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Associated with Saui
(Paul) in missionary work, ii,
415, 421, 424, 425.
"Barnaby Rudge," Dickens's novel,
vii, 367.

Barras, Paul Jean.-(1755-1829.)
French revolutionist, member of
the Directory, vii, 235; ix, 113.
Barré, Isaac.-(1726-1802.) Brit-
ish officer (of French descent)
and politician, xi, 83.
"Barton, Amos," "The Sad For-
tunes of," by George Eliot, vii,
357, 358.

Barrie, James M.- (1860) Scot-

tish novelist, xiii, 117.


Baruch, the Scribe, ii, 342, 352.
"Bas Bleu," Hannah More's, vii,
306, 327.
Barton, Clara. (1821-1912.)
Founder of American Red Cross,
xvi, 170; family history, 170;
service in Civil War, 171, 172;
on lecture platform, 172;
Franco-Prussian War, 172; de-
velopment of Red Cross, 174;
retirement and death, 174;
character, 175.

Basil, Saint.-(326-380.)



of Cæsarea, and great scholar, v,
142; friendship with Gregory
Nazienzen, and Julian the Apos-

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torney-General in Lincoln's Cab-
inet, xii, 276.

Baths, Roman (of Caracalla), iii,
103, 107, 226; of Titus
Diocletian, and Agrippa, 224,
225, 227, 229.

Bathsheba.-Wife of David and
mother of Solomon, ii, 203.
Baxter, Richard.-(1615-95.) Eng-
lish divine and author, vii, 141.
Bayard, James A. (1799-1880.)
American politician, xii, 97.
Bayreuth, Bavaria, musical festi
vals at, xiv, 56, 57.

Bazaine, Marshal.-Commander-in-
chief of French army, x, 242,

Beaconsfield, Lord

Disraeli), (1804-81). English
statesman and novelist, x, 96,
97, 334-336, 351, 354..
"Beagle," voyage of the, Darwin's,
xiv, 161.

Beatrice.-Dante's adoration of, vi,
35, 41; vii, 24, 58, 285.
Beau Brummell (George Bryan).-
English leader of fashion (died
1840), ix, 251.
Beaumont, Dr. William.
1853.) American surgeon, ex-
periments in digestion, xiv, 450.
"Beauty and Taste," treatise on, 1

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Beauvais, Bishop of, vii, 96.
Bec, Normandy, Abbey of, Anselm

prior and abbot of, v, 178, 175.

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Becket, Thomas. Archbishop of
Canterbury (1118-70.) Prelati-
cal power, v, 251; birth and
origin, 252, 253; intimacy with
Henry II, who makes him chan-
cellor, 254; rivals the king in
magnificance, 255; becomes
archbishop of Canterbury, and
as such he changes his habits,
261; resigns the chancellorship,
263; conflict between the
Crown and the Church, 266;
Council and "Constitutions of
Clarendon," 266; Becket at first
refuses, but later promises to ac-
knowledge its decrees, 268; re-
fusing to do this the king brings
charges against him, fines him,
and Becket quits the kingdom,
269-271; appeals to Pope Alex-
ander III and retires to a Cister-
cian abbey, 272, 273; a truce
and hollow reconciliation, 277;
returns to England but excites
causes of discord between him-
self and the king, 279;
the latter (at the time in Nor-
mandy), four knights left the
court, crossed the Channel and
murdered the archbishop, 280-
282; the assassination a shock
to Christendom, the king mean-
while disavows the act and does
penance at Becket's tomb, 282,
283; canonized as a saint, the
case of the martyr, 283; vii, 62.
Bede, "The Venerable."-English
monk and ecclesiastical writer
(1673-735), priest of the abbey
of Wearmouth, viii, 33; his
Ecclesiastical History of the
English Nation, 33.


Bedford, Duke of, vii, 75, 76,
94, 96.

Bee, Judge, of U. S. Circuit Court,
Charleston, S. C., xii, 336, 337.

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French physiologist, on nervous
system, xiv, 451.

Bernard, Saint.-French ecclesias-
tic (1091-1153). Crusade against
infidels, ii, 143; "Song of
Songs," delight of, 225; Monas-
tic Institutions, v, 135; their
aim and objects, 135; genius of
to propitiate the Deity, who
seeks to punish rather than to
forgive, 140; birth and parent-
age, 158; enters Benedictine
monastery, 158; becomes Abbot
of Clairvaux and Saint, 159;
counsellor of kings and nobles,
bishops and popes, 160; his elo-
quence and boldness, 160;
humanity as marked as his
fanaticism, 161; dwells in his
sermons and exhortations
equally on the wrath of God
and the love of Christ, 162; vii,
33, 61, 117, 123.
Bernhardt, Sarah. (1845-1923.)


French actress, xvi, 91; family
history, 91, 92; debut, 92;
childhood, 92; attends Conser-
vatoire, 92; wins first public
otice, 92, 93; mistress of
comedy as well as tragedy, 93;
physical characteristics, 93; first
tour of United States, 94, 95;
love for son, 96, 97; cares little
for money, 97, 98; versatility,
98; home, 98, 99; light side of
nature, 101; faults, 101, 102;
compared to Duse, 102, 103;
love for companionship and peo-
ple, 103; interests, 104; mis-
tress of technique, 105; imagi-
nation, 105, 106; sensitive na-
ture, 106, 107; enjoyment of
good food, 107; considered
work almost a religion, 107, 108;

illness, 108; sense of humor,
108; boundless curiosity, 109;
energy, 109, 110; friendship
with Rostand, 110; marriage,
110, 111; appeal of youth to,
111; stands apart from most
brilliant rivals, 111, 112; late
career, 112; place can never be
filled, 112.

Bernstorff, Count von.-(1862- .)
German Ambassador to U. S.,
xvi, 42, 45.

Berri, Duchesse de.-(1798-1870.)
Revolutionary attempt in favor
of her son, the Comte de Cham-
bord (1832), ix, 338.
Bertinora, Countess of, vii, 70.
Bes.-Egyptian god of death, i, 34.
Bethel, Altar of, ii, 36.

Bethlehem, long residence and

labors at, of Paula and Saint
Jerome, iv, 200-202.

Bethsura, Judas Maccabæus meets
and defeats the Syrians at, ii,

Beust, Count. Austrian chancel-
lor (1809-86), x, 239.
Bible. Wyclif's translation of, v,
412-414; cost of translating,
417; never a sealed book to
monks, vi, 223; full of diffi-
culties, 236.

Bickerdike, Mother, Nurse in Civil
War, xvi, 169.

Biology, Principles of, H. Spen
cer's, xiv, 118, 128, 133.
Birch, Samuel.. (1813-85.) Eng.
lish Egyptologist, i, 33.
Birkenhead, Lord.

(1872- .)
English statesman, part in set-
tlement of Irish question, xv, 50.
Bismarck, Otto E. L., Prince von.-

(1815-98.) Prussian statesman.
The German Empire, x, 251;
member of the National Diet,
268; birth and youthhood, 269;
friendship with J. L. Motley,

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270; marriage, and member of
the Landtag, 271; belief in the
feudalistic right of royalty to
rule, 272; unpopular, opposes
reforms and emancipation of
Jews, 273; represents Prussia at
Diet of Germanic Confederation
at Frankfort, 275; makes Metter-
nich's acquaintance, 277; ambas-
sador at St. Petersburg (1859),
279; ambassador to France
(1862), 280; premier, 280; in-
duces Austria to join Prussia
in invading Schleswig-Holstein,
283; surrender of, by treaty of
Vienna, 284; war with Austria
(1866) and battle of Königgratz
(Sadowa), 286-288; war with
France (1870-71), 299, 300;
created Prince, 302; later
career, 304-312; struggles with
the Catholics, 307; fall and re-
tirement, 312; last honors, 313;
trains William II, xv, 233.
Black and Tans, xv, 47.
Black, William.-(1841-98.)
lish novelist, vii, 348.
Blackfriar's Theatre, London,
Shakspeare's interest in, xiii,



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Blanc, Louis.-(1811-82.) French
historian and politician, ix, 365,
367; x, 30.

Blantyre, African town of, de-
scribed by Livingstone, xiv, 314;
Missionary Scott of, 315.
Blenheim, Battle of (Aug., 1704),
viii, 286.

Harman.—(17 64-

1831.) Anglo-Irishman connected
with Burr's conspiracy, xi, 303.
"Blessed Damozel," The, Rossetti's,
xiv, 88.

"Blood Covenant, The," Trumbull
on, i, 81; ii, 45.
Blücher, G. L. von.-(1742-1819.)
Prussian field-marshal, vii, 291;
at battle of Leipsic, ix, 158.
Blumenthal, Count Leonhard von.-
(1810-1900.) Prussian field-
marshal, xv, 211, 212.
Boer War, opposed by Lloyd
George, xv, 31; General Smuts
activities in, 302-307; William
II refuses to receive Transvaal
envoys during, 222,
Bohemia, size and location, IV,

363, 364; army of, in Russia,
367, 368, 371-373; Allies give
recognition, 372, 373; educated
army of, 376.

Boileau, Nicholas. (1636-1711.)
French poet and critic, vii, 157.
Boleyn, Anne.-(1507-36.) Mother
of Queen Elizabeth, execution of,
viii, 67, 100.

Bolingbroke, Lord. See St. John,

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"incarnate genius of war," 253,
298. See Napoleon I.
"Bonaparte and the Bourbons,"
Châteaubriand's pamphlet on, ix,


Bonaventura.-vii, 35.

"Bon Homme Richard," The, xi, 94.
Bonner, Edmund. · (1495-1569.)
Bishop of London and chaplain
to Wolsey, opposes the Reforma-
tion, vi, 276; persecutes the Prot-
estant reformers under Queen
Mary, 278; short triumph of,
282; deprived of his See and
imprisoned under Elizabeth, 285;
his persecutions; viii, 69.
"Book of Changes" (Yih-King),
Confucius's, i, 175.

Book of History (Shoo-King), i,

Book of Poetry (She-King), i, 175.
Book of Rites (Le-King), i, 175.
"Book of Sentences," of Peter the
Lombard, v, 400.
Borgia, vii, 137.

Bosquet, General, in the Crimea, x,

Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne.-(1627-

1704.) French prelate and theo-
logical writer, vii, 33, 138, 139,
157, 160, 169, 171, 174, 390;
disputes with Fénelon, viii, 284;
death, 285.

Boston, Mass., xi, 39, 79, 226.
Boston Massacre (Mar. 5, 1770),
xi, 225.

Boswell, James.-(1740-95.)


"Life of Dr. Johnson," Macau-
lay's attack on, xiii, 258.
Botha, Christian. (1864-1902.)

Boer General, xv, 302; person-
ality, 302, 303; close associa-
tion with Smuts, 302, 307; re-
fuses seat in the Legislative
Council of the Transvaal, 308;
begins campaign against Chinese
labour, 309; made Prime Minis-

ter in the Transvaal, 309; work
in forming constitution for the
self-government of South Africa,
311; head of first Cabinet of
the Union, 312, 313; undertakes
campaign in German South-West
Africa, 318; death, 334.
Botta, Paul Émile.-French assyri-
ologist, xiv, 358; excavations of
King Sargon's palace, 363, 381.
Boulanger, Georges.-(1837-1891.)
French political adventurer, xv,

Bourbons, Restoration and Fall of
the. See Châteaubriand, Vicomte
de, ix, 77; distinguished men
under the, 109-113.

Bourbons, throne of, Napoleon on
the, ii, 150.
Bourdaloue, Louis.


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French theologian, vii, 157, 174.
Bowdoin, James. (1 7 2 7-9 0.)
American politician and governor
of Mass. (1786-87), xi, 227.
Bowring, Sir John.-(1792-1872.)

English linguist and diplomat.
Governor of Hong-Kong, xiv,

"Boxer" rising in China, The, xiv,

Boyne, Battle of the (July, 1690),
vii, 189.

Bozzaris, Marco. (1 7 8 8-1823.)

Greek patriot, ix, 298, 300; sur-
prises Turks at Missolonghi, 307.
Braddock, Edward.-(1695-1755.)
British general. Operates against
French and Indians, xi, 110.
Bradley, Justice. On the United
States Constitution, xii, 350.
Bradstreet, Anne Dudley.-(1612-
1672.) American poet, xvi,
149; style of verse, 151.
Bragg, General Braxton. (1815-
76.) xii, 339.

Brahe, Tycho.-(1546-1601.) Dan-
ish astronomer, vi, 427, 431.

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