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Vegetable and Animal. By ROBERT JAMES Mann, M.D., F.R.A.S., &c. &c., Author of “Gu de to the Knowledge of the Heavens.” Demy 18mo 500 pages, embossed cloth, price 4s.

A GUIDE TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEAVENS, OR THE PRINCIPLES OF ASTRONOMY. By DR. MANN 3rd edition, einbossed cloth, 60 illustrations, price 2s. Od

DR. BREWER'S GUIDE TO SCIENCE ; Or, Scientific EXPLANATION OF THIxGS FAMILIAR. A New edition (the Tenth), revised throughout. Eunbus.ed cloth, price 38. 6d. Sixty-fifth Thousand.

DR. BREWER'S GUIDE TO GRECIAN HISTORY. A thick volume. Demy 18mo, embossed cloth, price 48.

DR. BREWER'S GUIDE TO ROMAN HISTORY. From the Earliest Period to the Close of the Western Empire. Second edition, embossed cloth, price 3s. Gd.


Sunday Exercises in the Holy Scriptures,

for the School and family.

1000 QUESTIONS ON THE OLD TESTAMENT. With Explanatory Introductions to each Book, and a concise History of the Jews, from the close of the Old Testament narrative to the commencement of the New—a period of 450 years. By a Teacher. Price 9d. 150 pages, stiff curers. Second edition, The KEY, 9d.

1000 QUESTIONS ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, With a short Sketch of the Christian Evidences. By the same Author. Price 9d., stiff covers. Second edition. The KEY, 9d.

The Passover Feasts and Old Testament Sacrifices : Shewing their Typical Meaning, and Fulfilment in Our Lord Jesus Christ; with a slight Sketch of Jewish History. By the Author of "The Observing Eye." Second edition, embossed cloth, price 28. 6d.

CLASS SINGING BOOK. A COMPLETE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION IN SINGING, With SEVENTY-ONE appropriate ROUNDS sor Practice, &:. By Henry Rudd, Training Master to the Music School of the Norwich Musical Festival, the Diocesan Schools, &c. Part I. (Elementary) price 6d. Part II. (for advanced Pupils) price Is. Complete, cloth back, price Is. 6d.

THE OBSERVING EYE; Or, Lessons for Children on the Three Lowest Divisions of Animal Life; Radiated, Articulated, and Molluscous. Ly a Lady. Third edition, embossed cloth, price 3s. London: Jarrold & Sons, 47, St. Paul's Churchyar?.


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