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Much of the lesson material in this book is seasonable. Lessons based on Hallowe'en Experiences, Christmas Holiday Occasions, Valentine Day, etc., prove exceptionally interesting and furnish the best possible lesson material for spontaneity of expression.

Most of the stories in this book are full of incidents which constitute the every day pleasurable experiences of the average boy or girl and are calculated to call forth ready and voluntary expressions about similar experiences.

This book is intended for use in the third and fourth grades. Part One is for the third grade and part Two is for the fourth grade.

Acknowledgments are here made to publishers who have kindly permitted the use in this book of copyrighted material:

To D. Appleton & Company for a poem by William Cullen Bryant; to the Milton Bradley Company for an adaptation of legends by Carolyn S. Bailey; and to the Houghton Mifflin Company for a poem by Henry W. Longfellow.

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