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Curio, a fpeaker turbulent and bold,

barter'd liberty for gold,

falls in Afric,

what avail thy popular arts,

thy restless mind, that fhook thy country,

Rowe L. 58

Rowe L. 202

Rowe L. 201

Rowe L. 201

Rowe L. 201

Rowe L. 201

Aken. 333

Aken. 212

Aken. 216

Weft 264

Cow. 1: 169

thou the first victim of thy war,

epistle to,

ode to,

by infamy the mindful dæmon fway'd,

Curiofity, a mighty traveller,

----- makes pilgrims,

---- a crime, which in the fex needs no excufe, Swift 1: 11

Curll, from the blanket, flies high in air,

Curls on curls, the head is built before,
Curfe hangs over the blafphemer's head,

of curfes is our curfe to love,

of kings, for fubjects to be poor,

Pope 3: 141

Dry. 7:273

A. Phil. 383

Young 3:2
Rowe L. 128

[blocks in formation]

how vaft his influence; how wide his fway! Weft 312

[blocks in formation]

the world's great idol, we adore,

makes current in the man follies of the child, Fent. 227

Pom. 341

conquers fear and shame,

Cutts, verfes to Lord John,

Gay 2: 52

Watts 113

[blocks in formation]

Cyllarus and: Hylonome, loves and death of,

Dry. 4: 92

Collins 280

Cymbeline, dirge in,

Cymon and Iphigenia,

Dry. 3:256


Cynthia fhines at noon of night,


ode to,

Butl. I :39. Hughes 66 Cong. 99. Shen. 147

Cypress by the noble mourner worn,

Cyprus to Love's goddess dear,

Cyrene, built under the Aufpices of a crow,

Carnean feast annually kept at,

Rowe L. 142

Rowe L. 349.

Pitt 202

Pitt 203

[blocks in formation]

Dry. 6:113 Sam. 339

Dedalus built the temple at Cumæ,

Dagger, dead-doing blade!

Dagon, god of Philistins,

worshiping of,

D'Aiguillon, invitation to Duchess,

Dalila, Samfon's fnare,

gains on Samfon to reveal his fecret,

Milt. 1: 20, 21
But. I:42

Lytt. 86

Milt. 3:14

Milt. 3:15

Weft 172

the friend of juftice and of truth,

Weft 172

Damagetus, nor will I pafs unfung, thy fire,

Damafcus, prologue to siege of,

Damafk'd meads yield flowers useful in potables,

Dame lofes pity, who lost her shame,.

religion, fought for,

Dames, who native beauty want,

Mall. 173

Phil. 68

Dry. 7: 298
Butl. I : 4

Prior 2: 60

[blocks in formation]

Sav. 152

Dry. 2:114

and Delia, epistle to,

- a bookish mind with pedantry unfraught,

Damps of oblivion shed on the filial dulness,

Damfels cull the fnowy fleece, or twift the purpled Pope od. 3:171

[blocks in formation]

Dane, fiery-treffed,

Collins 260 Collins 247

Danger, what mortal eye can fix'd behold,

not affay'd, no praife gain'd,

serves to enhance the prize,

Prior 1:235 Add. 54

waits on all untimely joy,

Pope od. 4: 187

lies in death's uncertainty,

Dangers ftrow the paths the mighty tread, preffing, cowards will grow bold,

that might the bold affright,

Young 2: 120
Rowe L. 215

Lanf. 253

Rowe L. 168

Dangling and loyalty,

Dante began to polish Italian,

Danube, vaft and deep, fupreme of rivers,

French, pufh'd into,

refcued, and the empire fav'd,


and Apollo,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Darent, ftain'd with Danish blood,
Dares, a priest, rich without a fault,
Daring love, for the danger's fake,

zeal with cool debate is join'd,

Darius flies, young Ammon urges on,
Darkening error from deep to depth fallen,
Darkling grope, not knowing we are blind,
Darkness, what,

I 4

Dry. 3:318
Shen. 129

Dry. 5:43
Gay 1:258
Broome 32
Pope 1:71

Pope il. 1: 151

Rowe L. 392

Pope od. 4: 170

Prior 1:53

Dyer 10

Prior 2: 126

Milt. 2: 214

[blocks in formation]

whofe bounds were fix'd, before his race began, ib. 117

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David, character of,

whofe harp devotion in a rapture ftrung,
from the flock, advanced to the throne,
renowned for mufic and poetry,

the monarch after God's own mind,

Milt. 2:105

S Diy. 1: 136 Parn. 154 Parn. 154 Parn. 163.

Buck. 97

Pope 1:250

his life a fcene of danger and a ftate of war,

Prior 2: 180

feigns madness,

Cow. 2: 134

refort to at Adullam,

Cor. 2: 135

after day brings truth to light,

each has its unguarded hour,

one abftemious, to grief and anguish,

encounters Goliah,

lamentation over Saul and Jonathan,


Day, cach breathes his, then finks into his clay, Gay 2: 192

each fteals me from myfelf away,

Broome 164.

A. Phil. 381

Cow. 2: 151

Som. 204

Cow. 2:70

Gay 1: 209.

Pop: il. 2: 206

of death, fhall pronounce on all our days, Young 2: 143


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