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1. Mr Pope's answer to Dr Swift, offering him a fum of money to induce him to change his religion

11. To Dr Swift. Retired from court fome months before the Queen's death

III. From Dr Swift at Dublin. How little he cares to think of England. Concern at the violence of party. Of the first volume of Mr Pope's tranflation of Homer. His circumftances in Ireland

IV. Mr Pope's love and memory of Dr Swift. The calumnies
and flanders upon him on account of religion, turned into rail-
V. Dr Swift's anfwer. His inquiry concerning Mr P.'s princi-
ples. Poets generally follow the court. Raillery on the fub-
ject of his enemies, and his religion. A Quaker paftoral, and
a Newgate paftoral, propofed as fubjects for Mr Gay
VI. Dr Swift to Mr Pope. An apology for his conduct and wri-
tings after the Queen's death. With an account of his prin-
ciples in politics

VII. Dr Swift to Mr Gay







VIII. Mr Pope to Dr Swift, occafioned by the former. An account of his conduct and maxims in general


IX. From the L.Bolingbroke; a poftfcript to the foregoing letter: with fome account of his own fentiments and fituation in private life


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X. Dr Swift's anfwer

XI. From Mr Pope to Dr Swift. Aninvitation to England XII. From Dr Swift. Of Gulliver's Travels; and his feheme of mifanthropy. Concerning a lady at court. Character of Dr Arbuthnot XIII. To Dr Swift. Character of fome of his friends in England; with further invitations

XIV. Dr Swift's anfwer. Death of Lord Oxford's fon. Something concerning Phs. More of his milanthropy XV. Expectations of Dr Swift's journey to England. Character of low enemies and detractors; with what temper they are to be borne. The amufements of his friends in England' Lord B.'s poft fcript on the fame occafion




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XVI. From Dr Swift, preparing to leave England again


XVII. Anfwer from Mr Pope. The regret of his departure; remembrance of the fatisfaction paft; wishes for his welfareXVIII. Defires for his return, and fettlement in England. The various fchemes of his other friends, and his own XIX. From Mr Gay and Mr Pope. An account of the reception of Gulliver's Travels in England




XX. On the fame fubject from Mr Pope. Advice against partywriting


XXI. From Dr Swift. ney to England

About Gulliver, and of a fecond jour


XXII. From the fame.

Concerning party, and dependency; and of the project of a joint volume of mifcellanies

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XXIII. The answer. On the fame fubjects

XXIV. On Dr Swift's second departure for Ireland

XXV. From Dr Swift. Hs realons for departing

XXVI. From Dr Swift. His remembrance of Mr P.'s friend-
fhip; with fome confideration of his circumstances
XXVII. From Mr Gay. Raillery. What employment was
offered him at court, and why he refufed it
XXVIII. Dr Swift to Mr Gay. On the refufal of that employ-
ment, and his quitting the court. Of the Beggar's opera
XXIX. From Lord Bolingbroke and Mr Pope. Of the Dunciad.
Advice to the Dean in the manner of Montaigne.
courtiers, and of the Beggar's Opera
XXX. Of a true Jonathan Gulliver in New England. The
Dunciad, and the treatife of the Bathos. Reflections on mor-
tality and decay. What is defirable in the decline of life

XXXI. From Dr Swift. Answer to the former. His fitua-

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XXXII. From the fame. His own and Mr Pope's temper
XXXIII. Lord Bolingbroke's life in the country. More about
the Dunciad.

XXXIV. From Dr Swift. Advice how to publish the Dunciad.
Concerning Lord B. and Mr Gay

XXXV. From Bath. The pleasure of being abused in compa-

ny with worthy men

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XXXIX. From the fame.

XLII. Dr Swift's aniwer. The misfortunes attending great
talents. Concerning fame, and the defire of it

XLI. Dr Swift to Mr Pope. Concerning the Dunciad, and

of his fituation of life

XLIV. From Lord B. That the fenfe of friendship increases
with increase of years. Concerning a history of his own
times, and Mr P.'s moral poem

XLV. Of the ftyle of his letters, of his condition of life, his

part friendships, diflike of party-fpirit, and thoughts of pen-

tions and preferment

XLVI. Of Mr Welley's differtations on Job Poft script by
Lord Bol. on the pleasure we take in reading letters

XLVII. From Lord B. to Dr Swift. Inviting him to Eng-

land, and concerning reformation of manners by writing

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LXIII. From Mr Pope and Dr Arbuthnot to Dr Swift. On

the fudden death of Mr Gay

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