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Mr George Herbert,

Late ORATOUR of the
University of


The Ninth Edition, with an Alphabetical
Table for ready finding out chief places.

PSAL. 29.

In his Temple doth every man speak of his honour.

Printed by J. M. for Philemon Stephens,
and are to be Sold at the Kings Arms
in Chancery-Lane, 1 667.


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The Printer to the Reader.


He Dedication of this Work baving. been made by the Auther to the Divine Majefty only, how should we now presume to interest any mortal man in the patronage of it? Much less think we it meet to feek the recommendation of the Mafes, for that which bimself was confident to have been inspired by a diviner breath than flows from Helicon. The world therefore fhall receive it in that naked fimplicity, with which he left it, without any addition either of fupport or ornament, more than is in cluded in it felf. We leave it free and unforeftalled to every mans judgment, and to the benefit that he shall finde by perufal. Onely for the clearing of fome paffages, we have thought it not unfit to make the common Reader privy to Some fem particularities of the condition and difpofition of the Person.

Being nobly born, and as eminently endued with gifts of the minde, and having by indutry and happy education perfected them to that great height of excellency, whereof his



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