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Peace, which he sees others so foolishly part with, as not knowing the value of it: befides a most comfortable Prospect of that further Blessedness of which this here is but a Taft, even the Everlasting Sabbath and Rest of the Saints of God, To which God of his Mercy bring us all thro' Jesus Christ our Lord,

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all evermore. Amen.

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Hebrews III. 12.

Take heed Brethren left there be

in any of You an Evil Heart of Unbelief.


HEN the Doctrine of Chrift

was First Publish'd to the World, as it carry'd with

it the Cleareft Evidence of Truth, whereby it was able to approve itself, a Faithfull Saying, 1 Tim. 1.15. so it had likewise stamp'd upon it the moft amiable Characters of Goodness, sufficient to render it worthy of All Acceptation, ibid.

A continu'd Series of Prophecies deliver'd down successively from Age to Age for above three thousand Years before our Sa


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viour's appearing in the Flesh, all Visibly Centring and Receiving their full Accomplishment in Him, was an Unexceptionable Proof of his being Sent from God. Especially when in those Predictions were foretold not only such Things, as Omniscience only could foresee, but such as Omnipotence only could bring to pass: Those Mighty Works I mean which Our Blessed Saviour did. For the Truth of the Strange and Invisible Mysterys that he Taught, he confirm'd by as Strange, but Visible Miracles that he wrought; and to give Authority to his Words, which were such as never Man Spake, he Perform’d Such Works as never Man did. Now either of these taken singly, The Prophecys I mean that spoke of Him, or the Miracles that were done by Him, were a very convincing Proof of his Mission, and were therefore often separately urgʻd as Such by Chrift Himself. The Works that I do bear Witness of me that the Father hath sent me, Joho 5,36. And a little after, Search the Scriptures, V. 39. meaning the Prophetical Writings, they are they which teftify of me. For had ye believ'd Mofes ye would have believ'd me, for he wrote of me. But if severally propos’d, each of these was a strong Argument, join'd together they amounted to an invincible Demonstration. And there, fore our Saviour, when the Baptist fent

his Disciples to ask this Question, Luke 7. 20. Art thou He that fbould come or look we for another? willing to give full Conviction to this his Great Forerunner, instead of a direct answer, refers him to a Notable Prediction of the Prophet Isaiah, 35. s. and 61. I. and fulfills it in the fight of those that came to him on this Errand; Go, tell Fabn, says he, What things Ye have seen and beard , How that the Blind Şee, the Lame Walk, and the Lepers are Cleans'd, the Deaf Hear, the Dead are Raised, to the Poor the Gospel is Preachd. Luke. 7. 21, 22.

Where he at once appeals both to Prophecy and Miracles, Thewing John's Disciples such Works, then in their Sight accomplish'd, but long before by the Prophet foretold, as None but a Divine Power could Effect, none but a Divine Wisdom could Foreknow.

Such were the Credentials which our Saviour produc'd, abundantly fufficient to confirm the Divinity of his Mission, and consequently the Truth of that Doctrine he was sent to Preach,

But the Gospel of Christ was not only by the concurrent Testimony of Prophecys forerunning it, and Miracles attending it, thus Outwardly furnish'd with sufficient Motives to Convince the Understanding; but so recommended by the Intrinsic Worth


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