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Homily, in each deed,

Honeft man, fimple of heart,

ftudious of virtue,

is the nobleft work of God,

Cow. I: 80 Phil. 58 Phil. 59

Pope 2: 78

Honefty confifts in meaning well,

Rowe L. 402

way to,

Den. 89

plain is her look,

Hughes 206

juft alike to friends and foes,

Hughes 206.

thrice beauteous!

Lanf. 184

is often in the wrong,

when ftubborn rules her zealots pufh,

Honiton, where lace industrious laffes weave,


- a fragment,

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temple, door through virtue,

Honours make the face of virtue fair,
if true, from feeds of merit grow,

of the butt and laurel,

foaring to, like Icarus fate,

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Hook or crook, to carry by,




the last thing that in us dies,

Shen. 154

Cow. 1:274

(0%. I: 27

Buck 19

Weft 215 Aken. 127

Som. 65

Pope 1: 193

Hope, fond inmate of the human mind,
kindliest inmate of youthful breast,
th' unhappy's last reserve,

fresh-blooming, daughter of the sky,
revives my foul,

conceived from despair,

tempts belief,

kind flatterer,

the glad ray, glanc'd from eternal good,
that life enlivens, and exalts its power,
is but the dream of those that wake,

like the moon and ocean fmiling,

deferr'd has made me fick,

Parn. 225

Milt. 1: 199

Milt. 3:58

Sav. 100

Thom. 2:23 Thom. 2:23 Prior 2: 169

Hughes 171 Hugbes 171 Parn. 199

Parn, 227


enchanted fmil'd,


immortal, that fole anchor,

Collins 271

Thom. 2: 61

Young 2:221

travels through, nor quits us when we die, Pope 2:52

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Hughes 195

but what, or when, or how, or where, mazes all, id. 195

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Hope, in that word, peace and transport are return'd, Lytt. 8

and jealousy in love,

Hopes of an unknown state,

Cow. 1:59

'Black. 219

are vain, that haughty mind imparts, Pope il. 2: 37-

[blocks in formation]

Butl. 3 : 336

and fears give conscience all her power, Young 2: 202-

and fears void of reafon,

Hopton commended,

[blocks in formation]

Horace, pedigree of and education,

style of, adapted to his subject,

Dry. 7: 176.

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