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le shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.-Jesus Christ.



Sold at the office of the American A. S. Society, 143 Nassau-st. New-York,
and at the offices of the other Anti-Slavery Periodicals and Depositories.

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JUN 24 1942

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In this Legion of Liberty, the smaller pamphlet "Liberty," is in cluded with additions, amounting in all to more than five hundred distinct authorities, besides many incidentally introduced; they are arranged in divisions according to the nations, subjects, &c. By observing this order, the reference to any individual name will not be difficult. Here is arrayed a host of witnesses and advocates for liberty and humanity, and against slavery and texas. If any of the testimony is false let it be disproved, if any of the reasoning is erroneous, let the error be exposed. The interest and magnitude of the theme, the number and weight of the authorities, and the united force of the facts and appeals will prove a doubly-twisted threefold cord, not quickly broken.

The work comprises about four hundred pages, fifty pictures, and nearly three-fourths of a million of ems. of closely printed letter press. A smaller pamphlet or tract could be made from any of its divisions. The sterotype plates will be sold at cost or loaned to any responsible publisher. The book is offered by the quantity at the mere cost of paper, press work, and binding, so that it may be within the reach of all; and those favorably disposed can purchase a number for distribution; a moderate effort would place a copy in every family.

Price, 25 cts single, $2,50 per dozen, $16,00 per 100 in paper covers. 37 do $3,75 do $24,00 do in muslin.

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Frontispiece, the World,
Title page, the Rock of Truth,
Freedom's Wreath.
1. Division,

Thomas Jefferson,

Arms of the United States,
Luther Martin,
Elbridge Gerry,
Liberty Coin,

66 Bell,

William Yates,
Nathan Sandford,
Peter A. Jay,
Robert Clark,

James Kent,

Abraham Van Vechten,

Jonas Platt,

David Buel, Hezekiah Niles, Myron Holley, John C. Spencer, Henry Clay,

John Quincy Adams,

U. S. Constitutions,

U. S. Law, versus Slave Trade, Duff Green,

George Washington,

John Adams,

Gilbert Mottier La Fayette,
Thomas Jefferson,
Pennsylvania Act, 1780,
Benjamin Franklin,
Benjamin Rush,
Anthony Benezet,
Patrick Henry,
John Jay,

Joel Barlow,
Samuel Adams,
Thaddeus Kosciusko,

Horatio Gates,
William Pinkney,

Warner Miffin,
William Eaton,
William Ray,

James Riley,
De Witt Clinton,
James Madison,
James Monroe,
Samuel L. Mitchell,
Alexander Hamilton,

Nathaniel Chipman,
James Wilson,
Daniel D. Tompkins,
Andrew Jackson,

Joseph Story,
Daniel Webster,

N. Y. Legislature, 1820,

William Wirt,
John Randolph,

Thomas Jefferson Randolph,
Gov. Randolph,

Joseph Ritner,
Charles Simmons,
Charles Ridley,
John Black,
Charles Hammond,
B. Franklin Wade,
Alexander Campbell,
St. George Tucker,
Cassius M. Clay,
James McDowell,
Thomas F. Marshall,
William Dunlap,
Horace Greely,
William Cullen Bryant,
Charles King,
John Neal,
William Leggett,
Orestes A. Brownson,
William H. Seward,
Luther Bradish,

Jabez D. Hammond,
Reuben H. Walworth,
William Jay,

Charles Francis Adams,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Thomas Morris.

Presbyterian Synod,
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Samuel Hopkins,
Jonathan Edwards,
Elias Hicks,
Jesse Torrey, Jr.
John Kendrick,
William Penn,
Elias Hicks,
Timothy Dwight,
Eliphalet Nott,
James T. Woodbury,
Evan Lewis,

Edward C. Delevan,
Robert J. Breckenridge,
Francis Wayland,
Alonzo Potter,
William E. Channing,

III. THE FEMALE PHALANX. A. S. Con. of American Women,

Abby Kelley,

Boston Female A. S. Society, Hannah F. Gould,

Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, Prudence Crandall,

Lucretia Mott,

Drusi la Unthank,

Andover Female A. S. Society,





Darlington, Eng. Elizabeth Pease,

Maria Weston Chapman,
The Dutchess De Broglie,
Lydia H. Sigourney,
Lydia Maria Child,
Sarah M. Grimke,
Angelina E. Grimke,

Female A. S. So. Putnam Co. Ill. Samuel Lewis,

Female A. S Iowa Society,

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Abigai Adams, Eliza Lee Follen,

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Francis Harriet Whipple, Female A. S. Soc. Dorches. Mass, do Emancipation So. Mass.,

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William Rawle,
David Paul Brown,
Francis Jackson,

George Bradburn,
William Goodell,
Joshua Leavitt.
Elizur Wright, Jun.
Slave Representation,
Alvan Stewart,

Henry Peterson, Thomas Earle, Beriah Green, Nathaniel Colver, Richard Hildreth, J. Blanchard, S. B. Treadwell, Henry C. Wright, Thomas Pyne, James H. Gibbon Charles Marriot, Arnold Buffum, Samuel J. May, John Quincy Adams, Charles Stewart, Henry B. Stanton,

Leicester King,

Leicester A. Sawyer,

James G. Birney,
Lewis Tappan,
James C. Jackson,
J. W. Pillsbury,
Amos Dresser,
Charles Olcott,
James Brown,
Charles C. Burleigh,
Wendell Phillips.
Francis Gillette,
Samuel H. Cox,

John N. Maffit,
John N. T. Tucker,
Ellis Gray Loring,
George F. Simmons,
Charles T. Torrey,
George Bourne,
Spencer Kellogg,
Stanley P. Hough,
Amos A. Phelps,
Erasmus D. Hudson,
William Henry Burleigh,
Oliver Johnson,

J. Kennaday, G. P. Morris,
N. P. Willis,

John G. Whittier,
William B. Tappan,
John Pierpont,
Henry W. Longfellow,
James Cannings Fuller,
Isaac T. Hopper,
Hiram Wilson,
John E. Godfrey,
Freeborn Garretson,
B. Stanton,
Edward Smith,

Orson S. Murray,
James Silk Buckingham,

Joseph C. Lovejoy,
Abel Brown,
Charles Van Loon,
William L. Chaplin,
Pennsylvania Hall,
Elijah P. Lovejoy,
Solomon Southwick,
Wesley Bailey,
John A. Collins,
Linneus P. Noble,
Joseph C. Hathaway,
Frederick Douglas,
Stephen S. Foster,

V. UNITED STATES SLAVERY. James H. Dickey, George Whitfield, John Rankin, William Dickey, Augustus Wattles, Cases of Cruelty, Charles Ball,

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