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Blair's Chronological Tables, Revised and Enlarged. Comprehending the Chronology and History of the World, from the earliest times. By J. WILLOUGHBY ROSSE Double Volume. 108.; or, halibound, 10s. 6d.

Clark's (Hugh)` Introduction to Heraldry. With nearly 1000 Illustrations. 18th Edition. Revised and enlarged by J. R. PLANCHE, Rouge Croix. 58. Or, with all the Illustrations coloured, 158. Chronicles of the Tombs.

A Collec

tion of Remarkable Epitaphs. By T. J. PETTIGREW, F.R.S., F.S.A. 58.

Handbook of Domestic Medicine. Pepularly arranged. By Dr. HENRY DAVIES. 700 pages. With complete Index. 58.

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Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of
English Literature.

New Edition, en

larged, by H. G. BOHN. Parts I. to X. (A
to Z), 38, 6d. each.
Part XI (the Ap-
pendix Volume). 58. Or the 11 parts in
4 vols., half morocco, 21. 28.

Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs. With
English Translations, and a General Index,
bringing the whole into parallels, by H. G.
BOHN. 53.

Political Cyclopædia. In 4 vols.
3s. 6d. each.

Also in 2 vols. bound. 158.
Smith's (Archdeacon) Complete Col-
lection of Synonyms and Antonyms, 58.
The Epigrammatists. Selections from
the Epigrammatic Literature of Ancient,
Medieval, and Modern Times.
Notes, Observations, Illustrations, and an
Introduction. By the Rev. HENRY PHILIP
DODD, M.A., of Pembroke College, Oxford.
Second Edition, revised and considerably
enlarged; containing many new Epigrams,
principally of an amusing character. 68.
Wheeler's (W. A., M.A.) Dictionary
of Noted Names of Fictitious Persons and
Places. 58.

Wright's (T.) Dictionary of Obsolete
and Provincial English. In 2 vols.
each; or half-bound in 1 vol., 10. 6d.

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6 Vols. at 3s. 6d., excepting those marked otherwise.

Manzoni (Alessandro) The Betrothed

(I promessi Sposi). The only complete English translation.. With numerous Woodcuts. 5s.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. With Introduc

tory Remarks by the Rev. J. SHERMAN. Printed in a large clear type. Illustrations. 31. 6d.

Tom Jones; the History of a Foundling. By HENRY FIELDING. Roscoe's

Edition, revised. With Illustrations by

George Cruikshank. In 2 vols. 78.

Joseph Andrews. By HENRY FIELD-
ING. Roscoe's Edition, revised. With
Illustrations by George Cruikshank. In
1 vol. 3s. 6d.

Roscoe's Edition, revised. With Crulk-
shank's Illustrations. 53.

5 vols. at various prices.

Leonardo da Vinci's Treatise on Painting. Numerous Plates. New Edition, revised. 5s.

Planche's History of British Cos-
tume. Third Edition. With numerous
Woodcuts. 58.

Demmin's (A.) Illustrated History of
Arms and Armour from the Earliest Period.
With nearly 2,000 Illustrations. 7s. 6d.

Flaxman's Lectures on Sculpture.

Numerous Illustrations. 68.

The Anatomy and Philosophy of Ex-
pression as connected with the Fine
Seventh Edition, revised. With numerous
Woodcuts and 20 Plates. 55.


Boswell's Life of Johnson, and John-
sonians. Including his Tour to the Hebrides,
Tour in Wales, &c. Edited by the Rt.
Hon. J. W. CROKER. Upwards of 50
Engravings. In 5 vols. cloth, 201.

Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Physiology
of Temperance and Total Abstinence, 1s.

Franklin's (Benjamin) Genuine Antobiography. From the Original Manuscript. By JARED SPARKS. 18.

Hawthorne's (Nathaniel) Twice Told

Tales. First and Second Series. 2 vols, in
one. 2s.; cloth, 2s. 6d. Snow Image and
other Tales. 18. Scarlet Letter. 1s. 6d.
House with the Seven Gables. A
Romance. 18. 6d.

Hazlitt s Table Talk. Parts 1, 2,
and 3. 1s. each. Plain Speak
Parts 1, 2, and 3. 1s. each. Lect
on the English Comic Writers
Lectures on the English Po
Lectures on the Litera

Age of Elizabeth.
on the Characters of
Plays. 18. 6d.

Emerson's Twenty Essays. 1s. 6d. ;
cloth, 28. English Characteristic
18.; cloth, 1s. 6d. Orations and
tures. 1s. Representative
Complete. 18.; cloth, 18. 6d.
Irving's (Washington) Li

hammed. Portrait. 1s. 6d
of Mohammed. 18. 60
smith. 1s. 6d. Ske
cloth, 1s.6d. Tales
Tour on the
quests of
vols. 13. 6d
vols. 1


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