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It behoved Him to be made like unto His brethren.-HEB. ii. 17.
p 1 N all things like Thy brethren, Thou

Wast made, yet free from sin;
But how unlike to is, ( Lord !

Replies the voice within.
2 O holy God! yet frail weak man !

"T'is not for us to know
How spotless soul and body felt

Temptation, pain, and woe.
3 Our faith is weak ;-0 Light of Light !

Clear Thou our clouded view ;
That, Son of Man, and Son of God,

We give Thee honour due.
4 O Son of Man ! Thyself hast proved

Our trials and our tears ;
Life's thankless toil, and scant repose,

Death's agonies and fears.
cr 5 O Son of God ! in glory raised,

Thou sittest on Thy throne :
Thence, by Thy pleadings and Thy grace,

Still succouring Thine own.
6 Brother and Saviour, Friend and Judge !

To Thee, O Christ, be given
To bind upon Thy crown the nanes
Elect in earth and heaven.

Joseph Anstice.

University College.





Call His name Immanuel.-Isa. vii. 14. si SWEETER sounds than music knows 3 Did the Lord a man become, Charm me in Immanuel's name :

That He might the law fulfil,
All her hopes my spirit owes

Bleed and suffer in my room,
To His birth, and cross, and shame.

And canst thou, my tongue, he still ? 2 When He came, the angels sung

4 No; I must my praises bring, "Glory be to God on high!'

Though they worthless are, and weak; Lord, inloose my stammering tongue ; For, should I refuse to sing, Who should louder sing than I ?

Sure the very stones would speak ! 5 O my Saviour, Shield, and Sun,

Shepherd, Brother, Guardian, Friend,
Every precious name in one,-
I will love Thee without end !

John Newton.

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The Son of Man hath not where to lay His head.-LUKE İx. 58.

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99 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit 2 Master, where abidest Thou?

into the wilderness to be tempted of the
devil.-MATT iv. 1.

We would leave the past behind :

We would scale the mountain's brow, p1 NT and weary, Jesus stood In the awful wilderness ;

Learning more Thy heavenly mind.
Yet it was the Spirit good

Still a look is all our lore,
Brought Him to that sore distress :

The transforming look to Thee :
For the people whom He loved

From the Living Truth once more
Dark temptations Him befell ;

Breathes the answer, ‘Come and see.'
But His very weakness proved
Mightier than the powers of hell.

3 Master, where abidest Thou? 2 He was tempted that He might

How shall we Thine image best
Succour us when sorely tried ;

Bear in light upon our brow,
And He triumphed by the light
Which must also be our guide ;

Stamp in love upon our breast ?
He our enemy hath met,

Still a look is all our might;
He will give us victory :

Looking draws the heart to Thee;
Help us, Lord, when hard beset,

Sends us from the absorbing sight,
Still to look and learn of Thee.

With the message, Come and see.' 3 Not by bread alone we live, Thy good word our life shall be :

4 Master, where abidest Thou?
Not for all that earth can give

All the springs of life are low;
Shall we worship aught but Thee : Sin and grief our spirits bow,
Nor the word of promise bend

And we wait Thy call to go.
E'er to tempt our God in heaven:

From the depths of happy rest,
Never for unholy end
Was the gracious promise given.

Where the just abide with Thee,
Dr. W. C. Smith,

From the voice which makes them blest,

Falls the summons, 'Come and see.' 100 Master, where abidest Thou ? John i. 38.

5 Christian, tell it to thy brother,
ASTER, where abidest Thou?

From life's dawning to its end ;
Lamb of God, 'tis Thee we seek ;

Every hand may clasp another,
For the wants which press us now
Other aid is all too weak.

And the loneliest bring a friend ;-
Canst Thou take our sins away?

Till the veil is drawn aside
May we find repose in Thee ?

And, from where her home shall be,
From the gracious lips to-day,

f Bursts on the enfranchised Bride As of old, breathes, . Come and see.' The triumphant, 'Come and see !'

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Charle,

pi M

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