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Whatever apologies this book has formerly been prefaced with (as to the manner in which many lines in it are written), shall be here altogether dropt and forborn. I now dismiss it as it is, under the conduct of divine providence, to take its hazard in the world; since it has already served its apprenticeship under several impressions, and gone both through kind and hard usage,-through good report and bad report. It never promised much to them that seek nothing but pleasure and satisfaction to their fancy ; but I have heard, that it has done some service (and I hope, through the blessing of Heaven, it may yet do more) to them that seek profit and edification to their souls.

The late edition of this book at London being more full and complete than any that was formerly emitted. It is fit here to acquaint the reader, that this is printed exactly off the London copy, without any material addition or alteration, except in the third part of the book, and part VI. Chapter 2d, Section 1. that come under the name of Riddles or mysteries, which (because there were several demands in this country for a New Edition) I thought fit to confirm by Scripture texts, cited at the bottom of the page, for the benefit of those that are weak in knowledge, and unacquainted with the Scripture.* I have directed them by a letter of the alphabet, at every branch of the sentence that is either seemingly or really opposite to the other, unto some

* The Scriptures in this Eighth Edition are exte:.ded.

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