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3 He shall defend and guide thy course

Through life's uncertain sea, Till thou art landed on the shore

Of blessed eternity. 4 Then seek the Lord betimes, and choose

The path of heavenly truth : The earth affords no lovelier sight

Than a religious youth.

489. S. M.

MONTGOMERY. For Sunday Schools. i Within these walls be peace;

Love through our borders found; In all our little palaces

Prosperity abound. 2 God scorns not humble things;

Here, though the proud despise, The children of the King of kings

Are training for the skies.
3 May none who thus are taught,

From glory be cast down,
But all through faith and patience brought

To an immortal crown.

490. C. M.

Watts. Daily and Nightly Devotion. Ps. 134. 1 Ye that obey the immortal King,

Attend his holy place;
Bow to the glories of his power,

And bless his wondrous grace.

2 Lift up your hands by morning light,

And send your souls on high :
Raise your admiring thoughts by night

Above the starry sky.
3 The God of Zion cheers our hearts

With rays of quickening grace; The God that spreads the heavens abroad,

And rules the swelling seas.


For a Blessing with Food.
1 Fountain of being, Source of good,

At whose almighty breath
The creature proves our bane or food,

Dispensing life or death;
2 Thee we address with humble fear;

Vouchsafe thy gifts to crown: Father of all, thy children hear,

And send a blessing down. 3 O may our souls forever pine

Thy grace to taste and see; Athirst for righteousness divine,

And hungry after thee.


Goodness of God in the Seasons.
1 GREAT God, at whose all-powerful call

At first arose this beauteous frame,
Thou bidst the seasons change, and all
The changing seasons speak thy name.

2 Thy bounty bids the infant year,

From winter storms recovered, rise; When thousand grateful scenes appear,

Fresh opening to our wondering eyes. 3 The new delight how great, to see

The earth in vernal beauty dressed, While in each herb, and flower, and tree,

Thy opening bounty shines confessed. 4 Aloft, full beaming, reigns the sun,

And light and genial heat conveys;
And while he leads the seasons on,

From thee derives his quickening rays. 5 Indulgent God! from every part

Thy plenteous blessings largely flow;
We see; we taste; let every heart
With grateful love and duty glow.


Imitation of Thomson's Hymn on the Seasons.
1 Lord of the worlds below!

On earth thy glories shine:
The changing seasons show
Thy skill and power divine.

In all we see
A God appears;
The rolling years

Are full of thee.
2 Forth in the flowery spring,

We see thy beauty move;
The birds on branches sing
Thy tenderness and love;

Wide flush the hills;
The air is balm :
Devotion's calm
Our bosom fills.

The sun,

3 Then come, in robes of light, The summer's flaming days;

thine image bright, Thy majesty displays;

And oft thy voice
In thunder rolls;
But still our souls

In thee rejoice.
4. In autumn, a rich feast

Thy common bounty gives
To man, and bird, and beast,
And everything that lives.

Thy liberal care
At morn and noon
And harvest moon,

Our lips declare.
5 In winter, awful thou !

With storms around thee cast;
The leafless forests bow
Beneath thy northern blast.

While tempests lower,
To thee, dread King,
We homage bring,

And own thy power.


C. M.

The Seasons of the Year. Ps. 147.
1 With songs and honors sounding loud,

Address the Lord on high;
Over the heavens he spreads his cloud,

And waters veil the sky.
2 He sends his showers of blessings down

To cheer the plains below;
He makes the grass the mountains crown,

And corn in valleys grow.
3 His steady counsels change the face

Of the declining year;
He bids the sun cut short his race,

And wintry days appear.
4 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow,

Descend and clothe the ground;
The liquid streams forbear to flow,

In icy fetters bound. 5 He sends his word, and melts the snow;

The fields no longer mourn:
He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spring return.
6 The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey his mighty word:
With songs and honors sounding loud,

Praise ye the sovereign Lord.


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