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THE following sermons were written with no further view than for delivery from the pulpit, and the considerations which have induced the writer to offer them to his friends and the public in their present form, have been far from originating in the judgment he has formed of them as any thing beyond plain parochial addresses of a very humble order. He presumes, however, that circumstances may render that measure allowable, which in itself, might perhaps have been regarded as inexpedient and uncalled for; and upon this principle his apology for the present publication must rest. Incapacitated by

indisposition from the duties of a populous parish, and separated unexpectedly from many, endeared to him by ties which a minister alone can fully appreciate, it has been the wish of the writer to leave with them, as well a memorial of the office he exercised among them, and a sincere but unassuming token of his christian regard, as a remembrancer of the inestimable truths it has been his privilege publicly to proclaim. To the indulgent kindness of his friends in affording their sanction and assistance in furtherance of

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this his proposed labour of love,' the subjoined list of subscribers bears the most gratifying testimony, and justly claims the expression of his grateful acknowledgements.

Whilst he feels assured as many of his former hearers as have 'received the truth in the love of it,' will value the word of

life, however humble the medium through which it may be ministered to them: all which he would request of others, is, a candid consideration of those statements which they will here find, and that they will bring them fairly to the test of Scripture and the formularies of our Church. Such a spirit and practice was once commended by an Apostle as eminently noble; and indeed what line of conduct can be conceived of either more reasonable in itself, or from which greater good may be fairly anticipated?

If, by means of these pages, but one individual be awakened to a consideration and knowledge of the things that belong unto his peace; or, if any pilgrim to Zion be in any degree helped onward in his heavenward journey-instructed and animated in the spiritual conflictbrought nearer to Christ-and led to a

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more entire reliance on his atonement and righteousness, and to a more habitual dependance on the Holy Spirit in seeking conformity to the divine image, and in endeavouring to have practical respect unto all the divine commandments;-to Him, in this case, be the whole glory ascribed, without whom, nothing is strong, nothing is holy,' and to whose grace and blessing this feeble and imperfect effort is humbly commended. Whilst, however, deeply conscious of that weakness, imperfection, and sinfulness so inseparable from human duties and services, and of that alloy which is mixed with the purest motives, it will afford consolation and thankfulness to the writer to feel that he is not altogether useless, though no longer able, in person, to feed the sheep of his blessed Master; and the glory of God in the gospel of his dear Son being thus promoted in ever so humble a degree,

his object in the present volume will be effectually attained.

The writer's state of health rendering it inexpedient for him to revise the proofs, several sheets were printed without receiving his corrections; and this he trusts will be kindly received as an apology for the errata in the former part of the volume.

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