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tenders his respects, and still solicits a further continuance of their favors. * Those agents (for those are considered such to whom the bundles have been directed) who wish to discontinue their agency, will please to engage others, and seasonably inform us at our office.

Obituary. Died, in Plymouth, June 3, 1820, Mrs. MARY Boyntov, wife of Deacon Amos Boynton, in the 77th year of her age. Noveabts 15th, 1823, Deacon Amos BOYNTON, in his 79th year." Deacon Boynton was, for many years, a member of the Congregational Church in Plymouth, in which he officiated as Deacon He ever sustained a good reputation as a religious and moral man, and was scrupulously exact ju the perfurınance of religious duties, according to the rules of life embraced by our fathers. At the time of the excommnnication of his son, Isaiah Boynton Esq. the account of which is contained io the first nuruber of the third volume of the Christian Repository, he withdrew from the Church. We know not that he ever fully embraced our views of universal salvation; but seemed to be one that desired to see the day of Christ, aud ready to rejoice at the universal spread of gospel light and truth.

In the same town, Jan. 16, Widow Molly PAGE, in the 73 year of her age, At Weston, Jan. 7, Mr. GIDEON PEASE, in the 67th of

He was a brother in the faith of that gospel, which some are pleased to term damnable heresy, and persevered faithfully "unto death." "Che righteous hath hope in his death."

In Caldwell, N.Y Feb 7, Mrs Caty McFARLAND, aged 79. -Feb. 24, her husband, Mr. JOSEPA MCFARLAND, aged 75. They had lived together 54 years. They were ardent in their

tokens of sincere affection. A few moments before Mrs. - McFarland expired, she called her husband to her, and em.

bracing him with her dying lips, bid him, farewell. The kiss of ( affection he returred after her decease. Abival an hour before his departure, he bowed on his knees, and prayed to the Father of spirits, he might be delivered from this world of pain and grief, and that his spirit might unite with that of his departed friend, and the spirits of just men made perfect. He was a firm believer in God's unbounded grace and impartial goodness to all men, and rejoiced in the same at the hour of death.

In Reading, March 22, Mrs. MIMA FAY, wife of Mr. Thomas Fay, aged 72.

his a ze.

The following lines were written by Miss Minerva Mayo, of Os

ange, Mass. a few days before her death, which took place, June 9, 1822.

I view the earth with all its sweets,

I see each verdant tree,
I see the sun send forth its heats ;

But what's this world to me?
'Tis but a drral of discontent,

When lope has turu'd the key,
And left me bere now to lacuerit,

And what's this world to aje?
I soon shall gain the hopeful prize,

Refiu'd from vanity,
An i with that spirit I shall rise,---

Then what's this world to que?
Tis but a shadow in disguise,

To what I soon shall see ;
A home of life beyond the skies

Says, what's this world to me?
Olet me have fair wisdom's wings,

And I will soon be free;
I'll go and leave all meaner things,

For what's this world to me?
'Tis nothing in my longing eyes,

It soon from us will flee;
But there is one that never dies,

Aud what's this world to ne ?
Yon ligbtuing's sharp and wbirling power

Bade my faint spirit be
Resign'd, and wait the destind hour

i But what's this world to me?
The hour has come, I'm going home

With bim who's paid my fee;
I do not fear the grave or tomb;

He's made a home for me.
He's made a home for every soul,

For all that's in the sea ;
And all that death and hell have stole :

Now what's this world to me?

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