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To the Publisher of Symington on the Atonement and Intercession

of Jesus Christ.


Understanding, through a common friend, that' you wish for my opinion of the recent work of “Symington on the atonement and intercession of Christ," I take this method of informing you, that, from a hasty perusal, my judgment of the sentiments and execution is very favourable. The exhibition of this cardinal doctrine is clear, sound, and sentimental ; and is entirely in accordance with the standards of the Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, and other Calvinistic churches in this country. And not only is the matter sound and evangelical, but the style is uncommonly good. It is perspicuous and forcible, and possesses an animation which cannot but interest the serious reader. On a subject which presents so many controverted points, it can scarcely be expected that all orthodox men will acquiesce in every sentiment expressed by the Author; but it is believed that the views here given, of the necessity and vicarious nature of the Atonement, will commend themselves to all who take the Scriptures for their guide. The substance of all that is valuable in Magee and John Pye Smith will be found embodied in this Treatise; and the Essay on the Intercession of Christ, is with great propriety annexed, as this is a part of the sacerdotal office of the Redeemer, and necessary to render the Atonement efficacious in behalf of those for whom it was made. The whole subject is here so excellently treated, that although I could wish that some points had been more thoroughly discussed, yet I am unable to mention any single Treatise on this important subject that I can more unreservedly recommend. Princeton N. J. 18th Nov. 1835. Rev. A. Alexander D.D.

Professor of Theology.

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We very cordially unite in the above recommendation, by Dr. Alexander, of “Symington's work on the Atonemement and Intercession of Christ.“ It appears to us that it is a work precisely adapted to the present state of the American churches; and that its republication cannot fail to be highly acceptable to the religious community. It will certainly give us pleasure to find that it is owned and carefully perused by every family in our churches, Dec, 14th 1835. i J. Mc Elroy, D.D.

W. W. Phillips,

R. Mc Cartee, D.D.
John M. Krebs.
Andrew Stark.
John N. McLeod.
Samuel B. Wylie, D.D. Professor of Ancient
Languages in the University of Pennsylvania.

have the utmost confidence in the opinion of Dr. Alexander, and fully concur in the foregoing recommendation. T. Macauley, D.D.

This new work of the Rev. Mr. Symington I havo examined with the greatest interest and pleasure. I am fully persuaded that it merits the high encomiums lavished on it by the sound and pious theologians of Britain and our own country.

Several distinguished writers have, of late, entered this field of discus..

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