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Elon succeeds Ibsan as judge, Antiq.5 vii 14 ii.
Elpis, Herod's wife, Antiq. 17' i 3 iv. War, 1 xxviii 4 yi.
Elthemus, general of the Arabians, War, 1 xix 5 vi.
Eluleus, king of the Tyrians, Antiq. 9 xiv 2 iii.
Embos, David's son, Antiq. 7 iij 3 ij.
Ennaphen, David's son, Antiq. 7 jii 3 ii.
Enemies, when conquered, may be lawfully killed, Antiq. 9 iv 3 iii.
Enoch, Antiq. iii 2 i c. iii s. 2.
Euoch, and Elijah translated, Antiq. 9 ii 2 iii.
Enos, the son of Seth, Antiq. 1 ji 2 i.
Ensigns of the Romans, with Caesar's image, Antiq. 18 jji 2 v. sacrifices offered to

them, War, 6 vi 1 vii.
Epaphroditus, his character, Antiq. Pref. s. 2. a great friend of Josephus, Life, s. 76 iy.
Ephesians, their decree in favour of the Jews, Antiq. 14 x 25 jj. !
Ephod, Antiq. 3 vii 5i.
Epicrates, Antiq. 13 x 2, 3 iii.
Epicureans, their error concerning Providence confuted, Antiq. 10 xi 7 iji.
Epiphanes, the son of Antiochus, king of Commagena, Antiq. 19 ix I v.
Epistle of Jonathan the high-priest to the Lacedemonians, Antiq. 13 v 8 iii. of Phila-

delphus for freeing the captive Jews, 12 i 3 jji. to Eleazar the high-priest, s. 4 of
Solomon, and Hiram king of the Tyrians, 8 ji 6, 7 i of Xerxes to Esdras, 11 v. 1 iii.
of Artaxerxes, to the governors near Judea, c. vi s. 12. of Antiocbus the Great to Pto.
lemy Epiphanes, 12 iii 3 jj. of the Samaritans to Antiochus Theus, c. V. s. 5. of Alex-
auder Balas to Jonathan, 13 ji 2 iij. of Onias to Ptelemy and Cleopatra, c. iii s. 1.
of Demetrius to Jonathan and the Jews, civ s. 9. of Julius Caesar to the Roman
magistrates, 14 X 2. &c. iii. of Mark Antony to the Tyrians, c. xii s. 4.
Esaiah the prophet, Antiq. 3 xiii 3 i. avd 10 i 3, 4 iii. c ii. s. 1, 2. his eulogium, s. 2.
his prophecy concerning the Assyrians, 10 xiv. iii. Concerning Cyrus 210 years be-
fore his reign, 11 i 2 mi. same read by Cyrus, ib. his prophecy concerning the tem.

ple of Onias, War', 7 x 3 vii.
Esau, or Edom, Antiq. 2 i. i. his birth, 1 xviii. ii.
Escol, Antiq. 1x 2 i.
Esdras, Antiq. 11 v. 1. &c. iii. his grief for the foreign marriages, s. 3. he reads the

law of Moses to the people, s. 5. he dies, ib.
Essen, or high-priest's breast-plate, Antiq. 3 vji 5 i. when its shining ceased, s. 9.
Essens honoured by Herod, Antiq. 15 x 5 iv. are against swearing, War, 2 vii 6 vi.

their manners, rites, and doctrines described, Antiq. 13 v 9 iij. and 18 i 5 v. War, 2
viii 2, &c. vi. they abstained from anointing themselves with oil, s. 3. their dili-
gence in reading their sacred books, s. 6. Simon the Essen, an interpreter of dreams,

Antiq. 7 xiji 3 ii. .
Esther, Antiq. 11 vi 2, &c. ii. is married to the king, ib. is concerned for the Jews, s. 7,

&c. invites the king and Haman to an entertainment, s. 9.
Ethan, Antiq. 8 ji 5 ii.
Ethbaal, or fthobalus, king of Tyre, Antiq.8 šiii 1, 2 ii. against Apion, 1 s. 18. 21 vi.
Ethi, or Itrai, the Gittite, Antig. 7 ix 2 i.
Etbnarch, (Simon) Antiq. 13 vi 6 iii. contracts thence dated, ib.
Ethnarch, (Archelaus) Antig. 17 xi 4 iv. War, 2 vi 3 vi.
Euartus, Cous, Antiq. 16 x 2 ix. War, 1 xxvi 5 vi.
Euaristus, Arruntius, Antiq. 19. i. 18 v.
Eve created, Antiq. Ti 2 i. her fall, s. 4.
Evi, king of the Midianites, Antiq. 4 vji 1 i.
Evil-merodach, Antiq. 30 xi 2 iii. against Apion, 1 s. 20 vi..
Fuodus, freed-man of Tiberius, Antiq, 18 vi 8 v.
Eupolemus's son John, Antiq. 12 x 6 iii.
Eurycles slanders the sons of Herod, Antiq. 12 x 6 iii. War, 1. xxvi 1, &c. vi. he returns

to his own country, S. 4...
Eutychus, Agrippa's freed-man and charioteer, Antiq, 18 vi 5 y.
Eutychus, Caius Caesar's coachman, Antiq. 19 iv 4 v.
Exempt from military service, who, Antiq. 4 viïi 41 i.
Exorcisms, or forms for casting out daemons, composed by Solomon, Antiq. 8 ii 5.
Ezechias, a ringleader of the robbers, Antiq. 14 ix 2 ii.
Ezekiel the prophet, Antiq. 10 v 1 jjj c. viii s. 2. is carried ca

vliji c. vili s. 2. is carried captive into Babylon, c. yi
s. 3. bis prophecy concerning the destruction of the Jews, c. vii s. 2. his prophecy
reconciled to that of Jeremiah, ib.

· Fabatus, Caesar's servant, Antiq. 17 iii 2 iv. Herod's steward, War, 1 xxix 3 yi.
Fabius, governor of Damascus, Antiq. 14 xi 7 iii. War, 1 xij 1 vi.

Fabinus, a centurian, Antiq. 14 iv 4 jj.
Factions, three in Jerusalem, Antiq. 5 i 1. 4 ii.
Fadus, (Cuspius), procurator of Judea, Antiq. 15 xi 4 iv. and 19 ix 2 v and 20 i, &c. iv.

War, 2 xi6 vi
Famine in Judea in the 13th year of Herod's reign, A

in the 13th year of Herod's reign. Antig, 15 ix 1 iv. another in the reign
of Claudius, 3. XV 3 j. and 20 ïi 6 v. c v s. 2. a dismal famine in Jerusalem, War, 5 X 2
vii.cs ii s 3. and 6 jij 3 vi. for Saul's cruelty to the Gibeonites, Antiq.8 xiii j. at

Samaria, 13 x 2 iii. famine and pestilence, two of the greatest evils, 10 vii 4 iji.
Fannius the consul's decree in favour of the Jews, Antiq. 14 x 15 jïi.
Fannius, a Roman praetor, Antiq. 13 ix 10 jjj.
Fast observed at Jerusalem, Antiq. 14 xvi 4 jij on the day on which Pompey took Je.

rusalem, ib. c. iv s. 3.
Fate unavoidable, Antiq. 8 xv 6 jj. War, 5 xiii 7 vii. and 6 i 8 vi c ii s. 1 c. iv s. 8. and

C. V s. 4.
Feast of unleavened bread. See Passover. Guests placed at feasts according to their

condition, Antiq, 12 iv 9 iji. funeral feasts among the Jews, War, 2 i 1 vi.
Felicity too great, the cause of many evils, Antiq. 8 x 2 ii.
Felix, Antiq. 14 xi 7 jij. War, 1 xii 1 v. brother of Pallas, and procurator of Judea,
Antiq. 20 vii i vi c. viii s. 5. War, 2 xü 8 v c, xiïi s. 7. he punishes the mutineers,

Antiq. 20 viii 7 v. is accused at Rome, s. 9.
Bestivals of the Hebrews, Antiq. iii xi &c. i. three great ones, ib. 18 iv 3 v. at those

festivals Roman guards were posted at the temple, War, 2 xii 1 vi. immunity grant-

ed them at those festivals by Demetrius Soter, Antiq. 13 ji 3 jji. celebrated by the
1 Jews in shining garments, c. xi s. 1. and on them did no manner of work, 3 x 6 i. ce-

lebrated by the Gentiles in idleness and pleasure, 1 xsi 1 i. no mourning among the
Jews at such times, 11 v 5 iji. nor did they then travel far, 13 viji 4 iii. Egyptian
women appeared at such times in public, 2 iv 3 1. wood carried on a festival day for
the altar. War, 2 xvii 6 vi. festival of dedication of the temple by Judas Maccabeus,

Antiq. 12 vii 7 iii.
Festus, (Porcius) procurator of Judea, Antiq. 20 viji 9 v. he dies, c. ix s. 1.
Flaccus, (Norbanus,) proconsul, Antiq. 16 vi 6 iv. president of Syria, 18 vi 2 v.
Flesh of horses, mules, &c. forbidden to be brought within the walls of Jerusalem, An.

tiq. 12 jji 4 iii.
Flies, (the god of,) i. e. Beelzebub, the god of Ekron, Antiq. 9 ii 1 jjj.
Florus, (Gessius,) procurator of Judea, Antiq. 18 i 6 v. and 19 ix 2 v. and 20 ix 5 v. is

the cause of the Jewish war, xi s. 1. Life, s. 6 iv. War, 2 xiv 3, 6 vi. c. XV s. 1, &c.
be is derided by the people, 2 xix 6 vi he plunders the city, s. 9. he calumniates the

Jews before Cestiu's, War, 2 xvi 1 vi.
Fonteius, Agrippa, killed by the Scythians, War, 7 iv 3 vii.
Fountain near Jericho, War, 4 vji 3 vi. is cured by Elisha, ib. its wonderful virtue, įd.
Frigius, (Titus,) War, 6 iv 3 vii.
Fronto, War, 6 iy 3 vii.
Fulvia, a lady defrauded of her money by a Jew, Antiq. 18 iii 5 v.
Furius, a centurian, Antiq. 14 iv 4 iii. War, 1 vii 4 vi.

Gaal protects the Sechemites against Abimelech, Antiq. 5 vii 3 i.
Gaam, Antiq. 1 vi 5 i.
Gabaris, or Gabares, Antiq. 8 ii 3 ii.
Gabinius, Antiq. 14 iii 2 jii c. iv s. 1. War, 1 vi 6 vi. is made president of Syria; Antiq.

14 v 2 jj. War, 1 viji 2 vi.
Gad, the prophet, Antiq. xii 2, &c. ii.
Gadara taken by Vespasian, War, 4 vii 3 vi. the Gadarens made prisoners, and killed

3 vii 1 vi.
Gaddis, (John) Antiq. xiii i 2 jii.
Galadens, their queen Laodice, Antiq. 13. xiji 4 iii.
Galba, Antiq. 18 vi 9 iv. succeeds Nero, War, 4 ix 2 vi is murdered in a conspiracy, ib.
Galilee comes all under the Roman dominion, War, 4 i 1 vic.iis 5.
Galli, eunuchs so called, Antiq. 4 viji 40 i.
Gallicanus, War, 3 viji i vi.
Gallus, (Aelius.) Antiq. 15 iv 3 iv.
Gallus, (Cestius,) president of Syria, Life, s. 43 iv. War, 2 xiv 3 vi.
Gallus, a centurion, War, 4 i 5 vi..
Gallus, (Rubrius,) War 7 iv 3 vii.
Gamala besieged, War, 4 i 1, &c. vi.
Games of the circus, Antig. 19 i 4 iv. Olympic games restored by Herod, 16 v 4 iv.,

Caesarean games instituted by Herod, 15 viii 1 iv, and 16 vliv. War, 1 xxi 8 vi, or
dained by Titus on the birth-days of bis father and brother, 7 iii 1 vii.

Gerizzim, its temple demolished, Antiq. 13 ix 1 jii.
Gauls, War, 2 xvi 4 vi. possess at home the source of happiness, ib. became Herod's

life-guards, i Xx 3 vi.
Gaza, taken and demolished, Antiq. 13 xiii. 3 in.
Gazears grievously punished by Jonathan, Antiq. 13 v 5 iji.
Gamellus, (Tiberius) Antiq. 18 vi 8 v.
Gamellus, Herod's friend expelled his court, Antiq. 16 viii 2 iv.
Gentile gods not to be derided, in the opinion of 'Josephus, Antiq. 4 viï 10 i. against

Apion, 2 s. 34 vi.
Geometry invented by the long lived patriarchs, Antiq. 1 iii 9 i.
Gera, the father of Ehud, Antiq. 5 iv 2 ii.
Gerastratus, king of the Tyrians, against Apion, 1 s. 21 vi.
Germanicus's house, Antiq. 19 i 16 v. the father of Caius, 18 vii 8 v. is sent into the

east, c. 2 s. 5. is poisoned by Piso, ib.
Germans described, War, 2 xvi 4 vi. are enslaved by the Romans, 6 vi 2 vii. they muti-

ny, 7 iv 2 vii. a German's predictions concerning Agrippa, Antiq. 18 vi 7 v. 15 v. Ger

man guard, 19 i 15 v.
Gessius, Florus, procurator of Judea. See Florus above.
Gether, Antiq. 1 si 4 i.
Giants, Antiq. 5 i 3 ji and 7 xji 1, 6c.ji. their remains in Hebron, Antiq. 3 xiv 2 i and

6 ji 3 ii.
Gibeah, its inhabitants guilty of a rape, Antiq. 5 ji 8 ji.
Gibeonites, by a wile, make a covenant with Joshua, Antiq. 5 i 16 ij. their fraud detect.

ed and punished, ib. they are satisfied for the attempt of Saul to slay them, 7 xii 1 ii.
Gideon's stratagem, Antiq. 5 vi 5 ij. he dies, s. 7.
Glaphyra, daughter of Archelaus, king of Cappadocia, is married to Alexander, the,

son of Herod, Antiq. 16 i 2 iv c. vii s. 2. her enmity with Salome, c. i s. 2, c. War,
1 xxiv 2, &c. vi. ber pride, ib. her lamentation when her busband was put in chairs,
Antiq. 16 x 7 iv. she is sent back a widow to her father, 17 i 1 iv, she is afterwards
marricd to Juba, king of Libya, and afterwards to Archelaus, ethnarch of Judea, c.

xiii s. 4. her dream, and death, ib.
God, (the true God.) bis presence in the tabernacle, Antiq. 3 viii 5 i. bis wisdom, and

that he cannot be bribed, c. xi s. 3. bis mercy only obtained by religion, 5 i 28 ii.
his foreknowledge, and that bis decrees cannot be avoided, 4 jji 2 i. his will is irre.
sistable, 2 ix 2 i. without his will nothing can happen, C. vi. s. 5. his providence as.
serted against the Epicureans, 10 xi 7 iii. that nothing is concealed from him, 2 iii.
1 i. it is dangerous to disobey him, 6 vii 2 jj. whether it is easier to serve God or man?
8 x 3 ii. he uses beasts to banish the wicked, 10 xi 6 ji judged to be only the god of
the hills by the Syrians, 8 xiv 3 ii. is not to be imposed on by the wicked, 4 viii 38 i.
delights not in sacrifices, but in good men, 6 vij 4 jj. is called on in time of danger by
even bad men, 17 v 6 in foretells futurities, that men may provide against them, 2 v
6 1. affords assistance only when the case is desperate, c. XV S. 6. delights in those that
promote his worship, 16 i 4 iv. discovers his ineffable name to Moses, 2 xji 4 i. is by
nature merciful to the poor, 4 visi 26 i. is omnipresent, 2 i 1 i and 6 ix 8 ïi. bis bounty

the cause of all men's happiness, 4 viii 2 i.
Gods (false gods) of Laban stolen, Antiq. 1 xix 9, 6c. i of Catha, in Persia, brought to

Samaria, 9 xiv 3 üi. of the conquered Amalekites, worshipped by Amaziah, c. ix s. 2,
of the heathen, not to be cursed or blasphemed, in the opinion of Josephus, 4 viji xi.

against Apion, 2 s. 24 vi. Beelzebub, the god of flies at Ekron, Antiq. 9 ji i iii.
Goliath of Gath, a giant, Antiq.6 xiiii, &c. challenges the Jews to a single combat,

ib. is slain by David, s. 5.
Gomer and Gomerites, Antiq. 1 vil i.
Gorgias, governor of Jamnia, is put to flight, Antiq. 12 vii 4 iii. has better success af-

terwards, c. viji s. 6.
Gorion, the son of Josephus, and Simeon, the son of Gamaliel, exhort the

bort the people to
attack the mutineers, Antiq. 4 iii 9 i. is put to death, c. vis. 1.
Gratus, procurator of Judea, Antiq. 18 vi 5 v. put Simon, Herod's own slave, to death,

17 x 6 v. meets Varus coming to Jerusalem, War, 2 v 2 vi. one Gratus discovers Clau.

dius, and brings him out to be emperor, Antiq. 19 ïi 1 v.
Greeks called old nations by names of their own, Antiq. 1 v i. and put the Hebrew

names into their own form, c. vi.
Guards placed about the temple by the Romans, Antiq. 20 v 3 y.


Hadad, king of Syria, Antiq. 7 v 2,6c.ji.
Hadad, or Hadar, an Edomite, becomes Solomon's enemy, Antig. 8 vii 6 ii.
Hadadezer, or Hadarezer, king of Sophene, or Zobah, Antiq. 8 vii 6 .
Hagar, or Ishmael, are sent away by Abraham, Antiq. 1 xiii 3 j.
Haggai, a prophet, after the captivity, Aptiq. 11 iv 5, 7 iii. he and Zechariah encourage

the Jews to rebuild their temple, ib.

Haggith, David's wife, Antiq. 7 xiv 4 ü.
Halicarnasseans' decree in favour of the Jews, Antiq. 14 x 23 ri.
Haman, an enemy of the Jews, Antiq. 11 vi 5 ij. his edict against the Jews, in the

name of Artaxerxes, s. 6. be orders a gibbet to be erected for Mordecai, s. 10. is ob-
·liged to honour Mordecai, ib. the edict is contradicted, s. 12. he is hanged on his own

gibbet, s. 13.
Hannah, the wife of Elkanah, Antiq. 5 x 2 ii.
Haran, the father of Lot, Antiq. 1 vi 5 i.
Haran, or Charran, a city of Mesopotamia, Antiq. 1 v 5 i,
Harlots, (common ones,) excluded from marriage, Antiq. 4 viii 23 i.
Hatach, or Acratheus, Antiq. 11 vi 7 iji.
Havilah, the son of Cush, Antiq. 1 vi 2 j. bis country Havilab, s. 4.
Hazael, king of Syria, Antiq. 8 xiii 7 ii and 9 iv 6 ii. he plunders Judea, C. viii. s. 4.

he dies, s. 7.
Hazarmaveth, Antiq. 1 vi 4 i.
Hazo, or Azau, Antiq. 1 vi 5 i.
Heber, Antiq. ) vi 4i.
Hebrews twice carried captives beyond Euphrates. Antig, 10 ix 7 iii. thought by some

to have come originally from Egypt, and not from Chaldea, 2 vii 4 i. not put to ser-
vile labour in the days of Solomon, 8 vi 3 ji. of those Hebrews that came to offer
their sacrifices from beyond Euphrates, 3 xiv 3 i. they have peculiar rules about
meats and drinks, 4 vi8 i. they fight the Canaanites against Moses's order, c. i s.].
ten tribes lived beyond Euphrates, and out of the bounds of the Roman empire, 11
v 2 iii. their language and character came near to the Syriac, 12 ii 1 jji. their nouns
have all the same formation and termination, 1 vi 2 i. they have but one temple and
altar, 4 vui 5 i. met at Shiloh thrice in a year, 5 ji 12 jj. only the two tribes under
the dominion of the Romans, 11 v 2 iij. an unexampled sedition among them, 4 ii

1 i. their wise men in the days of Solomon, 8 ii 5 ii.
Hecatontomachi, Antiq. 13 xii 5 iji.
Helchias the Great, Antiq. 18 viii 4 v.
Helcbias, treasurer of the temple, Antiq. 20 viii 11 v.
Helena, queen of Adiabene, embraces the Jewish religion, Antiq. 20 i 1 v. goes to Je-

rusalem, s. 6. is buried there, c. iv. s. 3.
Hephzibah, Antiq. 10 ïi 1 iji.
Herculus's temple, against Apion, 1 s. 18 vi.
Herennius Capito, governor of Jamnia, Antiq. 18 vi 5 v.
Hermeus, or Danaus, king of Egypt, against Apion, 1 s. 26 vi.
Herod, the son of Antipater, Antiq. 1vii 3 jji War, 1 viii 9 vi. began to rule in Gali-

lee in the 15th (25th year of his age, Antiq. 13 ix 2 jj. put Ezechias, and other rob-
bers to death, ib. War, 1x 5 vi. being accused for it he takes his trial, Antiq. 14 ix 3
jii. makes his escape, s. 4. goes to Sextus Caesar, and is by him made governor of
Coelosyria, s. 5. is in favour with Cassius, and the Romans, c, xi s. 2. is made ge-
vernor of Syria by him s. 4. War, 1 xi 4 vi. pluts Malichus to death, s. 6. beats Anti-
tigonus out of Judea, Antių. 14 xii i jjj. bribes Mark Antony, s. 2. is impeached by
the Jews, but is notwithstanding made a tetrarch by Antony, c. xii s. 1. gets the
better of the Jews that oppose him, 9, 2. escapes the snares of the Parthians, s. 6, 7.
the accidents of his flight, 8. 8. War, 1 xiii 7 vi. goes to Egypt, and thence to Rhodes,
and thence to Rome, Antiq. 14 xiv 2, 3 ii War, 1 xiv 2, 3 vi. made king by the Ro-
man senate, at the desire of Antony, Antiq. 14 siv 4 üi. War, 1 xiv 4 vi. sails back
to Judea, and fights against Antigonus, Antiq. 14 xv 1 ii. takes Joppa, and be-
sieges Jerusalem, s. 1, 2. War, 1 XV 4 vi. takes Sepphoris,' Antiq. 14 Xv 4 jii. con-
quers his enemies, and the robbers in Judea, s. 4, 5. joins his troops with Antony's
at the siege of Samosata, and is received there with great honour, s. 8, 9, is provje
dentially delivered from great dangers, s. 11. 13. defeats Pappus, s. 12. besieges Je-
rusalem, takes it, makes Antigonus prisoner, and sends him in chains to Antony, 14
xvi 1 iv. War, 1 xvii 9, c. vi. promotes his friends, and destroys those of Antigo-
nus. Antiq. 15 i v. marries the famous Mariamne, the daughter of Alexandra, c. ii s.
5. War, 1 xvii 8 vi. complains of Alexandra, his mother-in-law, Antiq. 15 ii 7 iv.
causes his wife's brother, Aristobulus, to be cunningly drowned at Jericho, c. iii s. 3.
is summoned by Antony to take his trial for it, s. 5. brings Antony over to his in-
terest by bribes, s 8 puts Joseph to death, s 9 is solicited to adultery by Cleopatra,
ch iv s 2 makes war against the Arabians by Antony's order, ch v sl War, 1 six 1,
&c. vi bis speech to the arniy in distress, after he had been beaten, Aptiq 15 v 3 iv
War, 1 xi 7 vi he beats the Arabians in battle, Antiq 15 v 4 iv War, 1. i. 6 vi he
puts Hyrcanus to death Antiq. 15 vi 2 iv Herod's commentaries, s 3 orders Mari-
amne to be put to death, if he himself come to an ill end, s 5 bis presence of mind be-
fore Augustus Caesar s 6 he is confirmed in his kingdom by Ceasar, s 7 War, 1 << 2,
er vi he entertains Caesar magnificently,ib he receives more favours from Caesar, and
has his dominions enlarged, Antiq 15 xi 3 iv War, 1 xx 3 vi he puts Mariamne, bis
wife, to death, Autiq 15 vü 4, 5 vi® War, 1 xxü 5 vi be is very uneasy at her death,

agnificently, it her kingdom by Ceasarsence of mind be

Antiq 15 vii 7 iv War, 1 xxii 5 vi he is afflicted with a kind of madness by divine
vengeance, Antiq 17 vj 5 iv War, 1 xx xüj 5 vi departs from the manners and cus-
toms of the Jews, Antiq 15 viii iiy builds theatres, and exbibits shows to the people,
ib a conspiracy against him,s3, 6c builds a temple at Samaria, s 5 a palace at Jeru-
salem, chia s 3 and a citadel six furlongs from Jerusalem, 84 relieves the people in
a great famine, s 2 marries Simon's daughter, s3 his policy, s 5 be builds Caesarea, s
6 he sends his sons to Rome,ch s $ 1 builds a temple to Caesar, s 3 eases the people
of a third part of their ta es, s 4 forbids the people to meet together privately, it keeps
his spies, and becomes one himself, ib honours the Essens,s 5 rebuilds the temple at Je-
rusalem, ch is 1 War, 1 x il vi makes a new law concerning thieves, Antiq 16 i 160
iv goes to Caesar, brings home his sons and marries them, s 2 entertains Marcus Agrip-
pa ch jislis in great favour with Agrippa, ch iis 1 eases his subjects of the fourth part
of their taxes, s 5 the quarrels in his family, ch iis 1 he favours Antipater, in opposi-
tion to the sons of Mariamne, s 3 goes to Aquileia, and impeaches his sons at Rome be-
fore Caesar, chivs lis reconciled to them, s 4 War, 1 xxiji 3 vi celebrates games in ho-
nour ot' Caesar, Antiq 16 v 1 iv builds towns and castles, s 2 builds Apollo's temple, and
renews the Olympic games, s 3 War, 1 xxi 12 vi his tem per described, Antiq 16 v 4 jy he
opens David's sepulchre, ch viisi he suspects his kindred s 3 he is accused by Sylleus
before Caesar, chix s 3 bis cruelty to his sons, ch »is 1 he accuses them in a council
at Berytus, s 2 he inquires of Nicolaus of Damascus what they think of bim and his
sons at Rome, s 3 he orders them both to be strangled, s 6 provides for their children,
17 i 2 iv his wives and children, s 3 18 v 4 y he contracts marriages for Mariamne's
children, 17 i 2 iv War, 1 xviii 6 vi alters those contracts, s 6 sends Antipater to
Caesar, Antiq 17 iii 2 iv War, 1 xxix 2 vi is made to believe that his brother Pheroras
was poisoned, Antiq 17 iv liv War, 1 xxx 1 vi finds the poison was for himself, An.
tiq 17 iv 2 iv War, 1 XXX 2 vi tries Antipater, and puts him in chains, Antiq 17 v
7 iv his bitterness in his old age, ch vis I he makes his will, ib his terrible sickness,
8 5 War, 1 xxm 1 5 vi his barbarous order for murdering the principal of the Jews,
Antiq 17 vi 5 iv he attempts to murder himself, s 7 he alters his will, ch vii si his
character, ib his death, and burial, s 1 3 War, 1 xxxiii 8,9 vi his will opened, and

read, Antiq 17 vüi 2 iv not to take place till confirmed by Ceasar, chxis 4.
Herod, the son of Herod, made tetrarch, Antiq 18 il v c. vii s. 1 War, 2 xil vi. he

builds towers in honour of Ceasar, ib. sends a letter to Caesar, Antiq 18 iv 5 v. makes

war upon Aretas, king of Arabia, c. V s. 1, 6c. is banished, ib. War, 2 si 6 vi.
Herod, half brother to the tetrarch, Antiq 18 v 1 y.
Herod, son of Aristobulus by Salome, s. 4.
Herod, son of Aristobulus by Berenice, Salome's daughter, Antiq 17 i 2 iv. War, 1

xxviij 1 vi.
Herou. Herod's son by Mariamne, Simon's daughter, Antiq 17 i 2 iv c. iv. 8.2 and 18

viv. War, 1 xxviii 4 vi ch xxix s 2, he is blotted out of Herod's will, War, 1xSx 7 v.
Herod, Herod's son by Cleopatra of Jerusalem, Antiq 17 i 3 iv War, 1-viii. 4 vi.
Herod, Agrippa senior's brother, king of Chalcis, Antiq 20 v 1 v he marries Mariamne,

daughter of Josephus by Olympias, king Herod's daughter, 18 v 4 v he has the power
over the temple given him by Claudius, 20 i 3 s his death, and children, ch v 8 2 War,

2 si 6 v.
Herod, son of Phasaelus and Salampsio, Antiq 18 v 4 v. .
Herod, Polemo's brother, king of Chalcis, Antiq 19 vjii 1 v.
Herodius, daughter of Aristobulus, by Berenice, Salome's daughter, Antiq 18 v 1 v

War, 1 sivili i vi Agrippa senior's sister, and wife of Herod the tetrarch, and en.
vies Agrippa his rovaldignity, Antiq 18 vil v War, 2 ix 6 vi follows her husband in
his banishment, Antiq 18 vji 2 v married to Herod, son of Herod the Great, by Mari-
amne, Simon's daughter, cb vs 2 ch vi s 2 afterward married to Herod the former,

husbands brother, while her former husband was alive, ch v s 4.
Hezekiah, king of Judah, Antiq 9 ji ljj his religious speech to the people, ib his lus-

tration of the temple, and solemn celebration of the passover, s 2, 3 he makes war
upon the Philistines, s 3 defends himself from Sennacherib, 10 i 1 iii recovers from

sickness ch iis 1 dies, ch ijisi.
Hin, an Hebrew measure, Antiq 3 viii 5i.
Hilkiah, the high-priest, antiq 10 v 1 jich viis 6.
Hiram, king of Tyre, David's friend, Antiq 7 jji 2 iii.
Hiram, king of Tyre, sends ambassadors to Solomon, Antiq 7 ii 6 iii.
Hiram, king of Tyre, against Apion, 1 s 17, 18, 21 vi.
Historians, their duty, Antiq 14 i 1ji.
Hophni, son of Eli, Antiq 5* 1 ji he is slain in battle, ch xis 2.
House of the forest of Lebanon, Antiq. 8 vi 5 ii.
Hoshea, king of Israel, Antiq 9 jji i iii he is made

.ch sir s 1.
Huldah, the prophetess, Antiq 10 iv 2 iii.
Human sacrifice, Antiq 9 jji 2 iji.
Hur, a prince of the Midianites, Antiq 4 vii li and head of the Ephraimites, 8 ii 5 ii.
Hushai, Antiq 7 ix 2.6, 7 ä сh & s4, 5.

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