberties, nor life itself, deter us from our holy

constancy; constancy; but, as the faithful ancients did of old, through deserts, wildernesses, and solitary places, goat-skins, and sheep-skins, endure all torments, and bitter mockings, in this earthly pilgrimage, for the inheritance which is everlasting; fo, my dear friends, let us do, as we have them for our example. However, let us be careful to shew all due respect to our relations, not to be exalted, nor any ways unruly, lest there be just caufe taken againit us, and the blessed truth should suffer : but in the still, retired, holy, and patient life, this pure eternal principle of light and truth (as seriously and diligently waited on certainly brings into, let us all wait and abide ; so shall we feel the powerful operation of God's Holy Spirit, to the more complete redeeming of our exercised fouls from under the dominion of sin, and to the giving all of us a clearer understanding, and founder judgment, of those things that are to be parted from, (as the pleasures, cares, and customs of the world, that stand in the fallen nature, and only nourish the same, but crucify the selfdenying Lord of glory) and of the things of God, and his spiritual kingdom, which are to be adhered to; that in his pure wisdom, which is from above, we may be all kept and preserved over all the snares and temptations of the adversary, both on the right hand and on the left. · And as one that is a traveller in his way, I even beseech, caution, and admonish you all, in the holy awe of God, that you never forbear meeting and alfernbling of yourselves with the holy remnant amongst whom we first received our blessed convincement. Oh! for ever let us honour the Lord's truth, and those who do sincerely profess the same! But more especially such as were in Christ before us; for this is well pleal ing unto the Lord. ómi

And let us beware of lightness, jefting, or a careless mind, which grieves the Holy Spirit, « that stands “ ready to seal us unto the day of our perfect redemp!{tion;" but let us be grave, weighty and temperate,


oh? of all its of the

. keeping low in body, as well as in mind, that in all things we may be examples, and a sweet favour for the God who hath loved and called us.

And, my dear friends, let us keep in the simplicity of the cross of Jesus, even in plainness of speech, and out of the world's Aattering and deceitful respects; for we are as well to be a cross in our garbs, gaits, dealings, and falutations, as religion and worship, to this vain adulterated and apoftatized generation. So in the pure measure of truth that hath been manifested to every particular, and has convinced us of the unrighteousness of the world, and the vanity and emptiness of all its professions of God, Christ, and religion, oh! let us stand and abide! that we may feel it to be our refuge, and strong tower, when the enemy shall approach, either by inward exercise, or outward bonds and sufferings, which in all likelihood will suddenly overtake us, for the trial of our most precious faith; so shall we sensibly experience that heavenly blood of cleansing to stream therefrom, which only can give reiniffion, cleanse from all sin, and finally purge the conscience from dead works, to serve the living, everlasting, holy God Almighty, Lord of hosts, King of nations, and King of faints. " And whatsoever things « are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever « things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatso“ ever things are lovely, and whatsoever things are “ of good report; if there be any virtue, if there be « any praise, o let us mind these things ! And the « God of peace, that has by his eternal quickening « power raised Jesus in thousands from the dead, bless, « accompany, and preserve us over all trials and tri" bulations, unto his eternal habitations of rest and “ glory."

Your brother and fellow-traveller in the king

dom and patience of Jesus our Lord, Carberry, in the county of

W, P, Cork, the 19th of the 12th month, 1669.


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At the Sessions held at the Old Bailey, in London,

the ist, 3d, 4th and 5th of SEPTEMBER 1670.


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