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1. To the Bank Directors.-Kent. Monday, 11th February, op

ish Journal.-Norfolk Jour. the Agricultural Distress.--.
nal.--Landlord Distress Meet- Measures of the Pretty Gen-
ing s.-Webb Hall. To the tlemen at Whitehall.---Mr.
Farmers of this Kingdom.-

C. C. Western. - To the
Warning to Norfolk Far- Brightonians.--Westminster
Divers Matters.

Farmer's Meeting.

8. Rustic Harangues. Surrey
2. To Earl Grey, on the Remedy County Meeting.---Chiches-

for the evils that now afflict ter Meeting.---Lawyer Den-
the Kingdom.-Sussex Jour-
nal.Some Sense. -Double- 9. To the Money-Hoarders, on
face.-Webb Hall.-On the the Reduction of the Interest
Farmer's Friend.

of the Debt.---Reform Dinner
3. To the Earl of Chichester, on at Brighton. To Lawyer

his Speech at the Lewes Scarlett.---Salt Tax.---Duke
Meeting, on the 9th instant. of Buckingham and Mr. Hus-
-Lord Fitzwilliam.-Sussex kisson.-.-Postscript.
Journal. - The Ministry. -10 To Mr. Huskisson, on the ef-
Norfolk Meeting

fect of Taxation on the Far-
4. To Mr. Edward Taylor, of the mer and the Landlord ; parti-

City of Norwich ; on the Nor- cularly addressed to the peo-
folk County Meeting and va- ple of Chichester.---Two Let-
rious matters connected with ters to Lord Liverpool, in re-
the subject of it.—The Emi- ply to his Speech of Tuesday,
grants' complaints; on return- 26th February 1822.---Shock-
ing to England from the ing inconsistency.---Ilchester
United States of America.-

Gaol.---Daily Paper.--Swe-
Colonial Distress. - Working dish Turnip Secd.
of Events amongst the South 11. Parsons and Tithes.--- On the
Downs. Huntingdon Journal. Duties of Parsons, and on the

To Mr. Cobbett.- Notices. Institution of and object of
5. To Mr. R. Carlile.-Farmers' Tithes.---Address from the

Meeting.--Huntingdon Meet- Protestants of Castle-Blay-
ing. --- Agricultural Meeting ney to Lord Blayney.--To Mr.
at King's Lynn, Norfolk.-

Cobbett. Farmer's Wife's
Peel the Great. Cobbett's Friend. Swedish Turnip

6. Opening of the Third Session 12. The Farmer's Wife's Friend,

of (I think) the last unre- &c.---To Money-Hoarders.---
formed Parliament; King's Cheats and Forgers.---Late
Speech.---Messrs. Birkbeck Banker Coutts.--Turnips and
and Flower, and their Settle- Lucerne....Of Cobbett's Ser-
ment in the Illinois Territory, mons and Cottage Economy.
in America.---To the Farmers 13. Late Banker Coutts.---To Mo-
at Chichester.

ney Hoarders.-Duke of Buck-
7. Proceedings in the “ Collec- ingham.---Letter III. to the

tive Wisdom of the Nation," Earl of Liverpool.---Falling
relative to Poor Ireland. Sickness.---Sowing Swedish
Mr. Brougham's Speech of Turnip Seed.---Lucerne.

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Bancroft Library


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“ Stern-path" men and Six-Acts, 340. ,
Brightonians, 446.

387, 439.

Taxes and Taxation, 66. 435.
Cheats and Forgers, 764.

Scales of as incidental to Far.
Civil List, 540.

mers and their Labourers, 714, 715.
Clay described, 18.

On Malt, 493. 722.---On Salt,
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Distress, Colonial, 226. Ditto of Land- Times, Old and New, Newspapers,
lords, 33. 345. See Meetings. Ditto

186. 252.
of Newspapers, 53. 257.

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Earth, burnt for manure,


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and Flower and their Settle-
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Printed and Published by C. Clement, No. 183, Fleet Street.


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-No.d.] LONDON, SATURDAY, JÁN. E; 1992. [Price-od.

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Published every Saturday Morning, at Seven o'Clock.

The STAMPED REGISTER is now regularly published ; and, therefore, it can

be sent to any part of the Kingdom, postage free.


that now, when there is a talk

about reducing the interest of the

Debt, no mention is made of the

enormous gains of the Company
Kensington, 1 January 1822.

of which you are at the head.
Tøis is the first day of a year, Howerer, bearing these things
which will, I think, see, before it always in mind, what I now write
end, a great change in your affairs. to you for is to notice your Lord-
One hundred and twenty eight ships' Rescript, just issued by
years it is, since your order was means of the


created at the suggestion of a Lordships deign to say, that you
Scotch Bishop. Twenty five years will send gold to the country in
ago the great and heaven-born sums of not less than three thou-
Pitt gave a new character to your sand pounds. Now, your Lord-
concern. That he did this reluct- ships must know, that individuals
antly is notorious, and that you can want no such sum ; and you
asked him how long he would suf- must also know, that country bank-
fer cash to be demanded of you ers want by no means to put forth
before he would think it necessary sovereigns; but, on the contrary,
to INTERFERE. These things will not 'till they are compelled,
are not to be forgotten; and, it which they cannot be under the
does seem to me wondrous strange, law, as it now stands. It is noto-

3 M

Printed by C. CLEMENT, and published by J. M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Ion.

[Price Sixpence Halfpenny in the Country.]

rious, that the people, all over the them. Get a law passed, my craštry; eaded vier-jä vain to get Lords, to make your own notes the gold; and that, except in the not a legal tender ; and I will encase of individuals who come, or gage, that you need issue no Resend, to London, they do not get script, for the country bankers it. Only pray the parliament to must either break, or get the gold pass a law to compel the country in ten days. Therefore, if your Banks to pay in gold instead of Lordships really wish to get gold your paper, and your Rescripts quickly about the country, this is will be wholly unnecessary. the sure and ready means, and the

But, your Lordships fix a term means that you will adopt. Nay, for accepting of this offer, and if you do not do this, I know what name an early day in February. we ought to think and to say of Whát, then, do you mean not to this famous Rescript. send any gold to the country after Let the thing go on, my Lords ; that day? Will it then be pre- let Peel's Bill work. Let us apsumed, that the country has got proach May 1823, and I will engold enough, and that you, there-gage, that your Lordships will not fore, may be, and ought to be, re-need to thrust gold upon us. Send strained again! I hope your an agent to each of the great towns Lordships have no such design, to change your own notes. To for, really, I should, after that, give gold for them; but, do not, take a bit of blank paper as soon my Lords, make offers that you as a bit of yours. Yet, I cannot know no country banker will acsee the use of your Rescript, if cept of, and that yon know that no there be no' such design on foot. individual can accept of. Your notes are now a legal tender Come, come, my Lords! let the from the country bankers; and, thing go on fairly and quietly. many of them refuse, when they Do not give us anymore Rescripts. can put the parties off, to give even Give us Peel's Bill, and we are

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