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O Lord God Almighty? Before the thoughts of this world find any place in my heart, I desire to lay hold on the first opportunity which this day affords to worship thee my great Creator, and righteous Governor. 1 adore the perfections of thy nature, and acknowledge thy undeserved goodness to me. I bless thee for every instance of it, through my whole life; and at this time particularly, for the watchful care of thy providence, by which I have been secured from the dangers of the last night. Of thee alone, as the father and judge of mankind, 1 implere the pardon of every wilful transgression, and of every omission of known duty, which I have fallen into, in any part


my past life; I beg this upon these terms only, which the holiness of thy nature and the declarations of the gospel have marked out to sinful creatures. presence, O God, I acknowledge myself to be thy&creature, and thy servant, and a disciple of thy Son Jesus Christ. Conformably to

In thy

these relations, and impressed with corresponding sentiments of duty, gratitude, and interest, may I sincerely search out and perform thy whole will, and never designedly transgress thy sacred laws. Professing my entiré dependence upon thy wisdom, power, and goodness, I humbly beg the continuance of thy fatherly favour and love. Defend me, I beseech thee, this day from every danger and calamity : guard me by the dispositions of thy good providence, from all the ways of sin, and lead me forward in all the paths of virtue and piety, to the perfection of a reasonable and moral agent here, and to the happiness prepared for the righteous in the world above. Accept, O God, my first humble offerings of this day, according to the essential goodness of thy own nature, and the declarations of thy will by Jesus Christ. Amen.


O God, my great creator, preserver, and benefactor! I approach thee with the sincerest reverence and humility to pay the last acknowledgments of this day to thee, before my eyes are closed with sleep. I praise and magnify thy name for all thy mercies ; and particularly at this time for thy preservation of me through the past day, and for that care and guidance of thy merciful providence, which hath defended me from the numerous evils, natural and moral, with which this imperfect world so much abounds. For all the good and happiness I enjoy, I render unto thee my unseigned thanksgivings; and at the same time I would rake shame to myself for my disobedience and base ingratitude towards thec. May I truly repent of all my wilful imperfections and fail. ings, and of all my transgressions and neglects of thy law and my duty; and may it please thee, of thy fatherly goodness and mercy, to pardon all my past sins. Forgive, I bescech thee, on the terms of thy Son's gospel, what. soever thou hast seen amiss in my temper and conduct, during the day past ; and take me into thy care and protection through this night. Defend me, if it be thy holy will, from the designs of evil men, and from every hurtful and uncomfortable disaster. Finally, both for myself and all in whom I am concerned, I pray, heavenly Father, that thy good providence may continually keep us in the paths of virtue and piety, and bring us at last to eternal life and happiness, according to the declarations of thy goodness and love to mankind, by thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,






O Eternal and sovereign spirit, who art the light and life of the world! I esteem it an eminent distinction, which thou hast conferred upon our nature, that we are capable of knowing thee, the centre of all perfection, and the source of all good. Thy works, O God, are immense, full of wonder, and demanding everlasting praise. And to vary the scenes of existence, for the largest and most diffusive communication of good, thou hast been pleased to form innumerable other beings, besides mankind, endued with life and sense ; who, through the constitution of their nature, can neither discern thy power which upholds, thy presence which animates, nor thy kind and gracious influence, that cheers and comforts their frame.

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