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Speaking to yourselves in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs.

Epli. v. 19.






Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year 1837,

By B. B. MUSSEY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts



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The following Collection contains a greater number of hymns and probably a greater variety of topics, than any compilation hitherto made for the use of Universalist churches in this country. I will not say that it excells also in the character of the selections. It is hoped, however, that in this respect it will be found equal to other works of the kind, justly approved among us.

It has been my aim to furnish, 1. a good supply of hymns for exercises purely devotional; 2. hymns adapted to every special occasion that may be observed in our churches, or occur in the labors of the ministry; 3. hymns on all the subjects commonly urged from our pulpits, so far as they are compatible with the spirit of sacred song; and 4. hymns for private and domestic use.

In selecting for these purposes, I have paid particular attention to what I deemed correctness of sentiment on all of the important points ; allowing, however, free scope to poetic figure and imagery, in the form of expression. With regard to character, style, &c., it has been my wish to exclude, on the one hand, all effeminate, insipid nicety-every thing in which cordiality and fervor are sacrificed to formal correctness; and, on the other, all downright awk. wardness, fondling endearments, puerile sentimentality, and rant. It should be observed that not every species even of good poetry, and of the religious kind, is suitable for hymns. They should be As plain as possible, easy in their versification, and yet full of vig

orous or moving spirit. On very impressive subjects, the austerest simplicity is doubtless preferable to the more brilliant style which is too often sought after. I cannot say that I have not, at times, erred in some of these respects. There may be a few pieces too wild and sparkling for hymns; and others, again, that sink down towards prosaic flatness.

The names of the authors, so far as I have been able to ascertain them, are prefixed. I had wished to insert the hymns just as their authors left them, only omitting such stanzas as were superfluous or objectionable. But after spending a considerable time in tracmg them back to their original state, and finding that many, which were excellent on the whole, did absolutely require some changes, I concluded to take them in the best form in which I could find them, and sometimes to venture my own hand at their improvement. But in every case of known alteration, (except bare omis. sion,) I have been scrupulous to signify the fact by prefixing a star [*] to the author's name. As for the anonymous hymns, I could seldom determine what was their original state ; and in them, changes have been admitted or made, without notice. The altera. tions, after all, will be found, I think, to be much less, than in sɔme compilations which make greater professions of adhering to the originals. | The book is now humbly submitted, with an earnest prayer that it may prove an efficient aid to the spirit of devotion both in public and in private.

Roxbury. February, 1837. HOSEA BALLOU, 2D.


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ABIDE with us,—the evening shades
Absurd and vain attempt, to bind
Affliction is a stormy deep ..
Again our ears have heard the voice
Again the Lord of life and light
Ah, wretched souls that strive in vain
A King shall reign in righteousness
All hail the power of Jesus' name
All nature dies and lives again
All-powerful, self-existent God
All-seeing God, 'tis thine to know

ye nations, praise the Lord.
Almighty Father, gracious Lord
Almighty God, in humble prayer ,
Almighty God, thy wondrous works
Almighty Lord, before thy throne
Almighty Maker, Lord of all
Almighty Maker of my frame
Aloud we sing the wondrous grace
Am I an Israelite indeed
Amidst unsatisfied desires .
And can my heart aspire so high .
And is the gospel peace and love
Angels, roll the rock away :
Another six days' work is done
As parched in ihe barren sands
As showers on meadows newly mown
As the sweet flower, which scents the morn
A voice from the desert comes awful and shrill
Awake, and sing the song
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays .
Awake, my soul, lift eyes
Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve
Awake, our drowsy souls
Away with our sorrow and fear
BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne

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