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their Guardians are-solicitous that they shall only read the best books, there can be no danger of a work of this kind's being disagreeable. It offers, in a very finall compass, the very Aower of our Poetry, and that of a kind adapted to the sex supposed to be its readers. Poetry is an art, which no young Lady can, or ought to be wholly ignorant of. The pleasure which it gives and indeed the necessity of knowing enough of it to mix in modern conversation, will evince the usefulness of my design; which is to supply the highest and the most innocent entertainment at the finallest expence; as the Poems in this collection, if fold singly, would amount to ten times the price of what I am able to afford the present.

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The Grand Question debated, &c. by Dean Swift 248
Elegy written in a Country Church Yard, by Gray 257
Epitaph, by Gray,

262 Alexander's Feast, or the Power of Mufic, by Dryden, 263 The Jugglers, by Gay

270 Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady, by Pope


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This Poem was originally published without any success :

it lay dormant for some time, till it was taken notice of by Fielding and HARVEY: since that, it has been esteemed as it merits. The most friking pasages are here selected.

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HRO' the unmeasurable tracts of space,

Go Muse divine! and present Godhead trace! Should'st thou above the heav'n of heav'ns ascend, Could'st thou below the depth of depths descend; Could thy fond fight beyond the starry sphere, The radiant morning's lucid pinions bear! B


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