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--Summary of other proceedings of the Sessions- bates on Irish Affairs--On Expenses of the War-
Expedition against the Caribbs in St. Vincent- Associations and Petitions from York, &c.-Mr.
Alarming Events in America-Measures adopted Burke's Plan of Economical Regulation-Progress
by Parliament for maintaining the Authority of of Mr. Burke's Bill-Celebrated Vote on the In-
Great Britain over the Colonies-Proceedings of fluence of the Crown-Riots in London-Siege of
the General Congress at Philadelphia-The Sense Gibraltar--Admiral Langra defeated by Rodney-
of the Nation taken, by dissolving the Parliament Charlestown taken-Impolitic proceedings of the
al this Juncture-Dr. Franklin's Conciliatory Plan English in Carolina-Americans rally-Gates de
-Petition of the City of London-State of Affairs feated-Distresses of Americans - Arrival of Ro.
in America-Battle of Lexington--Battle of Bun. chambeau-Defection of General Arnold - Andre
ker's Hill-Meeting and Proceedings of Congress executed as a Spy....


--General Washington appointed Commander-in-

chief-HisCharacter--Expedition to Canada-Forts


taken-Quebec besieged -General Montgomery de. Causes which produced a Rupture with Holland-

fealed and killed....

......130 Armed Neutrality-Count Byland's Squadron taken

-Capture of Mr. Laurens-Declaration of War-


Affairs of East Indies-Mr. Cornwall chosen Speak-
Fatal Effects of the War-Meeting of Parliament- er--Dutch War-India Affairs- Burke's Refort Bill

Defection of the Duke of Grafton and General Con. --Petition of Delegates from Counties-Bill to re.
way from the Ministry-Introduction of foreign peal the Marriage Act-Motion on American War
Troops-Prohibitory Bill-Changes in the Ministry -Session concluded - Attack upon Jersey-Siege
- Affairs of Ireland-Debates on foreign Troops- of Gibraltar-Capture of St. Eustatia-Campaign

Conclusion of the Session-Boston Evacuated by in America - Revolt of Pennsylvania Line-Ar.

the British-Siege of Quebec raised- Americans nold's Expedition to Virginia-General Greene ap-

defeated on the Lakes-Unsuccessful Attempt upon pointed to the command in Carolina-Tarleton de.

Charlestown - Preparations against New-York- feated by Morgan-Masterly Retreat of the Amer.

Declaration of Independence- Americans defeated icans-Battle of Guildford-Lord Cornwallis pro-

at Long Island-New-York taken-Americans re. ceeds to Virginia-Operations in Virginja-Cap-

treat to the Jerseys and over the Delaware-Rhode. ture of Lord Cornwallis-Expedition of Commo.

Island reduced-General Lee made Prisoner-Hes- dore Johnstone-Operations in the West Indies-

sians cut off at Trenton-British defeated at Prince. Tobago taken-St. Eustatia Convoy taken-East



Indies-Hyder Ally defeated-Cheyt Sing-Engage.

ment with the Dutch - Combined Fleets in the




State of Great Britain in the Summer of 1776-

Meeting of Parliament-Debate on the Proclama.


tion of the American Commissioners - Secession Decline of Lord North's influence-Session of Parlia.

of the Minority-Habeas Corpus Act suspended - ment-King's Speech - Motion against offensive

Fire in Portsmouth Dock-Yard-Shameful Profusion War with America-Petitions against the War-

of Ministers-Debates on the Augmentation of the Misconduct of Admiralty--General Conway's Mo.

Civil List -Address of the Speaker, Sir F. Norton, tion against the War-Dissolution of the Ministry

to the King-Censured by Ministry-Dispute with -New Ministry - Popular Measures-Affairs of

Holland - Campaign in America-Action on the Ireland - Reform Bills-Minorca taken - French

Brandywine-Philadelphia taken-Battle of Ger. Fleet in the West Indies defeated by Rodney-Mis.

man Town-American Forts taken-Progress of fortunes of the West India Fleet--Bahamas taken

General Burgoyne-Ticonderoga evacuated-Brit. by the Spaniards- Defeat of Spaniards at Gibraltar

ish repulsed ai Fort Schuyler-Defeat of Colone! -New Administration......


Baum-Actions at Stillwater, &c.-Surrender of

Burgoyne-Conclusion of the Campaign .......185


Motives for a general Peace-Preliminaries Signed


with America-With France, Spain, &c.-Meeting

Meeting of the British Parliament-Debates on the of Parliament-Debates on the Peace-Resolutions

Address - News arrives of Burgoyne's Defeat-De. carried against Ministry-Lord Shelburne resigns

bates on that Subject-Lord North's conciliatory -Coalition Ministry-Bill preventing appeals from

Bills – Alliance between France and America Ireland India Affairs--Pitt's Motion on the Sub-

Debates on the French War-Ways and Means- ject of a Parliamentary Reform-The Quakers pe-

Address for a War with France-Death and Char. tition the House of Commons against the Slave

acter of Lord Chatham - Relief of the Trade of Trade-Fox introduces his India Bill-A second

Ireland_To the Roman Catholics--Toulon squad. Bill for the internal Government of the British Do-

ron ils for America-Termination of the Session minions in India --The Bill lost in the House of

-Transactions of the Royal Commissioners in Peers-Contest between the Crown and Commons

America - Arrival of D'Estaing-Philadelphia evac- - The Conduct of the High-Bailiff of Westminster

uated- Ambassador from France to America-At- in refusing to return Fox brought before the House

tempt on Rhode Island-Expedition against East of Commons-Pitt's India Bill-The Commutation

Florida--Savannah taken by the British-Naval Tar-Bill for the Restoration of the Estates for.

preparations – Engagement between Keppel and feited in Scotland in 1715 and 1745, passed .....304

Dórvilliers–Trial of Keppel – Trial of Sir H. Pal.



Meeting of Parliament – Westminster Scrutiny re


sumed by the Commons-Parliamentary Reform-

Meeting of Parliament-Debates on the Manifesto The Shop Tax-The Hawkers' and Pedlars' Tax-

of the Commissioners-Affairs of Ireland-Votes both unjust and oppressive-The Irish Commercial

of Censore moved on Lord Sandwich-Return of Propositions passed the Commons-carried to the

the Howes-Debates thereon - Spaniards declare Lords--amended by the Lords – returned to the

War-Regulation of Militia-War in East Indies Commons-finally passed--Reflections on the sys-

-In America-Descent on Virginia-Capture of tem of Commercial Intercourse held out by the Irish

Stony Point-British Attack South Carolina-Re. Propositions-Plan of Fortifications submitted to

pulse-d at Charlestown-Operations of Freuch Fleet the House of Commons-Proposal of a Sinking.

-Siege of Savannah by the French and Americans Fund-Bill passed – The Civil-List in Arrears —

-Siege raised-Capture of the British Settlements Burke commences his Charges against Warren

on the coast of Africa by the French ....... .229 Hastings — Attempt to_assassinate the King by

Margaret Nicholson - Treaty of Commerce with


France signed-A Convention with Spain respect.

Alarm from the appearance of the combined Fleet ing the British Settlements on the Mosquito Shore,

off the Coast-Irish Volunteers - Proceedings of and the Coast of Honduras-Consideration of the
The Irish Parliament-Depredations of Paul Jones French Commercial Treaty-Embarrassed Circum-
-Takes the Serapis – Engagement between the stances of the Prince of Wales – Hastings' Im-
Quebre and Surveillante-Secret Enmity between peachment resumed by the Commons-Interference
the Staten-General and the English Cabinet-Meet. of the Courts of London and Berlin in the Affairs
10g of Parliament-Debates on the Address-De of Holland-Meeting of Parliament- The Eust In

dia Declaratory Act--Hastings' Trial-A Bill to reg. on French Affairs-Pitt's Speech on moving the

ulate the Transportation of Slaves passed – The Address-Opposed by Lord Wycombe--by Whit

King's Indisposition-Disputes on the Mode of Es- bread -- and by Fox – The French declare War

tablishing a Regency-Notification of the King's against Euglaud and Holland


recovery-Parliament regularly opened-The Shop

Tax repealed–Test and Corporation Acts-African


Slave Trade-Prorogatiou of Parliament ......319 Motion to ascertain the precise grounds of War-

Motion for Peace - Barracks-Motion for an In.

quiry respecting Sedition - Message on German
Meeting of Parliament—Burke's first Philippic against Auxiliaries-Ways and Means-Traitorous Corre.

France-The Sentiments of Fox and Sheridan on spondence Bill-The French propose to treat for
the same Subject-Opposition to the Motion for Peace, but receive no reply-Subsidy to Sardinia-
Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts-A Re- Numerous Bankrupicies, and Aid given for relief
form in Parliament moved by Mr. Flood-and with- of Commerce-Motions of Censure on Lord Auck
drawn-State of Settlements in India-Royal Mes. land - Proceedings of British Parliament-Hasi-
sage announces a Rupture with Spain- The Dis. ings' Trial-Parliament prorogued-Proceedings of
pute settled, and a Convention signed-War com- Irish Parliament -- Military Transactions on the
menced in India-To defray the Expenses of the Continent-Capture of Pondicherry and Tobago-
Spanish Armament the Minister proposes seizing Insurrection of the Royalists in Brittany and Poiton
the unclaimed Dividends in the Bank-Violently --The French Convention declares War against
opposed - Compromised - Question whether Im. Spain-Proceedings of the two leading Parties in
peachmente abate or not by a Dissolution of Par. France-Death of Marat....

liament-Bill in favor of the Catholics passed -

Bill for settling the Rights of Juries in cases of
Libel—The Slave Trade-The Establishinent of Reform Societies in Great Britain, Edinburgh Con.
the Sierra Leona Company – Bill for the better vention-Transportation of the Secretary and two

Government of Canada --Burke's Invective against Delegates-French Atlairs-Trial and Execution

the French Revolution-Answered by Fox-Ter. of Queen Marie Antoinette-The Port and Fleet

minates in a Breach of Friendship-Rupture with of Toulon surrender to the English-Evacuation

Russia-Grounds of the Quarrel - The French Rey. of Toulon - French Calendar - Extraordinary El

olution divides the Nation into Parties-- Birming. forts to Recruit the French Armies-Operations on

ham thrown into a Ferment by an intlammatory the Frontiers of France-Meeting of Parliament-

and seditious Haud-bill—Dr. Priestley's Ilouse, &c. Augmentation of the Army and Navy - Motion


...336 against the War-Message respecting Democratic

Societies, and Suspension of the labeas Corpus-


Siate Trials-Foreign Troops landed in the Isle of

Meeting of Parliament - Flattering Picture of the Wight-Augmentation of the Forces_Voluntary

Finances of the Country- Marriage of the Duke Contributions in aid of the War-Enlistment of

of York-Motion for Abolition of Slave Trade- French Emigrants-Supply-M. la Fayette-Sub

Gradual Abolition carried in the House of Com. sidy to Prussia - Prorogation of Parliament -

mons—Opposed and delayed in the House of Lords Changes in the Ministry-Military Operations on

-Westminster Police Bill passes-New Forest Bill, the Continent - Corsica annexed to the British

introduced by the Ministry, rejected -- Mr. Rose, Crown – Lord Howe's Victory - Other Navai

charged with Mal-practices in Office, acquitted- Achievements-Capture of Marunique, St. Lucia,

Libel Bill passes – Bill in favor of the Scottish and Guadaloupe-Loss of the latter-Acquisitions

Episcopalians, passes—The London Corresponding in St. Domingo .


Society, and the Society of the Friends of the


People, instituted, to obtain a Parliamentary Re.

form- Notice of a Motion for a Reform in the Re- State of the French Government-Sanguinary Pro-

presentation, alarms Ministers – Royal Proclama. ceedings-Progress of the French in Holland-Es-

tion against Seditious Writings-Statement of the cape of the Stadtholder-Embassy to China-Swe-

Revenues of India - Indian War against Tippoo den and Denmark-Disputes with America-Meet-

Saib-Sues for Peace-Grauted-Terma........349 ing of Parliament-Proceedings-Earl Fitzwilliam

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, recalled, and subse-


quent discontents of the Catholics-Marriage of

Dr. Price's Sermon on the Love of our Country, be. the Prince of Wales-Arrangement respecting his

fore the Revolution Society - Address of Congratu- Debts-Acquittal of Warren Hastings - Proroga -

lation to the National Assembly of France from tion of Parliament-Naval Affairs - Occurrences

the Society--Burke's celebrated Pamphlet well re-

in the West Indies-The French Government con-

ceived by the Tory Faction- Answered by Thomas cludes Peace with Prussia, Spain, Hanover, Hesse,

Paine-Effects produced by the publication of the &c.-Operations in La Vendée, and unsuccessful

Rights of Man-Official Complaint by the French result of an Expedition to Quiberon Bay-Insur-

Ambassador-The King of the French solicits the rection in Paris-Death of the Dauphin - New

friendly Offices of his Britannic Majesty to preserve French Constitution-Return of the English Army

the Peace of Europe --Declined by the British Cabi. from the Continent - Hostile Operations on the

net-Manifestoes against France-Deposition of Rhine-War between England and Holland-Cap-

the King of the French-The British Ambassador ture of the Cape of Good Hope, and other Dutch

leaves Paris-Multitudes of French Priests arrive Settlements-Unpopularity of the War - Outrage

in England-National Convention of France con- against the King-Address in consequence-Speech

stituted--Dr. Priestley and Thomas Paine chosen from the Throne-Address-Bills against Treason

Members-Address of English Society at Paris to and Sedition--Scarcity of Corn-Supplies-Birth

the National Convention–The Convention pass of Princess Charlotte - Dissolution of Parlia

the famous Decree of Fraternization - The English ment....


Government offers Assistance to Holland-Refused
- Artifices used to inflame the Passions of the


People against the French — Proclamations for Hostile Operations in Italy and Germany-Disturb.

calling out the Militia, and for assembling Parlia. ances in La Vendée terminated - Success of the


.359 British in the West Indies-Capture of a Dutch

Squadron in Saldanha Bay-Evacuation of Corsica


by the British-Invasion of Ireland attempted by

Meeting of Parliament - Fox in opposition to the the French -- Naval Operations -- Differences be-

Address—Burke for it-Opposition reduced by De. tween France and America-Spain and Holland
sertion - Motions for adjusting Differences with declare War against Great Britain-State of France
France by Negotiation, and for sending a Minister -Measures against British Commerce-Opening
to Paris-The French Ambassador's Memorial on of the New Parliament-Negotiations for Peace
the relative Situation of France and England-An- Unsuccessful Result -- Increase of the National
swered by Lord Grenville-Memorial of the Ex- Force-Financial Measures-Suspension of Cash
eclltive Council of France - Lord Grenville's Reply Payments by the Bank-Alarming Mutiny in the

- French Ambassador ordered to leave the King. Navy-Discontents in Ireland-Naval Operations
dom- Message from his Majesty to the Commons -Admiral Jervis's Victory ofr Cap St. Vincent-

Admiral Duncan's Victory off Camperdown--Bom- } dish Vessels-Measures of the Northern Powers,
bardment of Cadiz-Capture of Trinidad-Failure and Occupation of Hanover-Nelson's Victory at
at Porto Rico-Unsuccessful attempt on Teneriffe Copenhagen – Armistice — Death of the Emperor
- French Troops land in Wales-Surrender of Paul-Final Adjustinent with the Northern Powers
Mantua, and Expulsion of the Austrians from -Invasion of Portugal by Spain, and subsequent
Italy – The French advance into the Hereditary Pacification--Madeira occupied by the English-
Dominions, and compel the Emperor to make Expedition to Egypt, and final Expulsion of the
Peace-Treaty of Campo Formio-Internal Affairs French-Projected Invasion of England-Conven-
ci France

.414 tion between Buona parte and the Pope-Naval Ac-

tions-Attack on the ulogne Flotilla-Peace be.

tween Great Britain and France

Negotiations for Peace renewed and broken off-

Meeting of Parliament- Address on the King's


Speech - On the late Negotiation - Finance - Meeting of Parliament - Address - Sentiments on
Triple Assessment - Voluntary Contributions - the Peace-Debts of the Civil List-Claim of the
Redemption of the Land-Tax-Plans for National Prince of Wales to Arrears of Cornish Revenues-
Defence-Duel between Pitt and Titerney-Second Repeal of the Income Tax-Loan-New Taxes-
Estimate of Supplies--Slave Trade — Tender of Sinking-Fund-Abbot elected Speaker-Debates on
extended Service by the Militia-Volunteer Corps the Definitive Treaty of Peace-Militia Augmeni-
-Origin and Progress of the Rebellion in Ireland ation - Vaccine Inoculation-Parliament dissolv.
-severe Contests between the Military and Insur- ed-French Expedition to St. Domingo and Guada.
gents--Suppression of the Rebellion--Trials and Joupe-Mutiny in Bantry Bay-Affairs of Switzer-
Executions for Treason-Lord Cornwallis appoint. land-Annexation of Piedmont to France-Seizure
el Viceroy-Act of Amnesty-Objects of the Re. of the Maltese Property in Spain - Buonaparte
bullion - French land at Killala, and surrender - elected First Consul for life-New Constitution i
Naval Victory of Sir J. B. Warren-Close of the France--Legion of Honor-Affairs of France in
Insurrection in Ireland .......

the West Indies-Despard's Conspiracy-New Par

liament-Symptoms of Hostility between France

and England - The British Ambassador leaves Paris

Hostile Movements of the French against Switzer. --Grani to the Prince of Wales-Messages respect.

land–They enter Berne, after several Contests- ing France, and the Militia, and announcing Hos

New Constitution-Revolution at Rome, and Sub- tilities-Military Preparation – Levy en masse-

version of the Papal Government-Grand Expedi. Finance – Volunteer Associations - Preparations

tion to Egypt under Buonaparte-Malta taken- for Invasion by France-Act to relieve Catholics-

Alerandria and Rosetta subdued-Severe Engage. Attempt to Murder made capital-Vote of Thanks

ments with the Mamelukes-Cairo taken-Victory to the Volunteers--The Prince of Wales is refused

of the Nile-New Coalition against the French- Military Promotion - Rebellion in Ireland, and

Turkey, Russia and Naples, severally declare War Murder of Lord Kilwarden- Ireland placed under

against France—The Neapolitan Troops, after ad- Martial Law, and Habeas Corpus Act suspended-

vancing to Rome, signally defeated, and Ferdinand Eminet and others executed for Treason--Capture

IV. compelled to quit the Continent-Expedition of St. Lucia, Tobago, &c. - The French expelle!

against Ostend-Capture of Minorca-Evacuation from St. Domingo-- Movements in Europe-Inva-

of St. Domingo-Meeting of Parliament-Finance sion of Hanover--Blockade of the Elbe and Weser

-Income Tax first imposed-Union with Ireland -War with Holland - Exactions of Buonaparte-

proposed-Proceedings ihereon.

Sale of Louisiana - English Travellers in France


made Prisoners of War-Naval Operations....480

Affairs of Egypt---Capture of Jaffa-Siege of Acre-


Galiant Defence - The French raise the Siege and Meeting of Parliament-Speech and Address-Martial

return from Syria to Egypt - Tippoo Saib, at the Law in Ireland Indisposition of the King-Ex

in-tigation of Buonaparte, concerts measures tension of Irish Militia Service-Motions for In

against the India Company, who declare War in vestigation into the Naval and Military Force-

Consequence - Seringapatam taken by General Formidable Opposition to Ministers- Finance-

Harris; Death of Tippon-Partition of the Mysore Change of Administration - Slave Trade-Addi

Territory-Buonaparte returns to France-Naples tional Force Act-Corn Bill-CivilList Augment-

proclaimed a Repiblic--The Austrian and French ation-India Budget-Parliament prorogued-War

Forces take the Field-Encounters on the Rhine- in India-Loss and Recapture of Goree-Capture

Campaign in Italy and Switzerland - Retreat of of Surinam – Naval Operations — Attack on the

the Rilssians under Suwarow-Expedition to North Boulogne Flotilla — Failure of the_Catamarian

Holland-Capture of Surinam-Party Contentions Project-Repulse of Admiral Linois-Rupture with

1a France - The Directory overthrown, and Buo. Spain, and forcible detention of Treasure-Ships-

ni parte nominated First Consul-He proposes a Murder of the Duke D'Enghien-Complaints against

Negotiation for Peace, which is rejecied by the British Envoys-Seizure of Sir George Rumbold--

British Government-Meeting of Parliament-De. Buonaparte elected Emperor of the French--The

bite nn Buonaparte's Pacific Overture-Subsidiary Emperor of Germany declared Emperor of Austria

Treaties — Finance - Subsidy to the Emperor -Dispute between France and Russia-Prepara

I'nion with Ireland completed--Scarcity of Corn- tions for Hostilities--Convention between France

Attempt on the King's Life


and Genoa ...



Recall of the Russian troops-Genoa evacuated by Letter from Buonaparte to His Majesty-The Answer

the French-Buonaparte crosses the Alps, and gains - Addington raised to the Peerage, and joins the
the Battle of Marengo-Armistice concluded in Ministry-Other Appointments-Opening of Par
Italy-Campaign in Germany, and Armistice-Pre. Jiament -- King's Speech-Supply-Budget-Catho
liminaries Signed-Disavowed by the Emperor- lic Claims--Vote of Credit --Proceedings against
Naval Armistice proposed to England by France, Lord Melville-Resignation of Lord Sidmouth and
and rejected-Armistice with Austria prolonged- the Earl of Buckinghamshire-Illness of Pitt-New
Hostilities resumed–Treaty of Peace concluded at Coalition against France-Commencement of Hos
Luneville between Austria and France-Affairs of tilities-Surrender of General Mack-Buonaparte
Egypt - Assassination of General Kleber-Naval enters Vienna-Advances into Moravia-Move-
Operations-Unsuccessful Attempt on Ferrol and ments in Italy-The Archduke Charles falls back
Cadiz-Reduction of Malta – War with Russia- towards Vienna-Slate of the Russian Forces-
Confederacy of the Northern Powers-Parliament Battle of Austerlitz - Armistice-Return of the
Assembled on account of the Scarcity of Corn- Russians-The Archduke Ferdinand defeats a Corps
Population Bill-New Royal Title--Meeting of the of Bavarians — Treaty of Presburg - Treaty be-
Imperial Parliament-King's Speech, and Debates tween France and Prussia-French Fleets put to
on the Address -- Dispate in the Cabinet on the Sea-Attempts on the West India Islands-Lord
Catholic Question-New Ministry—The King's re- Nelson's Pursuit-Sir Robert Calder's Engagement
tum of Illness--Parliamentary Proceedings-Pro. with Villeneuve-Victory of Trafalgar, and Death
rogation-Embargo on Russian, Danish, and Swe. of Lord Nelson--War in India-Ils Termination-

Marquis Cornwallis appointed Governor-General--- riage of Buonaparte-Annexation of Holland to
His Death ........

.501 France-Other Annexations-Burning Decrees of

Buonaparte-Attempt on Sicily-War with Russia

-Ditferences with the United States - State of

State of Europe-Meeting of Parliament-Death of Spanish America–The King's Mental Malady-

Pitt-Change in the Ministry-New Military Ar- Regency-Opening of Parliament-Proceedings ag

rangements - Finance - Prevention of Abuses- to commercial Distress, and other Affairs-Ameri

Corn Trade with Ireland-Intercourse between the can Disputes-Capture of Java-Naval Actions-

West Indies and America-Slave Trade-Impeach- Farther Measures against British Commerce ...552

ment of Lord Melville-India Affairs-Prorogation

of Parliament-Negotiation for Peace-Death of


Fox- Ministerial Appointments - Dissolution of Surrender of Tortosa and Olivenca-Battles of Ba.

Parliament-Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth's Vic- rossa and Albuera, and various Operations of the

tory-Other Naval successes-Capture of the Cape contending Armies-Loss of Tarragona and Valen-

of Good Hope-Unauthorized Expedition to Buenos cia-Capture of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz-Lord

Ayres-Court Martial on Sir Home Popham-Dis. Wellington enters Spain-Battle of Salamanca-

pute with America-Elevation of Joseph Buona. Capture of Madrid-Retreat of Allies to Portu.

parte to the throne of Naples-Resistance to the guese Frontier-Parliament assembled–The King

French Arms-Battle of Maida - Occupation of and the Regent-Overtures to Lords Grey and Gren-

Hanover by Prussia-Consequent Hostility with ville-Assassination of Perceval-Ministerial Ne.

England and Sweden-Revolution in her Politics- gotiations-Riots in Manufacturing Districts-Re.

Confederation of the Rbine-Louis Buonaparte de. peal of Orders in Council-War by Americans-

clared King of Holland–Titles conferred by Buona- Proceedings in Parliament-Invasion of Russia by

parte on his Followers-Murder of Palm-Fourth Buona parte-Battles of Smolensko and Borodino-

Coalition against France -- Movements of the Destruction of Moscow-Disastrous retreat of the

French and Prussian Forces-Battle of Auerstadt, French-Invasion of Canada-Actions at Sea -

or Jena-Its Consequences - Seizure of British Meeting Parliament-Charges against Princess

Property at Hamburgh-Buonaparte's Berlin De. of Wales-Appointment of Vice-Chancellor -- De.

cree- Negotiation for an Armistice-Advance of claration on the American War - Treaty with

the Russians-Their Repulse-Levies-Operations Sweden-Proceedings and Prorogation of Parlia-

in Silesia-Battle of Eylau-Surrender of Dantzic ment..

--Success of the French in Swedish Pomerania-

Battle of Friedland-Treaty of Tilsit-War with


Turkey and Russia, followed by Hostilities be Prussia declares against France-Battle of Lutzen-

tween England and the former-Expeditions to Armistice-Renewal of Hostilities-Austria joins

Constantinople and Egypt - Capture of Monte the Grand Alliance-Battle before Dresden-Battle

Video-Attack on Buenos Ayres - Its Failure- of Dennevitz.--Bavaria joins the Allies-Rout of

General Whitlocke tried by Court-Martial, and Buonaparte at Leipzic-Revolution in Holland and

cashiered-Capture of Curaçoa- - Insurrection of Successes in Spain-Battle of Vittoria-Capture

thie Sepoys in India.......

..511 of St. Sebastian-Lord Wellington enters France

--Failure of Sir John Murray before Tarragona--


Campaign in America -- Naval Engagements

A new Parliament -The late Negotiations-Finance Meeting of Parliament--Proceedings-Peace with

-Abolition of the Slave Trade-Change of Ad- Denmark-Transfer of Norway to Sweden-Murat

ministration - Dissolution of Parliameut - New joins the Allies - Lord Wellington crosses the

Election - New Military Plan - Bill respecting Adour-Battle of Orthes-Soult retreats to Tou.

Ireland — Reversions - Prorogation – Expedition louse-The Allies cross the Rhine, and enter France

against Copenhagen-Capture of the Danish Fleet - Treaty of Chaumont-Battle of Craone-Occu.

-War with Denmark-With Russia-Restrictions pation of Paris by Capitulation - Abdication of

on Commerce - Action between a British and Buon aparte-Battle of Toulouse-Convention of

American frigate--Capture of the Danish West Paris-- Entrance of Louis XVIII.-Treaty of Peace

India Islands- The French enter Portugal – The -Royal Visitors to England-Restoration of the

Royal Family embark for Brazil-Affairs of Spain Pope-Return of Ferdinand to Spain-South Amer.

-Buonaparte's efforts to place his Brother on the ican Affairs--Parliamentary Proceedings-Honors

throne -- Expedition to Portugal - Convention of conferred on Duke of Wellington - Princess of

Cintra-Advance of the British Forces into Spain, Wales-State of Ireland- Treaty with Holland-

under Sir John Moore-His Retreat--Battle of Co. Congress of Vienna....


runna, and death of Sir John Moore.. ........524



Negotiations with America-Campaign in Canada -

Parliamentary Proceedings-- Expedition against Den- Failure at Plattsburg-Expedition to Washington

mark-Droits of Admiralty - Enlistment-Local --Attacks on Alexandria and Baltimore - Natal

Militia-Finance-Criminal Law-Adininistration Actions-Failure against New Orleans --Capture

of Justice-Distilleries-Spanish Cause--Proroga. of Fort Bowyer-Peace with America-Capture of

tion-Austria declares against England-Efforts of President frigate-Meeting and Proceedings of Par.

the Swedes against Russia and Denmark - Affairs Jiament-Return of Buona parte from Elba, his

of Italy-Militia-Convention of Cintra-Charges march to Paris-Measures of Allied Powers-State

against the Duke of York-Traffic in East India of Paris-Movements of French and Allied Forces

Appointments-Corrupt practices respecting seats Buonaparte attacks the Prussians -- Battle of

in Parliament, and Bill for their Prevention- Waterloo-Buonaparte's Return to Paris-Ilis Ab-

Burget-Dutch Commissioners-Rupture between dication-Advance of Allies-Capitulation of Paris

Austria and France-Campaign in Germany-Over- --Return of Louis XVIII.-Buonaparte surrenders

throw of Austrians- Treaty of Peace-Efforts of to the English, is sent to St. Helena-Mural ai.

Tyrolese--Annexation of Rome to France-Divorce tempts Naples, and loses his Life-Parliament re-

of Buonaparte and Josephine-Affairs of Sweden assembled Corn Laws, and other Measures --

-Expedition to Walcheren-Attack on a French Terms imposed upon France-Continental Affairs

Fleet - French Convoy destroyed – Martinique, -Hostilities in India ......


Cayenne, and Bourbon taken — Differences with

America-Ministerial Disputes and Changes-Ju.


bilee --Campaign in Spain-Battle of Talavera-Parliament called-Holy Alliance --Marriage of Prin-

Siege of Cadiz-Attempt to rescue Ferdinand- cess Charlotte to Prince Leopold-Distressed State

Operations in Portugal....


of the Country-Riols and Tumults-Expedition

against Algiers-East India Affairs-Meeting of


Parliament- The Prince-Regent attacked by the

Parliament convened-Inquiry as to Walcheren Ex- Populace-Message as to Megal Meetings--Relin.

pedition - Breach of Privilege-Sir Francis Bur. quishment of Income by Prince. Regent and Minis.
dett's Motion and Conduct thereon, and this com- ters-Meeting in Spa-Fields, and Palace-Yard -
mittal to the Tower--Bullion Question, and other Commitments to the Tower--loan of Exchequer.
Proceedings-Capture of Amboyna Islands, of Bour. Bills for Public Works-Catholic Claims rejected-
bon, France, Guadaloupe, and Santa Maura-Mar. Lord Sidmouth's Circular - Messages from the

Prince-Regent--Disturbances at Manchester-State ment-King's first Speech-Proceedings in Parlia.

Trials-Death of Princess Charlotte--Foreign Af- ment-Lord John Russel's Motion on Elective Fran

fairs-Meeling and Proceedings of Parliament- chise-Allusion to Queen's Arrival-Revision and

Royal Marriages - Education of the Poor, and Amendment of Criminal Code-Education of the

Charitable Institutions-Army of Occupation with- Poor-Sta:. of Agriculture-Afflicting Position of

drawn from France-Disturbances at Manchester, Public Aflirs-Petition of London Merchants

&c-Death of Queen Charlotte...


Ways and Means for 1820—Delicate Situation of

their Majesties -- Commission of Inquiry

- Mr.


Brougham's Proposition to Government-Proposed

Parliament convoked-Royal Speech-Criminal Code Compromise with the Queen-Offer of fifty ihou..

-Measures for return to Cash Payments-National sand pounds 4-year to the Queen-Queen's Narra.

Income and Expenditure-State of the Nation- tive - Her Majesty's Progress - Mission of Lord

Catholic Question-Foreign Enlistment Bill, and Hutchinson-Sudden Departure of her Majesty from

other Proceedings-Emigration to the Cape of Good St. Omers-Landing of Queen Caroline in Eng.

Hope – Radical Reformers — Popular Meetings land - The King's Message to Parliament — Tbe

Arrests for Sedition-Violent dispersion of a Meet. Queen's Communication to House of Commons-

ing at Manchester-Hunt and his Associates found Proceedings in the Commons-Statement of Min-

Guilty - Earl Fitzwilliam dismissed froin Lord. jsters-Proceedings in the House of Lords-Bill of

Lieutenancy of the West Riding-Address of Cor. Pains and Penalties-- Account of Trial-Speeches

poration of London – Meeting of Parliament- therein-Bill abandoned by Ministers-Parliament

Documents on state of the Country-Bill to Pre. prorogued-State of Continental Affairs.......636

pent Traversing of Informations or Indictments-

Other Restraining Bills-Cession of Parga - Res.


foration of Java-Change in the King's Ilealth- Opening of Parliament-His Majesty's Speech-De.

Death of the Duke of Kent-Death of George the bates on the Conduct of Ministers relative to the

Third-Concluding Remarks...


Queen-Country Petitions to restore Queen's Name

to Liturgy-Queen's Message to the House of Com.


mons-Provision for her Majesty-Discussion on

the Question of emancipating the Catholics-Bill


for Relief of Catholics introduced and passed

through the House of Commons-Rejected in the

Accession of King George IV.—The King's declara- House of Lords-Borough of Grampound disfran.

tion to his Council-Proclamation of his Majesty chised–The Franchise transferred to the County

-King's Diness and Recovery-Detailed Ceremo. of York-Committee to inquire into Cause of Ag.

nial of the late King's lying in State and Royal ricultural Distress-Report of Committee - Bank

Funeral-Parliament Dissolved by Commission- of England resumption of Casb payments-Ways

Discovery of Cato-Street Conspiracy - Detection, and Means for the current Year-Parliament pro-

Trial, and Execution of Thistlewood and others- rogued-Death of Napoleon, ex- Emperor of France,

Tumultuous Proceedings in the North-Attack on in Captivity at Saint Helena ---Situation of the

the Soldiery at Bonnymuir-Defeat of those con- Queen - Her Conduct, and Correspondence with

cerned therein-Trial of Disaffected Persons-Con. Officers of State-Coronation of George IV. ...694

duct of Ministry-General Election - New Parlia.

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