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1718. fair Estates have been wasted! How many fine Youths

'destroyed by keeping evil Company, and by Excess in Drinking, is really lamentable to consider ! It keeps the Poor in Poverty ; it makes the Rich many times poor, and brings both Rich and Poor into Disgrace ; it breaks and destroys the Health and natural good Conftitution of the Body, and instead thereof fills it with Misery and Pain ; and which is yet more, it destroys the Soul which is the most noble Part of the Man ; so that it is a sore three-fold Evil, but the last the worst, by how much the Soul is the more lasting and better Part: Several terrible Instances of this Nature I have met with in my Travels among the Children of Men ; three or four of which I may inform thee of ; and it may be affecting unto thee, as it hath often been to my Mind, when I have thought thereon,


The first Instance of a young Man, given to ill Company,

and bard Drinking HE firft is of a cercain Beautiful young Man, a

Physician by Profession, who was much addicted to ill Company, and to drink hard, and was sometimes visited with strong Convictions ; in one of which Vi. fitations he sent for me, and told me his Condition, and made folemn Covenants, if God would but that once Spare bim, be would not do the like Evil again. At chat Time it did please the Almighty to spare him ; but he soon forgot how it had been with him ; and

fell into the fame Sin again ; altho he had a most no! table Admonition in a Dream, but a little before.

His Dream was this, which is very remarkable ; we being then at Sea, in sight of Great Britain, he saw in his Dream a great and spacious Town, the Buildings high, and Streets broad ; at which he landed, and going up the Street, he espied a large Sign on which was written in great Golden Letters, SHAME, to

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which he went, and at the Doos stood a Woman, with 1718.
a Cann of Drink in her Hand; who asked him to drink?
To which he reply'd, With all his Heart, for be said,
be bad drank nothing but Water a great Wbile : So he
took the Cann, and drank a hearty Draught, which,
as he said, made bim merry, and he went reeling up
the Street, when, behold on a sudden, a grim Fel
low met him, and arrested him in the Name of the
Governor of the Place, before whom he brought him.
This Governour, he said, was like a great Black Dog,
the largest that ever he saw, who grinned at him,
and passed Sentence on him, and sent him to Prison,
there to lie for ever. He told me this Dream, with
such an Emphasis, as made me to tremble, which was
thus interpreted to him : 1.cold hiin, that he was an
ingenious young Man, and might easily discern the
Interpretation of this Dream, which to me seem'd to
be ominous to him : The great Town and bigh Build-
ings, is thy great and bigh Profesion ; the Sign, on
which SHAME was writ, with tbe Woman with the
Cann at the Door, Theweth the great Shame of tbe Sin
of Drunkenness, and that it is thy Weakness; and that
grim Fellow, that arrested thee, is Death, who will ar-
reft all Mortals ; and the great black Dog, the Go-
vernor of the Place, is the Devil; who, when bis Ser-
vants have served bim to the last, will torment them for
ever.-God forbid, it is but a Dream, was his Answer to
me. I said, it was a very significant one to him.

About three Days after, the same Person went on
board a Ship, whole Loading was Wine and Brandy;
the Master gave a Cann of Wine to him, and said the
same Words, as the Woman said to him in his
Dream, and he answered with the same Expressions,
and it had the same Effect upon him ; for he took
such a hearty Draught as made him too merry, info-
much that he overset the Boat, and was drowned,
much in Drink: And I seeing him sink down, and

1718. his Dream so punctually fulfilled, I was very heavy in

my Mind for several Days.

Oh! methinks I could wish that the many righteous Judgments of the most High, mighe effectually work on the Hearts of those People, who are in the Flower of their Age, to their Conversion and Salva. tion.

Ibe second Instance of a Merchant, addiEted to the like

destructive Praffices.


HE second is of a Merchant, about Thirty-five

Years of Age, whom I law take Leave of, and bid Adieu to this World : He was one who had spent much Time in keeping unprofitable Campany and Overdrinking, which Practice wasted his Strength and Flesh, as it did his Time and Money, and brought him into a deep Consumption; as it has done many to my certain Knowledge ; besides bringing the racking painful Distemper of the Gout, and many other Miseries; so that at last it brought him to his Chamber, and then to his Bed : And in his Sickness, he several Times fent-for me, and made serious Acknowledgments of his former mispent Time, and bop'd, if the Lord would Spare him, to be more careful for the Time to come. But he was no longer to be trusted here in this World; for he went not out until he was carried in his Coffin : He held my Hand fast in his, until he died, and was fensible to the last.

One Day, as he lay on his Death-bed, he call'd me to him, into his Chamber, and, charged me to caution. the young People to be careful how they keep (and spend Their Time in) Evil Company, for it had been bis Ruin, and now lay as a great and beavy Burden on bis Conscience : Ob! says he, if they did but feel one Quarter of an hour, what I feel, ihey never would keep such Company any more: Tell this to my former Companions.


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And inded there is a great deal of Hurt done by 1718, goung Men getting together to drink Wine, or other 1trong Drink: I wish the Woe, mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, may not be the Portion of many of them ; wbo are mighty to drink Wine, and Men of Strength to mingle strong Drink ; and sit late at it, which many Times brings Sufferings on Parents, Wife, Children, and Servants, as well as themselves, and is a very disorderly Practice, being a Reproach to all Christian Societies and Families, where-ever such Things are.

There is a great Concern upon me against this grow. ing Evil in our young Generation ; and I hope, in Christ our Lord, that divers Heads of Families will come under the like Exercise in themselves : And then, if our Youth will neither hear nor fear the Lord, nor us, we shall be clear, and their Blood will be on their own Heads, as a worthy and honourable Elder, and Man of God (of your Nation) said : One of whose 09spring is the Subject of the third Particular, that I shall mention to thee, of the many I have been acquainted with, in my Pilgrimage here, in and on this part of the Globe of the Earth and Sea ; for these are buc tew Instances of many that I have met withal : I may therefore thus proceed.

T in Barbadoes, s. É.

The Third Instance of another young Man, who much

embraced the same desiroging Delights.
HE fifth of the first Montb, at Bridge Town,

, Son of W. E. died. His Death was sudden ; and was reasonably fupposed, he destroyed himself by Drinking and undue Companykeeping, and sitting long'at it. A Perlon, to whom he himself had told it, told me, " That he ard Four

more, at one Siccing, drank above twenty Quarts of 6. double-distilled Rum-Punch; wnich put him in a « violent Fever :" So that he ran about the Streces, with a naked Sword, and talked of billing one of the



1718. Neigbhours, in this drunken Fit. The next Day he

came to me, and asked me, Whose Door the Blood would bave lain at, if he had, in that Fit of Disorder, killed any Body? By which Query, I thought he was not yet rightly come to himself: Because there were some ordinary Reports about the Town concerning him, he reckoned those who broach'd and spread those Reports, would have been culpable, and muft have answered for bis Murder, if he committed any: But this was but covering his Sin.

He seem'd to fall out with Religion too; for he said, He would come no more to Worship, till be should bav Justice done him, as to the Reports: Tho' poor Soul, he had the more need to present himself before his Maker, and bow before the Most High God, and repent

in great Humiliation. The same Day in which he neglected bis Duty, he was taken sick, and that Day. week was buried. He sent for me, and I went to him: He had but little Sense of his End, as I could perceive, and remained so till the Night he died. I was by him when he died, and saw him fetch his lat Breath, A few Minutes before he gave up the Ghost, he trembled and shook exceedingly, and shricked out, to the Astonishment of all those present, which pierced my very Soul within me: For he seemed to go out of the World in an extream great Agony.

I never saw any depart the World any ways like him ; and indeed ic was very amazing, and greatly affected my Mind wich Sorrow : For I thought he was very unfit to die.

Oh ! mechinks I could heartily wish, that such Objects might be as so many strong Motives, to ftir up and to awaken the Offspring of good Men and virtuous Women (as also any professing Christianity) to fear the Lord, and walk in his Ways, whole Ways lead to Life, in which the Sting of Death

is taken away.


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