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173 48 He is, so are we in this world. . .

Unto you therefore which believe He 174

is precious.- 1 PET. ii. 7. mf 1

ORD Jesus, are we one with Thee ?

ESUS, the very
O height, 0 depth of love !
Thou one with us upon the tree,
We one with Thee above !

But sweeter far Thy face to see,

And in Thy presence rest. p 2 Such was Thy grace that for our sake

Thou didst from heaven come down, 2 Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame,
With us of flesh and blood partake,

Nor can the memory find
In all our misery one.

A sweeter sound than Thy blest name, 3 Our sins, our guilt, in love Divine

O Saviour of mankind.
Confessed and borne by Thee;
The gall, the curse, the wrath were Thine, 3 0 Hope of every contrite heart,
To set Thy members free.

O Joy of all the meek, f 4 Ascended now, in glory bright,

To those who fall, how kind Thou art !
Still one with us Thou art ;
Nor life nor death, nor depth nor height,

How good to those who seek ! Thy saints and Thee can part. cr 4 But what to those who find ? Ah, this mj 5 0 teach us, Lord, to know and own

Nor tongue nor pen can show;
This wondrous mystery,

The love of Jesus, what it is,
That Thou with us art truly one

None but His loved ones know.
And we are one with Thee.
f 6 Soon, soon shall come that glorious day

| 5 Jesus, our only joy be Thou,
When, seated on Thy throne,

As Thou our prize wilt be;
Thou shalt to wondering worlds display Jesus, be Thou our glory now,
That Thou with us art one.

And through eternity.
James G. Deck.

Bernard of Clairvaux, tr. E.

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The brightness of His glory ... upholding all things.-HEB, I. 3.

f1 MC

IGHTY God, while angels bless Thee,

May a mortal sing 'Thy name :
Lord of men as well as angels,

Thou art every creature's theme !
2 Lord of every land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days,
Sounded throngh the wide creation

Be Thy just and lawful praise.
mf 3 For the grandeur of Thy nature,

Grand beyond a seraph's thought ;
For created works of power,

Works with skill and kindness wrought:
mf 4 For Thy providence, that governs

Through Thine empire's wide domain,
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow;

Blessed be Thy geutle reign.
5 But Thy rich, Thy free redemption

Dark through brightness all along!
Thought is poor, and poor expression ;

Who dare sing that awful song ?
mf 6 Brightness of the Father's glory,

Shall Thy praise unuttered lie !
Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence

Sing the Lord who came to die
f 7 From the highest throne in

To the cross of deepen
All to ransom guilty

Flow, my praise
8 Go, return, imma

Leave Tby
Thence returi


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Daily shall He be praised.-Ps. Ixxii. 15.
THEN morning gilds the skies, 4 When evil thoughts molest,
My heart awaking cries,

With this I shield my breast,
May Jesus Christ be praised !

May Jesus Christ be praised !
Alike at work and prayer

The powers of darkness fear,
To Jesus I repair :

When this sweet chant they hear,
May Jesus Christ be praised !

May Jesus Christ be praised !
2 To Thee, my God above,

p 5 When sleep her balm denies,
I cry with glowing love,

My silent spirit sighs,
May Jesus Christ be praised !

May Jesus Christ be praised !
The fairest graces spring

The night becomes as day,
In hearts that ever sing,

When from the heart we say,
May Jesus Christ be praised !

May Jesus Christ be praised | mf 3 Does sadness fill my mind ?

f 6 Be this, wbile life is mine,
A solace here I find,

My canticle divine,
May Jesus Christ be praised 1

May Jesus Christ be praised !
Or fades my earthly bliss ?

Be this the eternal song
My comfort still is this,

Through all the ages on,
May Jesus Christ be praised !

May Jesus Christ be praised !

From the German, tr. E. Caswall.




A. men.

(By permission of Novello and Company, Limited.)



We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.–Rom. xiv. 10.

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