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2 Incline their hearts to learn Thy will,

Their opening minds with knowledge ful;
Impress Thine image on their breast,
And guide them to eternal rest.

H above

Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. 7's. B. GUEST. 1 TEAVENLY Father, máy Thy love

Let this infant find a place

In Thy covenant of grace.
2 Son of God, be with us here,

Listen to our humble prayer ;
Let Thy blood on Calvary spilt,

Cleanse this child from nature's guilt. 3 Holy Ghost, to Thee we cry,

Thou this infant sanctify;
Thine almighty power display

Seal him to redemption's day. 4 Great Jehovah, Father, Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Let the blessing come from Thee;
Thine shall all the glory be.


1 Cor. xi. 23, &c. L.M. WATTS. 'T ,

When powers of earth and hell arose Against the Son of God's delight,

And friends betrayed Him to His foes: 2 Before the mournful scene began, He took the bread, and bless'd,

and brake : What love through all His actions ran ! What wondrous words of grace He spake!

3 This is my body, broke for sin ; Receive and eat the living food : Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine;

"Tis the new covenant in my blood.
4 Do this, He cried, till time shall end,

In memory of your dying Friend;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord. 6 Jesus, Thy feast we celebrate;

We shew Thy death, we sing Thy name,
Till Thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.



1 Cor. X. 16, 17.

S. M.

WATTS 1 ESUS invites His saints

To meet around His board :
Here pardoned rebels sit, and hold

Communion with their Lord. 2 For food He gives His flesh,

He bids us drink His blood; Amazing favour! matchless grace

Of our descending God ! 3 Our heavenly Father calls

Christ and His members one; We the dear children of His love,

And He the first-born Son. 4 We are but several parts

Of the same broken bread; The body hath its several limbs,

But Jesus is the head. 5 Let all our powers be joined,

His glorious name to raise ; Pleasure and love all every mind,

And every voice be praise.

711 H

2 Cor. viil. 9. C. M. WATTS. 1 COW condescending and how kind Our misery reached His heavenly mind,

And pity brought Him down.
2 He sunk beneath our heavy woes,

To raise us to His throne;
There's not a gift His hand bestows

But cost His heart a groan.
3 This was compassion like a God,

That when the Saviour knew
The price of pardon was His blood,

His pity ne'er withdrew.
4 Now though He reigns exalted high,

His love is still as great :
Well He remembers Calvary,

Nor let His saints forget.
6 Here let our hearts begin to melt,

While we His death record,
And with our joy for pardoned guilt,

Mourn that we pierced the Lord.


W ,

Gal. vi. 14. L, M.

WATTS. 1 THEN I survey the wondrous cross

My richest gain I count but loss,

And pour contempt on all my pride. 2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,

Save in the death of Christ my God:
All the vain things that charm me most,

I sacrifice them to His blood.
3 See from His head, His hands, His feet,

Sorrow and love flow mingled down;
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

4 His dying crimson, like a robe,

Spreads o'er His body on the tree;
Then am I dead to all the globe,

And all the globe is dead to me.
6 Were the whole realm of nature mine,

That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life. my all.

1713 Luke xiv. 16, &c.

L. M. WATTS. Ow rich are Thy provisions, Lord !


The fruits of life o'erspread the board,

The cup o'erflows with heavenly love. 2 We are the poor, the blind, the lame,

And help was far, and death was nigh;
But at the gospel-call we came,

And every want received supply.
3 From the highway that leads to hell,

From paths of darkness and despair,
Lord, we are come with Thee to dwell,

Glad to enjoy Thy presence here.
4 What shall we pay the Eternal Son,

That left the heaven of His abode,
And to this wretched earth came down,

To bring us wanderers back to God? 8 It cost Him death to save our lives;

To buy our souls it cost His own;
And all the unknown joys He gives

Were bought with agonies unknown. 6 Our everlasting love is due

To Him that ransomed sinners lost,
And pitied rebels when He knew
The vast expense His love would cost.


Luke xiv. 17; 22, 23. C. M. WATTS. COW sweet and awful is the place, While everlasting love displays

The choicest of her stores! 2 While all our hearts and all our songs

Join to admire the feast, We each exclaim with thankful tongues,

“Lord, why was I a guest ? 3 “Why was I made to hear Thy voice,

“And enter while there's room ; “When thousands make a wretched choice,

“And rather starve than come ?" 4 'Twas the same love that spread the feast,

That sweetly forced us in ;
Else we had still refused to taste,

And perished in our sin.
6 Pity the nations, O our God;

Constrain the earth to come; Send Thy victorious word abroad,

And bring the strangers home. 6 We long to see Thy churches full,

That all the chosen race May with one voice, and heart, and soul,

Sing Thy redeeming grace.

715 1 John v. 6.

1 v. . S. M. WATTS. 1

To praise our God on high, Who from His bosom sent His Son,

To bring us strangers nigh. 2 Nor let our voices cease

To sing the Saviour's name; Jesus, the Ambassador of peace,

How cheerfully He came !

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