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5 Enjoy the health which God hath wrought,

Nor let the daily tribute cease,
Till changed for more exalted songs
In regions of eternal peace.

220. S. M.

Blessedness of Gospel Times.
1 How beauteous are their feet,

Who stand on Zion's hill!
Who bring salvation on their tongues,

And words of

peace reveal.

2 How charining is their voice !

How sweet the tidings are ! “Zion, behold thy Saviour king;

He reigns and triumphs here." 3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,

And sought, but never found ! 4 How blessed are our eyes,

That see this heavenly light; Prophets and kings desired it long,

But died without the sight! 5 The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ; Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,

And deserts learn the joy. 6 The Lord makes bare his arm

Through all the earth abroad: Let every nation now behold

Their Saviour and their God.

221. C. M.

Watts. Christ's Mediatorial Kingdom. Ps. 89. 1 Hear what the Lord in vision said,

And made his mercy known: “Sinners, behold, your help is laid

On my beloved Son.
2 “Behold the man my wisdom chose

Among your mortal race;
His head my holy oil o'erflows,

The Spirit of my grace. 3 “High shall he reign on David's throne,

My people's better King;
My arm shall beat his rivals down,

And still new subjects bring.
4. "My truth shall guard him in his way,

With mercy by his side, While in my name, through earth and sea,

He shall in triumph ride.
5 Me for his Father and his God

He shall forever own,
Call me his rock, his high abode,

And I'll support my Son.”

222. L. M.

WATTS. Christ's Kingdom among the Gentiles. Ps. 72. 1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

Does his successive journeys run:
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

2 For him shall endless prayer be made,

And praises throng to crown his head
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise

With every morning sacrifice.
3 People and realms of every tongue

Dwell on his love with sweetest song ;
And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on his name.
4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns;

The prisoner leaps to loose his chains,

find eternal rest,
And all the sons of want are blest.

5 Let every creature rise and bring

Peculiar honors to our King;
Angels descend with songs again,
And earth repeat the long amen.

223. L. M. 61.

The God of the Gentiles. Ps. 96.
1 Let all the earth their voices raise,

To sing the choicest psalm of praise,
To sing and bless Jehovah's name;
His glory let the heathens know,
His wonders to the nations show,

And all his saving works proclaim.
2 The heathens know thy glory, Lord;

The wondering nations read thy word;
Among us is Jehovah known:
Our worship shall no more be paid
To gods which mortal hands have made;
Our Maker is our God alone.

3 He framed the globe, he built the sky,

He made the shining worlds on high,
And reigns complete in glory there :
His beams are majesty and light;
His beauties, how divinely bright !

His temples, how divinely fair! 4 Come, the great day, the glorious hour,

When earth shall feel his saving power,
And barbarous nations fear his name;
Then shall the race of man confess
The beauty of his holiness,
And in his courts his grace proclaim.



The Latter Day's Glory. 1 O’er mountain tops, the mount of God

In latter days shall rise Above the summits of the hills,

And draw the wandering eyes. 2 To this the joyful nations round,

All tribes and tongues shall flow; Up to the mount of God, they say,

And to his house we'll go. 3 The beams that shine from Zion's hill

Shall lighten every land; The King who reigns in Salem's towers,

Shall the whole world command. 4 Among the nations he shall judge,

His judgments truth shall guide; His sceptre shall protect the just,

And crush the sinner's pride.

5 No war shall rage, nor hostile strife

Disturb those happy years;
To ploughshares men shall beat their swords,

To pruning-hooks their spears.
6 No longer hosts, encountering hosts,

Shall crowds of slain deplore; They'll hang the trumpet in the hall,

And study war no more.

225. 10s. M.

Pope, altered. Gentiles coming into the Church. 1 RISE, crowned with light, imperial Salem, rise!

Exalt thy towering head, and lift thine eyes ! See heaven its sparkling portals wide display,

And break upon thee in a flood of day !
2 See a long race thy spacious courts adorn,

See future sons and daughters yet unborn,
In crowding ranks on every side arise,

Demanding life, impatient for the skies!
3 See barbarous nations at thy gates attend,

Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend ! See thy bright altars thronged with prostrate

While every land its joyous tribute brings. 4 The seas shall waste, the skies to smoke decay,

Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away; But fixed his word, his saving power remains; Thy realm shall last, thy own Messiah reigns.



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