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Hawkins, E., Esq., Gent. of the Chapel Royal.

Hurlock, P. J., Esq.

Haden, J. C., Rev.

Hughes, John Hallett, Esq.

Hopkinson, B., Esq.

Hackett, Miss.

Huxley, Esq.

Hime, B., Esq., Manchester.

Hime, Beale and Co., Manchester.

Hime, Esq., Liverpool.

Hopkinson, Luke, Esq. (two copies).

Hacking, R., Esq., Bury.

Hargreaves, H., Esq., Manchester.

Hartwright, W. M., Esq., Manchester.

Harrop, D., Esq., Manchester.

Hankinson, W. S., Esq., Manchester.

Horsley, W., Esq., Mus. Bac. Oxon.

Hawes, W., Esq., Gent. of the Chapel Royal.

Ingleby, Clement, Esq., Manchester.

Jackson, John, Esq., Manchester.

J. H. A.

Jackson,, Esq.

Jolley, T., Esq.

Jeys, F., Esq.

Jones, R. D., Esq., Manchester.

Knyvett, W., Esq., Organist of the Chapel Royal.

Knyvett, W., Mrs.

King, James, Esq.

King, Thomas, Esq., Manchester.

Liverpool Beefsteak Club (five copies).

Lawrence, T., Esq.

Liston, R., Esq. (two copies).

Lingard, F., Esq., Durham (two copies).

Leeming, W., Esq., Bury.

Lord, John, Jun., Esq.

Lonsdale & Co., Messrs. (two copies).

Melodist's Club, London (six copies).

Milner, Peter, Esq.

Morton, Joseph, Esq., Manchester (two copies).

Mort, William, Esq., Manchester.

Mills, R., Esq. (three copies).

Milbourne, James, Esq.

Maltby, R. G., Esq.

Manning, A., Esq.

Machin,, Esq.

M'Murdie, Joseph, Esq., Mus. Bac. Oxon.

M'Gillivray, S., Esq.

Nicholls, S., Esq., Manchester.

Norris, S. H., Esq., Manchester.

Novello, Vincent, Esq., Organist of the Catholic Chapel,

[blocks in formation]

Smith, Joseph, Esq., Bury.

Statham, J. B., Esq., Manchester.

Shuttleworth, John, Esq., Manchester.

Saunders, John, Esq., Manchester.

Slaney, W. H., Esq.

Severn, T. H., Esq.

Spencer, C. C., Esq.

Sale, J. B., Esq., Organist of the Chapel Royal, London.

Taylor, Edward, Esq., Gresham Professor of Music.
Taylor, Richard, Esq., F.A.S.

Tyrreil,, Esq.

Terrail, J., Esq., Organist of the Spanish Ambassador's

Tebbutt, J. R., Esq., Manchester.

Thorpe, Robert, Esq., Manchester.

Turle, J., Esq., Organist of Westminster Abbey.

[blocks in formation]

Walmisley, T. F., Esq.

Wix, Henry, Esq.

Wilbye, W. W., Esq.

Wood, Jonathan, Esq.

Walker, Joseph, Esq.

Willis, R., Esq.

Walker, John, Esq., Bury.

Willoughby, Joseph, Esq., Manchester.

Worthington, T., Esq., Manchester.
Warner, Thomas, Esq., Manchester.

Watson, J. Esq., Manchester.

Wilder, Rev. J., Eton College.

Windsor and Eton Glee Club (four copies).


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(Written for the Adelphi Glee Club at the desire of the President, Mr. E. Hawkins, and set to music by several eminent Composers, to whom a Prize was offered by the Club for the best composition. *)

HARMONY! whose unseen force
Rules the starry worlds above,
And in their eternal course,

Guides the planets as they move;

Harmony! whose magic art

Voice to kindred voice unites,

Here thy choicest gifts impart,

Come and bless our festive rites.

Let brother to brother good fellowship proffer,
Apollo invites us, come bow at his shrine;
The Glee and the Catch are the incense we offer,
The bond that unites us is Music divine.

The Words by E. Taylor, Gresh. Prof. Mus.

The Prize was not awarded till after the publication of the present work.

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