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World, by way of Introduction. By W. Penn. The Seventh Edition, price bound 15.

The Grounds of a holy Life: Or the Way by which many who were Heathens canie to be renowned Christians, and fuch who are now Sinners may come to be numbered with Saints, by little Preaching. To which is added, Paul's Speech to the Bishop of Crete; as alfo a true Touch-ftone, or Trial of Christianity. By Hugh Turford. The Tenth Edition, price bound 9d.

An Account of the Convincement, Exercifes, Services, and Travels, of that ancient Servant of the Lord, Richard Davies. With fome Relation of ancient Friends, and the Spreading of Truth in North-Wales, &c. The Third Edition, price bound Is. 3d.

An Alphabetical Extract of all the Annual printed Epiftles, which have been sent to the feveral Quarterly-Meetings of the People called Quakers, in England, and elsewhere, from their Yearly-Meeting held in London, for the Promotion of Peace and Love in the Society, and Encouragement of Piety and Virtue, from the Year 1682, to 1762 inclufive, being 81 Years. By John Fry. The Second Edition, price Is.

A Collection of Teftimonies concerning several Minifters of the Gofpel, amongst the People called Quakers, deceased; with fome of their laft Expreffions and Exhortations. Octavo, price bound 3s.

The Trial of Spirits in Teachers and Hearers, teftified from the Word of God to the University Congregations in Cambridge: Whereunto is added, a plain and neceffary Confutation of divers grofs Errors delivered by Mr. Sydrach Simpson, in a Sermon to the faid Congregations at the Commencement. By William Dell, Octavo, price bound 1s. 6d.


This book is under no circumstances to be taken from the Building

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