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A Night ON THE SHORES OF HINDUSTAN.-We friend, foe may vent his spleen, but let it never be came to anchor, on the third morning after quitting done under the cover of anonymous writing. Kedgeree, under the walls of Fort William, and It is indeed a sneaking world, a cowardly world, found H. M.'s 3d Dragoons encamped on the glacis. for it kills more from behind a shelter than it dare About four in the afternoon, the heat having consid- attack in the open plain : but what dear ties have erably abated, we disembarked and marched into either been sundered or loosened by this fiend of the Fort, where quarters had been provided for our mischief ; what hopes of love blighted, what deeds men, though none for the officers, as the brigade of charity delayed, what virtues, the most exalting major informed us, at the same time stating, that as and dignifying to human nature, sullied by this a difference of opinion existed on that subject be- foul invisible spirit! Friendships over which time tween himself and the fort-major, we must wait could exercise no control, --which distance or povo until he (of the Queen's) had craftily overcome him erty could not shake or alter,-have been forever (of the company's), and induced the latter individual chilled by suspicion, or completely destroyed by to house us. There is an old proverb about a man anonymous inalice, Neither shall they be wholly between two stools being likely to come to the guiltless who believe these secret calumniators of a ground, which was fully illustrated in our case, for, man's character. Truth be it remembered, requires both of our supports for a night's rest in Fort Wil no covert, no alteration of garb, for how possibly liam having given way, we came to the earth, can it assume a lovelier one than its own Burn, though fortunately in the tenis of the 3d Dragoons, then, these unauthorized epistles; look for the sigimmediately under the walls of the fort, where our nature before you glance at the matter; and thus fall was kindly broken by cloaks spread on the this enemy of truth

and plain dealing (for such is ground to receive us. I was composing myself to the anonymous correspondent) will be foiled in his sleep as comfortably as circumstances would per. attempt to pervert innocence, and your own bosom mit, when suadenly a volley of screams, as though will still have the satisfaction of thinking well of proceeding from the lungs of ten thousand demons, those friends and neighbors whom this demon of caused me to start on my feet, supposing the camp mischief would destroy.-- Walter Kemp. to have been invaded by the infernal regions. My host, lying in the opposite recess of the tent, being EXTRAORDINARY TREE.-We regret to state that a man of some days' experience, begged me not to during a late heavy storm a portion of the famed disturb myself, as it was only the jackals. “Only lime-tree at Neustadt, in Wirtemberg, was blown the jackals!" but they are pretty nearly enough to down by the wind which prevailed. This tree, which murder sleep, I thought, as I laid down to await was planted more than 500 years ago, is thirty-six . the cessation of their intolerable howls. Silence at feet in circumference at the base, and the twelve length ensued, and I was just falling asleep, when a main branches of this gigantic trunk were as thick low gurgling noise arose close to my ears, and con. as oak trees, being more than six feet in circumfe. tinued with the most monotonous regularity:" Good rence. These twelve branches, thickly covered with heaven !" I cried, after listening intently for a few mi- foliage, formed a circumference of about 450 feet nutes, “ that must come from the diabolical bandi- and rested upon 415 props, which, since the year coots, of which I have often heard from old Indians.” 1554, were, for the most part, set up by noblemen, I drew my sword and awaited their advance in a vio bishops, and other persons of distinction. The lent perspiration, for I have an insuperable abhor- trunk of this once majestic tree is now standing, a rence to the whole rat tribe ; but they had no inten- mournful wreck of its ancient beauty.-Liverpool tion of coming to close quarters. No, their cursed Mercury. pipes sounded the advance, unheeded by the main body. My enemies, nevertheless, seemed to be

ROMAN REMAINS.-In digging the foundation mustering; for the gurgle was taken up by a rein- for the Railway terminus at St. Leonard's, Perth, a forcement from the opposite side of the tent, inter quantity of human bones and stone coffins have been rupted occasionally by a low, muttering sound:

discovered. Urns of burnt clay, some of them con,

taining ashes, were found; and the North British Jamjam efficaci do manus scientiæ.

Mail informs us, that a Roman Road, many feet " I submit; it is impossible to sleep through this in- below the present surface and immediately beneath terminable persecution, and a man's days in this cli- a deep bed of clay, has also been brought to light. inate must be necessarily short without rest!” The strong Roman stations and desperate battles in Thus I exclaimed, as jumping up, I threw my cloak these parts have left scattered relics of every kind aside, and paced ihe tent in a tever, saluted inces and vestiges of their ancient works, such as the in santly by the unearthly gurgle. My friend lay, on teresting camp at Ardoch, all over the country. the opposite side; sleeping as calmly as if there were no such things in the world 10 torture us as STATISTICS OF PAUPERISM.—The population of jackals or bandicoots. The morning was just break- Sweden amounts to about 3,500,000 souls, and has ing, and a stepped out of the tent, in hope of being only 3 mendicants to every 400 persons; while in taken for a ghost by the jackals, and thus retaliating Norway they reckon out of every 100; Denmark by fright on a portion of my enemies--when, lo! 4; in Wirtemberg, 5; in Switzerland, 10; in Italy, the veil of mystery was withdrawn, and there sat 13; in France, 15; and in the British Islands coltwo Hindoos smoking the pipe of the country, com- lectively, 17; although in England separately there monly known by the name of hubble-bubble, which are only 10. In France, the number of foundlings poisy instruments I had mistaken all night for the supported at the expense of the state was, in 1844, bandicoots. This was too absurd. I burst into a fit 123,394, demanding an annual outlay of 6,707,829f. of laughter, which awakened my friend, who hastily 12c., or 54f. 6c. a head. In Paris the charitable esjoined me, when I related my grievance. Having tablishments afford relief to 95,000 paupers. At silenced the smokers, 1 soon enjoyed the rest I had Berlin the number of mendicants has become almost despaired of attaining.---Military Sketches doubled between 1822 and 1846; the number of by a Cavalry Officer.

families in that capital supported by charity has

increased from 2,990 to 3,445. In London it is ANONYMOUS CORRESPONDENCE.—Of all detestable computed that there are 25,000 persons who daily things this is the most odious:-Friend may censure practise mendicity or robbery.

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