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Orleanist pretensions to the French throne; the
A History of the Christian Church in tabular form. younger, Louis Charles, Duc de Chartres, was born

In Fifteen Tables, Presenting in Parallel in 1840. The Duchess was by Louis Philippe, in
Columns a Synopsis of the External and Internal his act of abdication on the 24th of February, 1848,
History of the Church from the Birth of Christ to appointed guardian to the two sons of the Duke of
A.D. 1858. By Professor H. B. Smith. 1 vol. Orleans and regent of the French kingdom. She

behaved with great courage and dignity upon that

occasion, making her way through an armed and Each table contains twelve synchronistic columns, infuriated mob to the Chamber of Deputies, to whom namely, three upon the general characteristics, the she appealed in vain for the recognition of her son's contemporaneous history, and the state of Culture title to the crown. The republic having been proand Philosophy in each period; three upon the ex- claimed, she quitted the French territory. The cou•ternal history, and six upon the internal history, fiscation of the Orleans property by Louis Napoleon, under the heads of church literature, polity, worship, and the spirited protest which that measure elicited discipline and life, doctrines, and controversy, here from the Duchess, who refused to accept the pension sies and schisms. One table will be devoted to the with which the Emperor proposed to endow her, are history of the Church in this country; alphabetical matters of recent history. The Duchess, only a and chronological lists of Councils, Popes and fortnight since, dined at the Marquis of Lansdowne's, Patriarchs, with a full index, will be appended. and was apparently in the enjoyment of excellent This work differs from other chronological tables in health and spirits. -- London paper, May 22. aiming at a scientific digest of the materials, rather than a mere collection of facts and dates. The di

RESTORATION OF SHAKSPEARE'S HOUSE AT STRAT. visions into periods and tables are made, not by FORD-ON-AVON.—The Birthplace Committee are discenturies, but by signal historic epochs. It will be posing of the munificent gift of £2500 from Mr. published in a folio volume of about eighty pages, in John Shakspeare in proceeding with the proposed the highest style of typography.

isolation and renovation of the house in wbich tho

immortal poet first saw the light. Adopting the CLARK, AUSTIN & SMITH announce

suggestion of Mr. Edward Barry, they intend to reThe Works of the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel W. Taylor, store the building, as far as possible, to the state in late of New Haven.

whiclı it was when Shakspeare was born, stamping

any new features which, for safety's sake, may be A MANUSCRIPT copy of " Divina Commedia," sup- introduced, that future pilgrims may not confound posed to be in the handwriting of Petrarch, has the modern with the ancient. The house is already lately been discovered at Florence. The Grand detached from its neighbors, and it is intended to Duke and the Hereditary Prince have commissioned surround it with a hedge of yew. The committco the well-known savant, Signor Amici, to visit such also contemplate laying out a garden in a style colibraries as possess examples of Petrarch's hand-eval with the house, and are now laying down in writing, and to take photographic pictures of these front of it a handsome and appropriate pavement documents, in order to compare them with the manuscript which has now come to light, after being

The great catalogue of the British Museum Libra. for so many years buried in obscurity.

ry now in progress has just received the important

addition of two more letters, G and I the former THE REV. THOMAS HI. STOCKTON has publishedThe Divine Library; or, Encyclopedia of Inspira- folio volumes. "At the present rate (says the Athe

consisting of eighty-eight, the latter of thirty-seven tion. The Acts of the Apostles: Received Version næum) wo may hope in ten years to see the complein paragraph form. Useful in the department of tion of the great cataloguo in 2000 folio volumes sacred literature. Also, the Student's memoraudum of the Old and New Testaments, a page for every chapter, and an index of subjects for the use of

LORD LYNDHURST has completed his cighty-sixth preachers, teachers, parents, and private readers. Fear; his Lordship is in excellent health. ilis seBaltimore, 68 Lexington street. All good and niors in the House of Peers are Iord Sinclair, who useful.

will complete his 90th year if he lives to the 30th of

July next, and the Marquis of Bristol and VisTHE DUCHESS OF ORLEANS.—The Duchess of Or-count St. Vincent, who were born in 1769 and 1767 leans died at Twickenham on Tuesday last, of influ.

respectively. enza, after a short illness. The deceased lady, Helen Louisa Elizabeth, daughter of the late Hereditary EDWARD CAPERN, the rural postman and poet, is Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, was born in now in London, preparing for publication his second 1814, and on the 30th May, 1837, was married to volume of poems, which is to be dedicated, by perthe eldest son of King Louis Philippe, Ferdinand mission, to Miss Burdett Coutts. Duke of Orleans, then in the 27th year of his age. That Pricce met with an accidental death on the The mortal remains of Havelock are to be removed 13th of July, 1842, leaving two children, of whom from the Allumbagh to England, at the expense of the elder, Louis Philippe Albert d'Orleans, Comte de bis fellow-officers, and will probably be deposited in Paris, born August 24, 1838, is the present heir of Westminster Abbey.


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