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time, when the latter slowly rose towards the ceiling, and as they ascended, gradually approached each other, until they finally blended together, and disappeared.”—N. York S. Tel.

Fox.—"For when first I set my horse's feet upon Scottish ground, I felt the seed of God to sparkle about me like innumerable sparks of fire."

VISIBLE MANIFESTATIONS.--Look at that crowd of thousands upon thousands of people in clans, or parties, spread along the parched sandy soil, and hundreds of tents scattered about in all directions; in the centre there seems to be the tents of the leaders or chiefs; near them is an extra arranged tent, which seems guarded with care, and over it hovers a cloud; day after day it continues, till it becomes a common occurrence; there seems now a change, the cloud rises and floats over the encampment to the other end; there is an immediate bustle among the chiefs and the people; they are packing up their movables, and follow the cloud till it stops, and floats again over the tent it started from. On looking again at the same phenomena repeated ; this time, though it is getting dark, still it goes on; but strange the appearance of the cloud seems to lighten as the night darkens; the cloud brightens till it becomes fiery, or glowing red, like a cloud or pillar of fire. How strange—what can it mean? it moves and acts like a living intelligent being. It is a spirit-light, guiding the Jews under the leadership of Moses.

WARS OF THE JEWS (Signs). — Thus were the miserable people persuaded by these deceivers, and such as belied God himself; while they did not attend, nor give credit to the signs that were so evident, and did so plainly foretell their future desolation ; but like men infatuated, without eyes to see, or minds to consider, did not regard the denunciations that God made to them. Thus there was a star resembling a sword which stood over the city, and a comet that continued a whole year. Thus, also, before the Jews' rebellion, and before these commotions which preceded the war, when the people were come in great crowds to the feast of unleavened bread on the eighth day of the month Xanthicus, and at the ninth hour of the night so great a light shone round the altar and the holy house, that it appeared to be day time, which light lasted for half-an-hour. This light seemed to be a good sign to the unskilful, but was interpreted by the sacred scribes as to portend those events which followed immediately

upon it.

CAMISARDS, 1505.—When lost in the woods and mountains seeking their religious assemblies, meteors, descending towards

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the spot where they were being held, directed them. “A relative of mine," says Durand Fage, “who was going to an assembly with about a dozen others, of whom I was one, on the way fell into an ecstacy, and the spirit said to her, “I will cause a light, my child, to direct you to the proper place.' Immediately we saw a light fall from heaven, and knowing the direction of the country, we were satisfied where we should find the assembly. It was not more than a quarter of a league distant, and we had not proceeded five hundred paces towards the spot indicated, when we caught the sound of the psalms." Claude Arnassan relates a similar fact. When he and about forty other persons arrived at the place before appointed for the assembly, they found no one there, and judged that some motives of caution had caused them to change the rendezvous. They prayed to God for direction, a meteor fell on a distant spot, and hasting thither in perfect confidence, they soon caught the sound of the psalm, and found the assembly exactly where the meteor had indicated it. Such things were of common occurrence.

SPIRIT Fire.-By referring to the section on Angels, several incidents will there be found as to the production of fire by the agency of angels.

THE EASTERN MagI were guided to Bethlehem by a star, a star only seen by them.

CRED Fire is often spoken of in classic history. IN MODERN days, in family parties assembled for witnessing spirit manifestations, meteoric lights have often been seen floating and fleeing round the rooms near the ceilings.

IRISH Revivals.-SACRED FIRE frequently descended on the mass meetings held in the OPEN AIR during the late Irish revivals; it then ascended, floated away, and again descended over what was afterwards found to be another mass meeting for prayer. This fire was bright like the sun, and was seen by the six hundred to a thousand persons present at the meetings, and remained over each place from two to three minutes, filling all the people with awe and prayerfulness. The promise still stands true for us. “He will baptise you with the Holy Ghost and with FIRE.”—Oct. 1860.

SPIRIT Lights ought not to be considered things incredible; the atmosphere in November is so charged with the element for producing light, that the slightest change produces thou. sands of meteors ; how easy for an angel to mingle as needed, the requisite element in a given locality, so as to produce the lights called spirit-lights.



ANGELS are the bringers of tidings, but those tidings cannot be of any service unless the party they are for, is informed as to the facts or advice wrapped in those tidings. Intelligent beings, when there is a difficulty, use their intellects to discover a method by which they can convey the message; and they adopt that plan which they think the most effective. Amongst human beings, it is sometimes by a telegaphic message, sometimes by the post, sometimes by a pigeon; I have read of it coming by an arrow, and sometimes by voice. Sound is speech, and speech is sound; and if access to the party can be had, in society generally a personal interview is considered the most effective, as by speech in private, all that is necessary is conveyed to the interested party.

News or tidings from a higher source through the agency of angels is so clearly stated in the sacred books, that if they are believed, it narrows the objection to angelic ministration to the simple question, Do they now minister ? That question has in the previous pages been fully answered. One method in the olden days was by voice. The prophet Samuel received his angelic communications by voice ; because we are told, that when he was a boy in the temple, a “voice” called him

Samuel, Samuel.” Again, when Saul came to ask him for information as to where his asses had strayed to, the Lord spoke IN HIS EAR, the day before Saul came.

The sacred prophets tell us that agitation came over them; they saw angels, and those angels gave information as to the future.

Christ, at his baptism, heard over his head a voice speaking, saying, “This is my beloved Son.”

The Apostles and early fathers had frequently a voice telling them what to do, and what to leave undone. The Roman Catholic and Protestant worthies state they heard voices.

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Classical history gives us numerous instances of a like kind.
Brahminical and American Indian history also give incidents of
their genii speaking to their priests or medicine men. Several
incidents will in this section be given from modern life, which,
if joined to more olden incidents of " voice” knowledge, show
the continued law of angelic communication by voice.

I have conversed with several persons in London who have
occasionally heard the voice giving them information, which
voice, was not heard by any other person at the time; we
therefore have only the integrity of those parties to rest
on, unless they, by the voice, received information, which
they afterwards communicated to their friends, and which was
in due time found true. Predictions have always appeared
to me the surest evidence of divine care and knowledge, and
that that knowledge extends to incidents in the future, inci-
dents known to the “angel” by some law we are not fully
acquainted with. A gleam of the law will be found in the
section “Mental Currents and Storms."

During the time I was in full earnest testing the truthfulness of mediums, it seemed as if great efforts were being made by some invisible power to act upon me; and without any expectancy of such a result, I occasionally had some faint trace of direct spirit action, which compelled me to more readily receive the testimony of other persons. I am sorry to state that I have only heard the “ voice” once, but that once for ever satisfied me of the power angels had to speak so as to be heard. I copy the memorandum I made at the time.

Mrs. Jones was ill. About the middle of March, 1858, I heard a “ voice” as if in the centre of my brain, which produced a subdued silvery sound, as if a person were repeating from under a dome, yet clear and distinct; "the 7th, the 7th, the 7th,” for some time. While it continued, I went to three inmates of the house, and said, “ The struggle with Mrs. Jones will be on the 7th of April.” The voice then ceased. I repeated the prediction to three others, making six persons in all. On the 7th of April, at haf-past ten o'clock, Mrs. Jones was seized,

while resting on the bosom of one of her sons; the struggle time had come, the scene was awful.

A STOCKBROKER, in 1859, had the following happen to him :He had lent a client some money, and frequently renewed the loan, but had never asked for security. One day when he was busy, the client came in and said he wished to leave some deeds as security for the debt. Surprised, he refused to be troubled with the care of any security; next day the person again called, and said he would not be easy unless he left him security for the advances. To get rid of the affair he took several deeds, and deposited them in his safe. Shortly after, as he was going out of his office, he heard a voice, “ Those deeds will save your credit to-morrow;" he turned round, but saw no one. Surprised, he said, “that cannot be, because I have enough and to spare for the settling.”

Next day his clerk said, “We are heavy to-day, we need £

The stockbroker said, “ That cannot be, it is only

“But,” said the clerk, “I have found that transfers are forgeries, we therefore need the amount I have named.” The sum was much above his banker's balance; he took out the deeds left with him the previous day, got an advance on them, and saved his credit.

This incident is what might justly appear under the section Special Providence, but I place it here because of the VOICE.

Mr. H., 1859.—I had not seen him for several years; he stated, “That he had from easy circumstances been reduced to a bankrupt, and had a severe illness. The cold looks of old business friends, and the painful future before him, preyed upon his mind. One day being a little better in health, he got up and went out with the full determination of drowning himself in the canal

, Kingsland Road. Just as he was going over the bridge he heard a voice say, “He that trusteth to the end will be saved.' He turned round, saw no one; but it created such a change in his feelings, that he returned home, determined to trust in a higher power.”—H. to J. J. Mr. G., of Canterbury, heard a voice singing the song

of the Slave.-See


391. OBERLIN, of Strasburg, was a representative man; by his energy, piety, and usefulness, he has left his name cut out on the rock of national memory.

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