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300. L. M. MRS. STELLE.

Resolution and Example. 1 An wretched souls, who strive in vain,

Slaves to the world, and slaves to sin !
A nobler toil may I sustain,

A nobler satisfaction win.
2 May I resolve, with all my heart,

With all my powers to serve the Lord;
Nor from his precepts e'er depart,

Whose service is a rich reward. 3 O be his service all my joy!

Around let my example shine,
Till others love the blest employ,

And join in labors so divine. 4 O may I never faint nor tire, ** Nor, wandering, leave his sacred ways;

Great God! accept my soul's desire,
And give me strength to live thy praise.

C. M.

EXETER COL. Fortitude founded on Godly Fear. 1 Blest is the man who fears the Lord;

His well established mind,
In every varying scene of life,

Shall true composure find. 2 Oft through the deep and stormy sea

The heavenly footsteps lie;
But on a glorious world beyond

His faith can fix its eye.

3 Though dark his present prospects bé,

And sorrows round him dwell,
Yet hope can whisper to the soul,

That all shall issue well.
4 Full in the presence of his God,

Through every scene he goes,
And, fearing him, no other fear

His steadfast bosom knows.

302. S. M.

The Christian encouraged.
1 Give to the winds thy fears;

Hope and be undismayed;
God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears;

God shall list up thy head. 2 Through waves, through clouds and storms,

He gently clears thy way;
Wait thou his time, so shall the night

Soon end in joyous day.
3 He everywhere hath rule,

And all things serve his might; His every act pure blessing is,

His path unsullied light.
4 Thou comprehend'st him not;

Yet earth and heaven tell,
God sits as sovereign on the throne;

He ruleth all things well.
5 Thou seest our weakness, Lord,

Our hearts are known to thee: 0, lift thou up the sinking hand, Confirm the feeble knee !

6 Let us, in life or death,

Boldly thy truth declare;
And publish, with our latest breath,

Thy love and guardian care.


Christian Ambition.
1 Now let a true ambition rise,

And ardor fire our breast,
To reign in worlds above the skies,

In heavenly glories drest.
2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand

A radiant crown display,
Whose gems with vivid lustre shine,

While suns and stars decay. 3 Ye hearts, with youthful vigor warm,

The glorious prize pursue;.
Nor shall ye want the goods of earth,

While heaven is kept in view.

L. M.


Warning against Slothfulness.
1 O ISRAEL, to thy tents repair !

Why thus secure on hostile ground?
Thy Lord commands thee to beware,

For many foes thy camp surround. 2 O sleep not thou, as others do ;

Awake, be vigilant, be brave;
The coward and the sluggard too
Must wear the fetters of the slave.

3 A nobler lot is cast for thee;

A crown awaits thee in the skies :
With such a hope shall Israel flee,

And yield, through weariness, the prize? 4 No; let a careless world repose,

And slumber on through life's short day,
While Israel to the conflict goes,
And bears the glorious prize away.

305. C. M. J. NEWTON.

Christian Perseverance.
1 REJOICE, believer, in the Lord,

Who makes your cause his own;
The hope that's built upon his word

Can ne'er be overthrown.
2 Though many foes beset your road,

And feeble is your arm,
Your life is hid with Christ in God,

Beyond the reach of harm.
3 Weak as you are, you shall not faint,

Or, fainting, shall not die;
For God, the strength of every saint,

Will aid you from on high. 4 Though sometimes un perceived by sense,

Faith sees him always near,
A Guide, a Glory, a Defence;

Then what have you to fear? 5 As surely as Christ overcame,

And triumphed once for you;
So surely you that love his name,

Shall triumph in him too.


Faith Encouraged.
1 Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaims

His various and his saving names;
O may they not be heard alone,

But by our sure experience known! 2 Let great Jehovah be adored,

The eternal, all-sufficient Lord;
He, through the world, Most High confessed,

By whom 't was formed, and is possessed. 3 Awake, our noblest powers, to bless

The God of Abraham, God of peace;
Now by a dearer title known,
Father and God of Christ his Son.

4 Through every age, his gracious ear

Is open to his servants' prayer;
Nor can one humble soul complain

That it hath sought its God in vain. 5 What unbelieving heart shall dare

In whispers to suggest a fear,
While still he owns his ancient name,

The same his power, his love the same? 6 To thee our souls in faith arise ;

To thee we lift expecting eyes;
And boldly through the desert tread,
For God will guard where God shall lead.


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