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and long-suffering have their due effect upon me, and lead me to a sincere and hearty repentance for all that I have at any time done amiss.

Fix deeply in my heart, O Lord !. a just sense of the numerous and powerful obligations under which I am to love and serve Thee, Place me in such situations as will most effectually promote my improvement in the present state, and prepare me for another and a better. Give me wisdom to make the best use of the opportunities I enjoy, and to grow wiser and better by the means of grace with which I am favoured.

Incline my heart to such acts of mercy and kindness to my fellow-creatures, as Jesus my holy Master will graciously consider as done to himself. May I understand and value, as I ought, the character of my Saviour. May I subdue every feeling and propensity which he would have me overcome, and transcribe into my heart and life the amiable virtues by which he was distinguished. In acting and suffering may I strive to resemble my honoured Master, and show myself to be his by imbibing his spirit, and walking in his steps.


Hear, gracious God! the prayers I desire to offer up for the welfare and happiness of every individual of mankind. Bless with the light and instruction of the gospel all those who have hitherto sat in darkness and the shadow of death. May those who already enjoy these advantages become duly sensible of their value, and be persuaded to walk worthy of their high and holy vocation, carrying their views, their hopes, and their desires beyond the things which are seen, and are temporal, to those which are unseen and eternal.

Replenish with thy heavenly grace the chosen instructors of their brethren. May they be led by the purest motives to engage in the arduous and awfully responsible undertaking of preparing them for another world. Let them be animated with a most earnest desire. both to save themselves and those who hear them; and may they feel, with humble apprehension, the danger of being themselves rejected after they have preached to others.

Direct in the right use of power all those to whom it is entrusted, that they may consider themselves as thy ministers for good to their fellow-creatures. Favour

this and all nations with the great blessing of civil government, conducted upon the principles of liberty and justice; and whilst princes everywhere rule in thy fear, may those whose duty it is to submit and obey, do so for conscience sake.

Communicate to the drooping spirits of thy afflicted servants that relief and comfort which may be a source of the sweetest inward joy. ‘Amidst the troubles and sorrows of this world, point their views to å happier one to come, and give them wisdom to convert them into the means of securing everlasting peace.

Now unto Thee, the infinite and eternal Father! the sole object of divine adoration, be glory, praise, dominion and power, thanksgiving and blessing, for ever-Amen


For Mornings and Evenings.



Gracious God! most thankfully is thy goodness to be acknowledged, for setting apart one day in seven for the sacred exercises of religion, and affording thy creatures an opportunity of worshipping and serving Thee in the company of each other. Enable me to advance in the knowledge, love, and practice of true religion in such manner as to render the day a comfort and blessing to me for the present, and fit me to enjoy a season of eternal rest and bliss in thy courts above,



I BLESS Thee, O Lord! for the opportunity which I have this day enjoyed for renewing the religious impressions which through thy merey had been already made upon my inind. Most earnestly would I beseech Thee to bless to my present and eternal benefit the devotions in which I have taken a part. May I cherish a deep aud lasting sense of the obligations 1 ain under, to conform myself in heart and practice to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to act at all times and under all circum. stances with a view to thy favour and ac. ceptance, that having served Thee faithe fully here, I may be happy with Thee

for ever.



As Thou hast in mercy brought me to the light and beginning of another day, I would thankfully acknowledge thy goodness and implore those blessings upon me and mine which we have before experi, epced. May my gratitude for the protection and safety which I have enjoyed in the defenceless hours of the night, animate my endeavours to do that which is most acceptable to Thee in every part of this day. May I consider that the protraction of my life lays me under renewed

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