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Heaven fpeaks the Maker's magnificence,

is won by violence of fong,

hopes on,

discharges all its watery ftores,

and beauty's honour, 'tis they can give,

Milt. 1: 234

Pope 2: 226
Add. 52

Gay 2:13

King 274

Dry. 2:65

and earth, two magnets,

and hell,

like a top,

Watts 339

Butl. I : 256

[blocks in formation]

deep wifdom to the fool fupplies,

but oft infatuates and confounds the wife,

to gracious ends directs the ftorm,

punithes the bad,

proves the juft,

Pitt 403

Pitt 403

Thom. 2: 115

Dry. 1: 126

protects the juft,

never will forfake the virtuous,

moft chaftifes, whom he likes,

chaftifes, what beft it loves,

[blocks in formation]

when it afflicts,'tis mine to hearken and adore, Mall. 271

[blocks in formation]

Heaven has wove the thread of life with pain, Pope od. 4:73′

[blocks in formation]

itfelf points out an hereafter,

look to, be blind to all below,

purfues, we fhun the ftroke in vain,

alone knows events of actions and fates, Pope cd. 4: 207

Add. 329

Gay : 36

Prior 1: 23

fells all pleasure,

its gifts not all at once beftows,

thefe years with wifdom crowns, with
offended, and a priest profan'd,
will revenge, and gods there are,
-'s revenge is flow,

's Swifs, who fight for any god or man, Heavenly charms prefer to proffer'd gold,

country, breathing towards,

Young 2:239

Pope il. 1: 139 action those, ib.

Pope il. 1:41

[blocks in formation]

fufpending forrow, Pope od. 4: 111.

Heaven-taught poet charms the ear,

[blocks in formation]

to combat born, and bred amidst alarms, Pope il. 1: 226

carries Paris's challenge to Menelaus,

prefers a prayer for his fon,
guardian of the Trojan ftate,
challenges the Greeks,
- mighty man of war,

Pope il. r: 109

Pope il. 1:211

Pope il. 1: 217

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Pope il 1: 219.

Pope il. 1: 220.


Hector, challenge of, accepted by nine, throwing a stone, bursts open one of

heads his native bands,

[blocks in formation]

arrefts Patroclus with a mortal wound, Pope il. 2: 132.

at whofe feet he dying lies,

Pope il. 2: 132

[blocks in formation]

terror of the Greeks, that man of men, Pope il. 1:254

[blocks in formation]

Hector, his body preserv'd incorrupt,,

ranfom of,

[blocks in formation]

dead, lamentations over,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

when fuck aloft her tail, forbodes a fhower, Gay 1: 56

Heifer, peafant in search of,

Height of blifs, but height of charity,

Heir urges heir, like wave impelling wave,

Pope 2: 82

Pope 2: 253

Helen for ten whole years engag'd the world in arms, Pitt 272

invited to view the combat,

Pope il. I: III her affection for her husband and country revives, ib. 111 her beauty commended,

Pope il. 1: 112

points out to Priam the principal Greeks, Pope il. 1 : 112

fcorn'd the champion, but the man the lov'd, Pope il. 1:121 mix'd a mirth-inspiring bowl,

[blocks in formation]

Pope od. 3: 115
Công. 42

5 Dry. 4: 183

Buck. 57

Duke 147

Dry. 6:15

Dry. 6:18

Pope it. 2:35

Dry. 5:270

Cor. 2:74

Milt. 1:7, 11


[blocks in formation]

the woes, the horrours, and the laws, Pope od. 3: 286

[blocks in formation]

Pope 3: 191

embrown'd with bronze, lo ftands,

decent prieft, where monkeys were the gods, id. 3: 193
tuning his voice and balancing his hands, Pope 3: 91-

preacher at once, and zany of thy age,

Pope 3:93

[blocks in formation]
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