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Jonathan defeats the Philiftins,

Jones (Mrs.), epitaph on,

Cow: 2:194, 193

a neighbour's woe or welfare was her own, Ionian waves truft rather than woman's rage,

Ionic fchool, founded by Thales,

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Sav. 182

Sav. 182

Smith 116

Black. 10

Black. 10

Wall. 104

Collins 276

Dry. 2: 138

affected a monopoly of his learning,

Dry. 7:10p

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Jotham, character of,

Cow. 1: 103

· Dry. 1: 155.

Jothran, character of,

Jove, what theme more proper to be fung,

give wealth and virtue, and indulge our prayers, Pitt-199

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the ftrong withers, and confounds the bold, Pope il 2 : 143

at whofe nod, empires rife or fall,

at whofe command, empires rife or fall,

refftles Lord of all, 餐

Pope il. 1: 266

Pope il. 1:72
Pope il. 1:

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we wish for, when we with to live,
many, to strictest justice belong,
foreseen, the present bliss destroy,

all built on life, that fundamental ill, -- no degree of, for all are worst,


deferving fhun, and learn to bear,
from our paffions flow,-

Il Penferofo,

of Milton, fupplement to,.

Ilva renowned for steel,

Ilyffus, a river running to the Eaft of Athens,

weeps her filent fchools,

Images, that raise blushes, be flightly touch'd,

Young 3:15

Rowe L. 351

Prior I: 71

Prior 2 173

Pom. 281

Sav. 21

Lytt. 38

Milt. 3: 106

Hug bes 253

Dry. 6:278

Aken. 89

Dyer 12

Pitt 356

as Æneas and Dido may repair to the fame cave, ib. 356

[blocks in formation]

wit, fpirit, faculties, make it worfe, Pofe 2 : 47

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pleasures of depend on the difpofition, Aken. 37



differs from copying,

Garth 156%

King 249

Dry. 5:271

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renders our present ftate intelligible, Young 2 : 180

proved from man's paffions and powers, id. 2: 165,

[blocks in formation]

from the order of creation, Young 2 : 172:

from the nature of ambition, id. 2: 174:

from avarice,

Young 2: 178

Immortality proved from pleasure,
Impatience makes thy tongue offend,

makes our wishes earneft grow, --------- blames and loaths a tedious feast, Impenitent alone excluded from mercy, Imperfection call, what thou fancy'st such, Impertinence, the feurvy of mankind,

more than enough, is but,

round beauty fwarms,

Impiety vexatious to the pious,

Impious, felf-judg'd, abandon'd, overcome,

---- figh, a long eternity of pain,

Young 2:179

Pope il: 2:35

Pom. 280

Weft 200 Milt. 179

Pope 2:33

Swift 1:11
Pom. 219

Gay 2:41

Cow. 2:362

Hugbes 194

Hugbes 194

id. 194

Pope-il. 2:46

toft in an ocean of defire without a shore,

who glories in unutterable pride, Pope il. 2:46

man! whofe anger is his guide,

world, contriv'd for knaves and fools,

Lanf. 284

Implicit faith, a virtue made,

Pom. 342 Cor. 1:297


Impofthumate with pride,

Impoftors, when known, are undone, -
Impotence of faith! doubt you the gods,

Impromptu, on a lady,

Impudence, with front of brafs,

what no lawyer never lack'd,

-- a fair pretence to all things,

to all things has pretence,

[blocks in formation]

Inanimate things, refemblance to properties of the, Aken. 75

Inauguration of king William,

Incestuous fifter fhall her brother wed,

Add. 69

Hughes 303

"nation, how calm, when reason bears the fway, Hughes 223


Inclination to learn without capacity, a drudgery, Butl. 2:269

[blocks in formation]

Index-learning holds the eel of fcience by the tail, Pope 3: 113

Indian fig, embowering endless,

Indian-muck to run at all,



Thom. 1:66

Dry. 2:93

King 419

Watts 230

[blocks in formation]
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