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315. L. M. WATTS.

Love to God and our Neighbor.
1 Thus saith the first, the great command,

"Let all thy inward powers unite
To love thy Maker and thy God

With utmost vigor and delight.
2 " Then shall thy neighbor next in place

Share thine affections and esteem;
And let thy kindness to thyself

Measure and rule thy love to him.” 3 This is the sense that Moses spoke;

This did the prophets preach and prove;
For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law's fulfilled by love. 4 But, oh, how base our passions are !

How cold our charity and zeal !
Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire,
Or we shall ne'er perform thy will.

316. S. M. BEDDOME.

Christian Unity. 1

LET party names no more

The Chris.ian world o'erspread; Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,

Are one in Christ their head.
2 Among the saints on earth

Let mutual love be found;
Heirs of the same inheritance,

With mutual blessings crowned.


3 Let envy and ill will

Be banished far away;
Those should in holy friendship dwell,

Who the same Lord obey.
4 Thus will the church below

Resemble that above;
Where streams of pleasure always flow,

And every heart is love.


Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace. 1 The glorious universe around,

The heavens with all their train, Sun, inoon and stars, are firmly bound

In one mysterious chain.
2 The earth, the ocean, and the sky
To form one world

Where all that walk, or swim, or fly,

Compose one family.
3 God in creation thus displays

His wisdom and his might,
While all his works with all his ways

Harmoniously unite.
4 In one fraternal bond of love,

One fellowship of mind,
The saints below and saints above

Their bliss and glory find.
5 Here, in their house of pilgrimage,

Thy statutes are their song; There, through one bright, eternal age

Thy praises they prolong.

6 Lord, may our union form a part

Of that thrice happy whole; Derive its pulse from thee the heart,

Its life from thee the soul.



C. M.
Hidden Life of the Christian.
1 O HAPPY soul, that lives on high,

While men lie grovelling here!
His hopes are fixed above the sky,

And faith forbids his fear.
2 His conscience knows no secret stings,

While grace and joy combine
To form a life, whose holy springs

Are hidden and divine.
3 He waits in secret on his God;

His God in secret sees ;
Let earth be all in arms abroad,

He dwells in heavenly peace.
4 His pleasures rise from things unseen,

Beyond this world and time;
Where neither eyes nor ears have been,

Nor thoughts of mortals climb.
5 He wants no pomp nor royal throne

To raise his honors here:
Content and pleased to live unknown,

Till Christ his life appear.



Communion with God and Christ. 1 Our heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near;
With both our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear. 2 God pities all my griefs;

He pardons every day;
Almighty to protect my soul,

And wise to guide my way. 3 Jesus, my living head,

I bless thy faithful care;
Mine advocate before the throne,

And my forerunner there. 4 Here fix, my roving heart,

Here wait, my warmest love,
Till the communion be complete

In nobler scenes above.

C. M.

Confidence in God.
1 O HAPPY they who know the Lord,

With whom he deigns to dwell; He feeds and cheers them by his word,

His arm supports them well. 2 To them, in each distressing hour,

His throne of grace is near; And when they plead his love and power, He stands engaged to hear.

3 He helped his saints in ancient days

Who trusted in his name;
And we can witness to his praise,

His love is still the same.
4 His presence sweetens all our cares,

And makes our burdens light;
A word from him dispels our fears,

And gilds the gloom of night. 5 Lord, we expect to suffer here,

Nor would we dare repine;
But give us still to find thee near,

And own us still for thine.
6 Let us enjoy and highly prize

The tokens of thy love,
Till thou shalt bid our spirits rise

To worship thee above.

321. L. M. J. NEWTON.

Contentment and Trust in God. I Be still, my heart ! these anxious cares

To thee are burdens, thorns and snares; They cast dishonor on thy Lord,

And contradict his gracious word. 2 Brought safely by his hand thus far,

Why wilt thou now give place to fear? How canst thou want if he provide,

Or lose thy way with such a guide ? 3 Did ever trouble yet befall,

And he refuse to hear thy call ?
And has he not his promise past,
That thou shalt overcome at last ?

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